September 2014
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In this issue:
  • New Clarke Exhibit
  • Fall Speaker Series
  • Second Annual Michigan Digital Newspaper Grant
  • Recent Blog Posts
  • Fall Schedule Under Way  

Photography: Process, People, Preservation Open Soon

The Clarke Historical Library's next exhibit, “Photography: Process, People, Preservation,” will be available for viewing September 10th. This exhibit  delves into the history and development of photography, showing off many of the different types of photographic materials  found in the Clarke as well as some interesting objects from people in the CMU community. The exhibit officially opens Thursday, September 18th and will continue until January. Make sure to stop by and take a look!

Fall Speaker Series

The Clarke Fall Speakers Series has been announced and can be found on the Clarke Historical Library webpage. We will have six speakers this fall, including two in September:

Al Wildey, opening the Clarke's Fall exhibit, "Photography: Process, People, Preservation"
September 18th, Al Wildey, Professor of Art and Design at CMU, will discuss the history of photography before the digital era as the Clarke Library opens their new exhibit, “Photography: Process, People, Preservation.” The exhibit draws on the Clarke's rich photographic resources to discuss both the history of photography and the ways in which non-digital photographs can be preserved.

Janice Harrington, Storyteller, Poet, and Author of Children's Books
Janice Harrington is an accomplished story teller, poet, and author of children's books. She will be here on September 25th to speak about the many stories she has written and her life as a children’s author. Her first children's book, Going North, was published in 2004. The book won several awards and drew upon her memories of rural Lamar County, Alabama. Her 2008 book, Roberto Walks Home, continues the stories of Ezra Jack Keats, a now deceased white writer who was among the first to publish stories using African American and other children of color as central characters.

Professor Harrington's presentation is made possible by the David M. and Eunice Sutherland Burgess Endowment.

Michigan Digital Newspaper Grant Program:

The Clarke Historical Library is pleased to offer a $2,500 award to improve access to a Michigan newspaper. The funds will be used for:
  • Scanning and placing online up to 12,500 pages of a previously microfilmed Michigan newspaper
  • Microfilming, scanning, and placing online up to 4,500 pages of a Michigan newspaper.
If you are interested in applying, or would like more information please visit the Michigan Digital Newspaper Grant webpage.

In January 2015, five communities whose newspaper has been nominated will be encouraged to show their support through a state-wide vote. The newspaper that receives the most votes will be selected and included in the Clarke Library’s online digital newspaper repository, found at

This grant is made possible by the Robert and Susan Clarke Endowment.
Recent News Posted on the Clarke Blog

During the end of summer, the News and Notes blog slowed down a bit, but we did highlight Central Marching Chips, past and present, and all of the hard work that goes on during their practices. Check it out here.


Fall Schedule Under Way

This Saturday marks the first Saturday of the fall semester that the Clarke Historical Library will be open! We will be open 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Saturdays through November 22 in addition to our normal weekday hours of Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.