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Books and Pamphlets Index (B's)

Babington, Churchill,
The Influence of Christianity in Promoting the Abolition of Slavery in Europe. Cambridge: University Press for J. & J. J. Deighton, 1846.
HT1155 .B3

Bacon, Ephraim,
Abstract of a Journal of E. Bacon, Assistant Agent of the United States, to Africa: With an Appendix, Containing Interesting Accounts of the Effects of the Gospel Among the Native Africans. With cuts, showing a contrast between two native towns, one of which is Christianized and the other heathen. Appendix, p. 35-48, includes an abstract of proceedings of the Church Missionary Society for West Africa, published in London, 1819-20. Philadelphia, PA: Clark & Raser, Printers, 1822.
DT632 .B25 1822

Bacon, Leonard,
Slavery Discussed in Occasional Essays, From 1833 to 1846. Miami, FL: Mnemosyne Pub. Co., 1969. Reprint. Originally published: New York, 1846.
E449 .B12 1969

Bacon, Margaret Hope,
Valiant Friend: The Life of Lucretia Mott. New York: Walker, 1980.
E449.M93 B3 1980x

Baker, Samuel White,
Ismailia: A Narrative of the Expedition to Central Africa for the Suppression of the Slave trade. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1875.
DT361 .B17 1875

Baldwin, Augustus Carpenter,
Reconstruction: Speech of Hon. A. C. Baldwin of Michigan, Delivered in the House of
Representatives, April 29, 1864. No pub. given: 1864?
E458.4 .B27

Ball, Charles,
Fifty Years in Chains; or, the Life of an American Slave. (Prepared by a Mr. Fisher from the verbal narrative of Ball, a slave.) Miami, FL: Mnemosyne Pub. Co., 1969. Reprint. Orignally published: New York: Dayton & Asher, 1858.
E444 .B184 1969

Ball, Charles,
Slavery in the United States. A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Charles Ball, a Black Man, Who Lived Forty years in Maryland, South Carolina, and Georgia, as a Slave... Pittsburgh, PA: J. T. Shryock, 1853.
E144 .B183 1853

Ballagh, J. C., et. al,
Early Studies of Slavery by States, vol. 1. Includes: Steiner, B. C.,"History of Slavery in Connecticut."-- Cooley, H. S.,"A Study of Slavery in New Jersey."-- Heston, A. M.,"Slavery and Servitude in New Jersey."-- Bassett, J. S.,"Slavery in the State of North Carolina."-- Ballagh, J. C.,"A History of Slavery in Virginia."Northbrook, IL: Metro Books, 1972.
E441 .E15

Ballagh, James Curtis,
A History of Slavery in Virginia... Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1902.
E445.V8 B18

Bancroft, Frederic,
Slave Trading in the Old South. New York: Frederick Ungar, 1959. Originally published in 1931.
E442 .B21 1959.

Bandinel, James,
Some Account of the Trade in Slaves from Africa as Connected with Europe and America, from the Introduction of the Trade into Modern Europe Down to the Present Time, Especially with Reference to the Efforts Made by the British Government for its Extinction. London: Published by Longman, Brown, for H. M. Stationery Office, 1842.
HT1321 .B3

Banner, Melvin E.,
The Black Pioneer in Michigan, vol.1 (Flint and Genesee County). Midland, MI: Pendell Pub. Co., 1973.
E185.93.M5 B3

Baravelli, G. C.,
The Last Stronghold of Slavery: What Abyssinia Is. Roma: Società Editrice di "Novissima," 1935.
DT386 .B3 1935

Barber, John Warner, comp.,
A History of the"Amistad"Captives: Being a Circumstantial Account of the Capture of the Spanish Schooner"Amistad,"by the Africans on Board; Their Voyage, and Capture Near Long Island, New York; with Biographical Sketches Of Each of the Surviving Africans; Also, an Account of the Trials Had on Their Case, Before the District and Circuit Courts of the United States, for the District of Connecticut. New Haven, CT: E. L. & J. W. Barber, 1840.
E447 .B23

