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The CMU Libraries provides online access to‚Äč:

The Wall Street Journal Masthead

CMU students, faculty and staff can find breaking U. S. and world news, videos, reviews
and opinions on business, politics, work, stocks, life, arts, and more.

  Wall Street Journal accessible online through your devices
To access The Wall Street Journal  through CMU Libraries:                                                              
    1.  First time users must create an account  using your CMU
          email address:
          a.) Fill-in  account information
          b.) Follow prompts to sign-in
          c. ) Verify email  address 

    2. Once users have verified an email address and created a
          CMU Libraries account, they can:
          a.) Sign-in directly through The Wall Street Journal website
          b.) Download theWSJ app to a mobile device (available through app store), and sign-in with your account 
                 username and password.

   What if I already have a personal account? 
    Visit  the create an account page: 
          a.) Select "I already have an account" 
          b.) Follow prompts to sign-in and gain access with your current username and password

    - Need help? Ask a Librarian 

     - You can also search other newspaper articles with the Smart Search Newspaper Search.