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Email submission Information: (DEADLINE: MARCH 1, 2014)

1. Be sure to include your name (names of members of group) Submit a BOOKmasterpiece

2. Contact information (include telephone number & e-mail address)

3. A sketch of your book sculpture idea (See below for details.)
      You and/or your group will design a structurally sound sculpture made of
      books and assist the Library in creating your masterpiece.
     Be Inspired
      PLEASE NOTE: Books supplied by the University Library for this
      competition cannot be altered or damaged in any way. 

4. The amount of time needed to assemble the sculpture.

The Inspiration 

During the 2013 end-of –year celebration the library assembled abookmastree
“bookmas tree” constructed of volumes from the collection. The tree sparked a number of conversations, many of which began with “what will the next book sculpture be?” To answer that question the Library staff invites CMU students and CMU student groups to submit plans for a temporary sculpture built of books to be “created” in the library in March 2014. The Library will supply books and “framing materials” (generally wood and plastic webbing to support the structure). The student (or students) who submit the winning design will be asked to help us assemble their sculpture, including creating the framing structure needed to support the sculpture. 

The Rules 
Submissions for the contest must include the following components, and comply with the following rules: 
  1. Submissions must include:
    • The name of the submitter, and contact information including telephone number and email address. 

    • A sketch or other representation of the “finished” sculpture and a schematic design demonstrating the mechanical viability of the
       design by showing how the structure will be created. Complicated sculptures may require more than one representation and several
       schematic drawings. The applicant is responsible for submitting sufficiently detailed information to make evaluation of the sculpture

    • The submission should note if books of particular color, size, or other physical characteristics are needed in order to create the
       sculpture, and, if books with specific characteristics are needed, the approximate number of such books required. 

    • The amount of time needed to assemble the sculpture. 
  2. The sculpture (including its frame if one is needed) must be self-supporting and free-standing. There can be no external supports or floor anchors used in the project.
  3. The winning design must have a footprint of no more than ten feet by ten feet (100 square feet) and not exceed 10 feet in height.
  4. The framing structure (if necessary) should be of common material (most likely wood and plastic), may be assembled in any practical manner, and may be held together using mechanical fasteners and/or adhesives. The structure must be of sufficient strength to support the weight of the books that will be used in the design. 
  5. Only books selected by the library staff may be used in the sculpture. Books may not be removed from the shelves by student submitters.
  6. Books used in the sculpture may not be damaged in any way, including but not limited to cutting, ripping, tearing, carving, or other acts which would damage the books.
  7. Books must be secure and held in place by gravity. No adhesives, fasteners or other similar products may be used to hold the books to a framing structure (if one is used) or to other books. Glue, tape, or other adhesive products, metal fasteners such as nails or screws, plastic fasteners, or any other device which might deface the books cannot be applied to the books. 

How to Submit Your Idea Submissions should be received by​ no later than March 1, 2014. Submissions may be made in any format, however electronic submissions are strongly encouraged. 

What Will Happen 
• The student or students who submit the winning design will be notified by library staff as early in March as possible. 
• The student or students responsible for the winning design will be asked to supply a calendar stating times (after spring break) that they can be available to assist the library staff in assembling the sculpture, and the names of those individuals who will help with the assembly project. 
• After spring break, those individuals listed in the calendar will be expected to help the library staff construct the sculpture. 
• The winner(s) will also be invited to attend the sculpture “dedication” on Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

The Fine Print 
• The competition is open only to CMU students enrolled for classes in the Spring 2014 semester. 
• All submissions become the property of the CMU Libraries and may be displayed, retained, or disposed of at the sole discretion of the Libraries. By submitting an entry the applicant or applicants transfer to the University Library all property and intellectual rights to the submission, and waive any relevant restrictions regarding public use of the material, including by not limited to rights held under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The Library reserves the right to construct a submission at a later date. 
• The Library staff will select the winning design based on visual appeal, mechanical feasibility, availability of specific types of volumes called for in the design, estimated amount of labor needed to complete the project, and costs of the project including but not limited to the supporting structure. 
• All books used in the project MUST BE selected by the library staff. To ensure that material needed by students for the end of the semester is not incorporated into the sculpture, the winning applicant MAY NOT remove any books from the shelf. 
• And, just in case anyone wondered, the decision of the judges is final.​


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