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Clarke's 50th Anniversary Exhibit

Fifty years is a traditional milestone in the life of any institution. The Clarke Historical Library, founded in 1954 by a gift from Dr. Norman E. Clarke, Sr. to his alma mater, is proud to celebrate this milestone event.

People who use special libraries often take institutions such as the Clarke very much for granted. They sometimes act as if a law of nature pre-ordains the existence of such libraries. Unfortunately, there is no such law. Good leadership, sufficient resources, good friends, and occasionally a little good luck have made the Clarke Library a leader among the small community of special libraries in the state and in the nation. In Mount Pleasant the elements needed for a great library came together, stayed together, and made it possible for the Clarke Library to succeed.

This exhibit celebrates all those whose vision, work, and support have made this success possible. It chronicles the library's accomplishments while at the same time thanking those who have made those accomplishments possible. The exhibit also serves also as a signpost pointing towards the library's future. Carved over an entrance to the National Archives Building in Washington, D.C., are the words, "The past is prologue." This exhibit celebrates the Clarke Library's past, but in sometimes obvious and sometimes subtle ways this exhibit also serves as the prologue for the Clarke Library's future.

I encourage you to learn about our past, and join us as we move forward into the future.

Frank Boles

Pictured is Willy Pogany's I'm going to the little flannel bush in the hollow from the story "When Peter Rabbit had an earache" in the book, Stories to tell the littlest ones by Sarah Cone Bryant