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Main Library Hours:

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Ext. Hours Study:

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Policies and Procedures


  • The Extended Hours Study room is reserved for use by currently enrolled CMU students as well as CMU faculty and staff.

    - CMU Emeriti may request access by contacting the Libraries’ Business Office, x6415 or x3500.

    - Each person in your party needs to have their own valid CentralCard.

    - Guests are not permitted.

    - Minors not enrolled at CMU are not permitted.

  • Users must adhere to all Library policies and to the student code of conduct.

  • A CentralCard is required to access the Extended Hours Study Room at all times. No exceptions.

  • For your safety and the safety of others, do not prop the doors open or admit those who do not have a working CentralCard.

  • Food and beverage ARE PERMITTED in the Extended Hours Study Room.

  • Access restrooms and vending through the coffee shop door across the hall with your CentralCard.

  • Staff may ask patrons to present a valid CentralCard at any time.

  • The 24/4 schedule is subject to change due to holidays, semester breaks, inclement weather and unforeseen circumstances. 

  • The Extended Hours Study room is not a silent study space. Students are expected to monitor themselves to maintain a conducive study atmosphere. Groups are encouraged to use the Java City seating area.
Procedures and Additional Information

  • Printers will be turned off 15 minutes prior to close Thursday-Saturday.

  • Regular library services are limited when the main building is closed. Library questions and help desk tickets may be submitted online and will be answered during regular service hours.

  • Cleaning services will take place during late evening/early morning hours. Vacuum cleaners are low decibel.

  • Library doors are locked ten minutes before closing.