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Adobe Creative Campus FAQ

Who can use Adobe Creative Cloud?
CMU pays for an enterprise-level license that makes Adobe Creative Cloud available to all currently enrolled students and faculty and staff members.

What applications are included within Creative Cloud and licensed for use at CMU?

Creative Cloud is a collection of desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, audio, web, UX and more. The collection of applications is ever-changing and growing. Explore applications available to CMU users on the About Adobe Applications page.

How do updates work?

Once you have installed the applications onto your device, you will be able to update them to the latest version via automatic or manual updates for as long as you are a currently enrolled student or faculty or staff member.

What are the system requirements to install and run Adobe Creative Cloud on my computers and mobile devices?

Visit Adobe’s Creative Cloud system requirements web page to learn which operating systems are supported, general and application-specific system requirements supported browsers, and more.


Can I install everything in the Creative Cloud?

Installing the entire suite of Creative Cloud applications requires considerable hard drive space on your devices. As such, we recommend that you download only the applications that you are planning to use soon. Adding extra/unused applications may negatively impact the performance of your computer/device.

How do I access and/or install Adobe Creative Cloud applications on my devices?

Go to the Get Adobe Creative Cloud page for instructions.  

Will I lose projects that I have saved in older versions of Adobe products when I install Creative Cloud applications? Should I uninstall older versions of Adobe software?

Installing Creative Cloud will not delete any projects that you have created in older versions of Adobe software. In general, whatever file format you saved your projects or final media in will be able to be opened the latest version of the software. 

Uninstalling older versions of Adobe software is not required before or after installing Creative Cloud applications. Each application takes up hard-drive space on your device. Keep an eye on it so that you aren’t running too low which will impact the performance of your device.

Where can I use Adobe Creative Cloud if my personal device is unable to run it? 

Adobe Creative Cloud is available in a number of Creative Spaces across campus

Where can I obtain training on Adobe Creative Cloud applications?

The Training and Resources page to learn is a great place to start.  

Where can I get help with Adobe Creative Cloud?

Options include…

Get Creative Cloud: Learn how to access, download, install, and log in to Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Training and Resources: Links to a variety of inspirational and educational options.

Technical support needs: Contact the CMU Help Desk.  

Where can I store and share my creative projects?

CMU offers a variety of cloud-based storage solutions where you can store, access, and share your creative content from virtually anywhere that you have an internet connection. Some are available to everyone, while others are constrained by your membership within a specific college, program, organization, etc.

A few CMU-provided solutions include:

Adobe Creative Cloud storage: Your CMU Creative Cloud membership comes with cloud storage space that can be accessed via a web interface or sync’d with your personal device(s). Sharing options are available for simply viewing content or collaborative creation.

Microsoft OneDrive: All currently enrolled students, faculty and staff members have a personal OneDrive that can be accessed via a web interface or sync’d with your personal device(s). Sharing options are available for simply viewing content or collaborative creation.

Adobe Portfolio: Provided as part of your CMU Creative Cloud membership, you can bring together your creative work into a web site that can be shared with others.   

  • Students, check with your professor to learn about other options available within your college or program. 

  • Faculty and staff members, check with your local IT support staff member to learn about other options available within your college or department.

  • Each of the solutions above are secured by the same extensive security as the rest of your CMU information and data using your Global ID and password. 

  • We discourage the use of local hard drives, usb drives, and external hard drives as your storage solutions. Cloud solutions are accessible from anywhere and have built-in back-up options.


Where can I store and share my audio/video content?

To allow others to view your final audio/video content, CMU offers two enterprise-level solutions to consider. All currently enrolled students and faculty and staff members are provided with personal storage space where you can store and provide viewing links to others.  

What languages is Adobe Creative Cloud available in and how can I change the language settings within my apps? 

You can learn more about language options on the Creative Cloud system requirements page. This tutorial will walk you through the process of changing the language settings within your Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

On how many computers can I install, sign in, and use Adobe Creative Cloud? 

  • InstallThere is no limit to the number of computers that can have the Creative Cloud desktop app installed using the same account, regardless of operating system.
  • Sign inYou can remain signed in to an application on up to two computers.
  • UseYou can use your app on only one computer at a time.

These limits include CMU and personally owned computers.

How do I uninstall Creative Cloud Applications? 

Depending upon the type of device that you are using, you may choose to uninstall an individual application and/or the entire Creative Cloud. Doing so only removes the application, not the content that you have created within it. Learn how to uninstall applications from personal and mobile devices.


How can I continue using Adobe Creative Cloud after I graduate?
Visit Adobe’s Keep learning and creating after graduation page to learn about special first year post-graduation pricing that includes migration of all of the assets that you have saved to your Adobe Cloud. Additional information about individual, business, and educational pricing can be found on Adobe’s Creative Cloud Plans & Pricing page.