Barker, Anthony J.,
The African Link: British Attitudes to the Negro in the Era of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1550-1807. London/Totowa, NJ: F. Cass, 1978.
HT1322 .B26 1978

Barker, Lucius J., and Ronald W. Walters, eds,
Jesse Jackson's 1984 Presidential Campaign: Challenge and Change in American Politics. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 1989.
E879 .J47 1989

Barnes, Albert,
An Inquiry into the Scriptural Views of Slavery. Philadelphia, PA: Perkins & Purves; Boston: R. Perkins & Co., 1846.
E449 .B261

Bassett, John Spencer,
Anti-slavery Leaders of North Carolina. Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1898.
E445.N8 B27 1898

Bassett, John Spencer,
Slavery in the State of North Carolina. Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1899.
E445.N8 B32

Batchelder, Samuel,
The Responsibility of the North in Relation to Slavery. Cambridge: Printed by Allen & Farnham, 1856.
E449 .B297 1856x

Bates, Morgan,
Martin Brook; a Novel. (Fiction.) New York and London: Harper & Brothers, 1901.
PZ3.B317 M

Bayly, Thomas H.,
Speech of Hon. Thomas H. Bayly, of Virginia, on the Finality of the Fugitive Slave
Law. In the House of Representatives, May 25, 1852. Washington, D.C.: Printed at the [Congressional] Globe Office, 1852.
E450 .B3

Beaman, F. C., et. al,
Campaign Documents and Political Speeches in the United States from 1860 to 1864. (Some slavery-related material.)
Speech of F. C. Beaman, of Michigan, in the House of Representatives, March 22, 1864...
Speech of Hon. F. C. Beaman, of Michigan, in the House of Representatives, April 4, 1862.
Speech of Honorable F. C. Beaman, of Michigan, in the House of Representatives, April 4, 1862."Hand to Your Neighbor. The Contrast Between Republicanism and Democracy."
Augustus Caesar Baldwin."Footprints of a Dough-face."
Speech of Hon. William Warner, of Detroit, in the Legislature of Michigan, January 28, 1864, on"Soldiers' Suffrage."
"Union for the Sake of the Union. To the People of Michigan."
Address Delivered Before the Democracy of Orion, Mich., by Hon. Aug. C. Baldwin, July 4th, 1863.
Address Delivered before the Democracy of Orion, Michigan, by Honorable Augustus C. Baldwin, July 4th, 1863."State Finances."
E457 .C25 1864x

Beattie, Jessie Louise,
Black Moses: The Real Uncle Tom. Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1957.
E444.H526 B4

Beaumont, Gustave de,
Marie, ou LesClavage Aux Etat-Unis / Marie; or, Slavery in the United States: A Novel of Jacksonian America. (Fiction.) Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1958.
E443 .B3713 1958

Beecher, Charles,
The God of the Bible Against Slavery. New York: American Anti-Slavery Society, 1855.
E449 .A63 no.17

Beecher, Edward,
Narrative of Riots at Alton: In Connection with the Death of Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy. Alton IL: G. Holton, 1838.
Clarke Files F549.A4 B44

Bell, Barbara L.,
Black Biographical Sources: An Annotated Bibliography. New Haven, CT: Yale University Library, 1970.
Z1361.N39 B47

Bell, Bernard W.,
The Folk Roots of Contemporary Afro-American Poetry. Detroit, MI: Broadside Press 1974.
PS153.N5 B44

Benezet, Anthony,
A Caution to Great Britain and Her Colonies, in a Short Representation of the
Calamitous State of the Enslaved Negroes in the British Dominions. Philadelphia, PA: printed; London: reprinted and sold by J. Phillips, 1784.
E446 .B446

