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Main Library Hours:

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Ext. Hours Study:

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Responsibilities and Roles

Commitment includes: 

  • Participation in ambassador activities and events approximately 4 hours per month.  

  • Attendance at one meeting per month (face-to-face or through online meeting). 

  • Service for at least one academic year.

Activities may include:  

  • Outreach and engagement 

  1. Follow the Libraries’ social media posts on your personal accounts and like/share/retweet.

  2. Create guest social media campaigns/posts.

  3. Give presentations about the Libraries in residence halls and to specific, targeted groups of students.

  4. Encourage peers to use library resources and services as opportunities arise.  

  • Event planning and support 

  1. Provide building tours. 

  2. Participate in planning and hosting of library events such as the Homecoming Parade float, the Park Library Expo, De-Stress activities, or Library information tables in the corridor or dining rooms. 

  3. Take photos of library events and activities. 

  4. Obtain prizes and incentives from local vendors for library events and activities. 

  • Project management 

  1. Apply your talents and expertise to a unique project/program/initiative to be identified, developed and implemented by the Library Ambassadors.   

  2. Two co-leaders from among the ambassadors will be responsible for guiding the group, running meetings, tracking progress, managing communications, and maintaining contact with Advisor 

  • Feedback 

  1. Participate in Library Marketing Committees meetings, Library User Experience Committee meetings, or Library focus groups. 

  2. Gather feedback from peers through one question surveys, interviews, focus groups, or social media polls, as directed.