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CMU Printing Instructions 

Upload documents and print from any CMU Printing location in the Library.

In an effort to combat paper waste across campus, the Student Government Association has requested
that all PrintQ printers default to 2-sided printing. This impacts PrintQ printing within the CMU Libraries. 

Questions? Contact the Student Government Association:
· (989) 774-7421 · Bovee University Center 104G

Printing From A Library Computer

1. ‘Print’ document and choose printer:

  • 2_Sided_Black_White (default)
  • 1_Sided_Black_White
  • 2_Sided_Color
  • 1_Sided_Color

2.  Select ‘Print’ and wait for the Print Job
    Notification screen. 

3. When the box appears, select ‘print’.  

Printing From

1.  Select 'Submit a job’ and choose printer:

  • 2_Sided_Black_White
  • 1_Sided_Black_White
  • 2_Sided_Color
  • 1_Sided_Color
2. Select ‘Print Options' and  enter  
of copies.  

 3. Select ‘Upload Document’ and choose 
    ‘Upload From Computer". Then locate the
    document file and select 'Upload 
     and Complete'.

     4. The print has been successfully submitted. Go to the nearest Printer Release Station computer
         in the Library. There is one on every floor!

     At the Printer Release Station Computer 

     5. Login with your Global ID & Password at one of the Printer Release Station Computers.

     6. Choose your job and select 'print'. 
Allocations & Costs
University students receive the following per semester allocations to be used in labs and at PrintQ locations across campus:
       - Undergraduate students: $12.00
       - Graduate students: $17.00

Per Page Printing Costs:

      - Black and white 4¢ per page
     - Color 32¢  per page

Add Money to Your PrintQ Account

Library Printer Locations
Users can go to any PrintQ location to release their print job. 

1st Floor
  • 1 North Study Room (Black/White, color)
  • Help Desk (Black/White)
  • Quiet Area (Black/White, Color)
2nd Floor:
  • Near Research Help Desk (Black/White)
3rd Floor:
  • Near Group Study 303 (Black/White)
4th Floor:
  • Near Group Study 402 (Black/White)