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Details About Your D!BS Study Room Reservation:
• Rooms may be reserved up to 16 days in advance.
• Each person may have two reservations at once.
• Each reservation is for two hours or less.
• You will receive an email reminder 15 minutes
   prior to the start and end of your reservation.
• Go directly to your scheduled room at the reserved time.

How do I cancel my D!BS study room reservation?
• Click the link included in your D!BS confirmation email to cancel your reservation.
   (Be sure to check junk mail folders for your confirmation email.)
• Done with your study room reservation early? Pay it forward and cancel the remainder of your room
    reservation! Click the link in your confirmation email.

What if I show up to my room at my scheduled time and someone is in the room?
•     Politely ask them to leave the room.
•     Show them your confirmation email.
•     Go to the 2nd Floor Checkout Desk or call (989) 774-3114 for assistance.

I called D!BS on a study room for the first do I verify my email address?
The first time you schedule a room through D!BS you will receive a verification email. Click the link in the email to verify your email address. This permits D!BS to send future booking confirmations. IF you didn’t receive a verification email, please check your junk mail folder, or report the software issue to the IT Helpdesk, 101 Park Library.

How do I know my reservation went through?
You will receive a confirmation e-mail after you reserve a room. Be sure to check junk mail folder.

Why is saving my confirmation email important?
•     Forward it to group members so they know where to meet when they get to the Library.
•     Helps verify that a you have reserved the room.

Things to Remember:
•     If you don’t have a reservation you may be asked to vacate a study room.
•     Please be courteous to those who have reserved the room before and after you.
•     Your reservation and use of the room means that you agree to the Library’s Study Room Policies.
•     Rooms must be vacated 30 minutes prior to the Library closing.
        View Library hours at