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Adinkrah, Mensah, Author​
Department of Sociology,
Anthropology and Social Work

Witchcraft, Witches and
​Violence in Ghana
​New York: Berghahn B​ooks, 2015. 

Supply Chain Management

Bandyopadhyay, Jayanta K., Author
Department of Management 

Basics of Supply Chain Management​​
​New York: CRC. Press, 2015.

Exceeding Expectations

Burse, Angela E., Author
Global Campus

Exceeding Expectations: 
​The New Milestone - The EPPIE Factor
​Raleigh, ​NC: Lulu Publishing, 2015.


Damitio, James W., Co-author
School of Accounting

Hospitality Industry Financial Accounting
Lansing, MI: American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute, 2015.


DeLucia, JoEllenAuthor
Department of English Language and Literature

A Feminine Enlightenment: ​
British Women Writers and the Philosophy of Progress, 1759-1820. 

Edinburgh [Scotland]: 
Edinburgh University Press, 2015. 

The Dark

Doyle, Darrin, Author
Department of English Language and Literature

The Dark Will End the Dark
Chicago, IL: Tortoise Books, 2015. 


Fleming, Richard J., Author
Department of Mathematics

Mustang, OK: Tate Publishing & ​
​Enterprises, LLC, 2015. ​

Signalling Nouns

Forest, Richard W., Co-author
Department of English Language
and ​Literature

Signalling Nouns in English
London [England]:
​Cambridge University Press, 2015. ​

Sustainable Fashion​ 

Hethorn, Janet, Co-a​uth​or

College of Communication and Fine Arts

Sustainable Fashion: What's Next? A Conversation About Issues, Practices, and Possibilities
New York: Bloomsbury, 2015. 

Connected Reading ​ 

Hicks, Troy, Co-author

Department of English Language ​
​and Literature/Center for Excellence ​​
​in Teaching and Learning

Connected Reading: 
​Teaching Adolescent Readers in a Digital World

 Urbana, IL: National Council of ​​
Teachers of English, 2015. 

Research Writing​ 

Hicks, Troy, Co-Author
Department of English Language 
​and Literature/Center for Excellence 
​in Teaching and Learning

Research Writing Rewired: Lessons That Ground Students’ 
​​​Digital Learning

Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Literacy, 2015.​

​​​​Assessing Students​ 

Hicks, Troy, Co-Author
Department of English Language 
​and Literature/Center for Excellence 
in Teaching and Learning

Assessing Students' Digital Writing: Protocols for Looking Closely
New York: Teachers College Press, 2015.  ​​

Applied Sciences​ 

Howell, Bob A., Co-author
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Physical Chemistry Research for Engineering and Applied Sciences, 
​Volumes 1, 2 & 3

 Waretown, NJ: Apple Academic Press Inc., 2015.


​ Macleod, Beth Abelson, Author

Fannie Bloomfield-Zeisler: The Life and Times of a Piano Virtuoso
Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2015. 


​ ​ Guy Newland,  (The Cowherds), ​​

Department of Philosophy and Religion

 New York: OUP, 2015.


Alien Life​ 

Packer, Joseph, Author

Department of Communications and
​Dramatic Arts

Alien Life and Human Purpose: A Rhetorical Examination through History
Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2015.  


Robertson, John, Author
Department of History

 Iraq: A History
 London, [England]: Oneworld, 2015.


Rudy, Alan P., Co-author
Department of Sociology,
​ Anthropology and Social Work

 Environments, Natures 
​and Social Theory

London [England]: Palgrave, 2015.​


Music is Fundamental​ 

Steele, Daniel L., Author
School of Music

Music is Fundamental: Fundamentals and Methods for Elementary Music
Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt, 2015. ​


Special Education Litigation

Umpstead, Regina, Co-author
Department of Educational Leadership

How to Prevent Special Education Litigation: 
Eight Legal Lesson Plans
New York: Teachers College Press, 2015. ​​​