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The Libraries' DAC recently approved changes to the policies governing the individual research rooms. The new policies go into effect on June 1, 2018, for the fall 2018 semester. These policies support Imperative I: Nurturing Student Success and Imperative II: Fostering Scholarly Activity.

Approved uses of the individual research rooms include scholarly research and writing as well as using the library's print and online collections for research purposes. Individual research rooms are not to be used as an office or as a study room. No renewals will be permitted.

Individual research rooms will be assigned in the following order:

  1. Doctoral Students registered for dissertation credits and Faculty on sabbatical leave during the semester the room is requested.
  2. Regular Faculty
  3. Fixed-Term Faculty
  4. Emeritus Faculty
  5. Doctoral Students, all programs, must be registered for doctoral courses

Should we receive more than 15 requests from doctoral students registered for dissertation credits and faculty on sabbatical leave, rooms will be assigned in order of request date and time. If rooms remain, requests will be approved in the patron order listed above. If a patron category contains more requests than rooms available, rooms will be assigned in order of request date and time. 

Faculty and doctoral students may apply for an individual research room one to three months prior to the semester they wish to be assigned a room. Application periods are:

  • June 1 through July 31 for the fall semester
  • Oct 1 through Nov. 30 for the spring semester
  • Feb. 1 through March 31 for the summer semester

Emphasizing the research purpose of these rooms and limiting use to one semester will provide greater access to the rooms for faculty and doctoral students.