Benezet, Anthony,
Observations on the Inslaving, Importing, and Purchasing of Negroes; With Some Advice
Thereon, Extracted from the Epistle of the Yearly-meeting of the People called Quakers
Held at London in the Year 1748. ("Benezet...of a French family of St. Quentin, was driven from France by the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Having fixed his residence in Philadelphia, he adopted the doctrine of the Quakers. His humanity impelled him to attempt an amelioration of the condition of both the Indians and Negroes, by publishing treaties exhibiting the unhappy state to which each had been reduced by the cupidity and neglect of the whites.”) Germantown, PA: Printed by Christopher Sower, 1760.
HT991 .B45 1760

Benezet, Anthony,
Some Historical Account of Guinea, its Situation, Produce and the General Disposition of its Inhabitants. With an Inquiry into the Rise and Progress of the Slave Trade, its Nature and Lamentable Effects. London: Printed and sold by J. Phillips, George Yard, Lombard Street, 1788.
HT1331 .B4 1788

Benger, E., James Grahame, James Montgomery, and E. Benger,
Poems on the Abolition of the Slave Trade. Includes:"The West Indies; A Poem in Four Parts,"by J. Montgomery. —"Africa Delivered; or, the Slave Trade Abolished, a Poem,"by J. Grahame. -"A Poem, Occasioned by the Abolition of the Slave Trade, in 1806,"by E. Benger. London: Printed for R. Bowyer by T. Bensley, 1809.
HT893.P63 1809

Bennett, Billy L., and C. D. McNamee,
The Man with the Branded Hand, a Story of Captain Jonathan Walker. Muskegon, MI: Earle Press, 19--.
E450 .B46

Bennett, Samuel V.,
Blacks and Whites in Kalamazoo County Michigan. Kalamazoo, MI: W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, 1970.
F572.K2 B4

Benton, Thomas Hart,
Historical and legal examination of that part of the decision of the Supreme Court
o the United States in the Dred Scott case, which declares the unconstitutionality of
te Missouri compromise act and the self-extension of the Constitution to territories,
crying slavery along with it. With an appendix, containing: I. The debates in the
Senate in March, 1849, between Mr. Webster and Mr. Calhoun, on the legislative
extension of the Constitution to territories, as contained in vol. II. ch. CLXXXII. of the
"Thirty Years' View". II. The inside view of the southern sentiment, in relation to the
Wilmot Proviso, as seen in vol. II. ch. CLXVIII. of the "Thirty Years' View." III.
Review of President Pierce's annual message to Congress of December, 1856, so far
as it relates to the abrogation of the Missouri Compromise Act and the classification of
parties. By"author of "Thirty Years' View."' New York: D. Appleton & Company, 1857.
E450 .S35

Berlin, Ira,
Slaves Without Masters: The Free Negro in the Antebellum South. New York: Pantheon Books, 1974.
E185.18 .B47 1975

Berlioux, Etienne Felix,
The Slave Trade in Africa in 1872, Principally Carried on for the Supply of Turkey, Egypt, Persia, and Zanzibar. London: E. Marsh, 1872.
HT1327 .B45 1872

Berwanger, Eugene H.,
The Frontier Against Slavery: Western Anti-Negro Prejudice and the Slavery Extension
Controversy. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 1967.
E415 .7 .B45

Bibb, Henry,
Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb, an American Slave, Written by Himself. New York: H. Bibb, 1849.
E444 .B58 1850x

Bingham, Kinsley S.,
Speech of Mr. Bingham, of Michigan, on the Admission of California: Delivered in the House of Representatives, June 4, 1850. Washington, D.C.: Printed at the Congressional Globe Office, 1850.
E423 .B67

Bishop, Jim,
The Days of Martin Luther King, Jr.. New York: Putnam, 1971.
E185.97.K5 B5 1971

Blair, Frank P.,
Colonization and Commerce. An Address Before the Young Men's Mercantile Library Association of Cincinnati, Ohio, November 29, 1859. Cincinnati, OH?: 1859?
E449 .B634

Blake, W. O.,
The History of Slavery and the Slave Trade, Ancient and Modern. The Forms of
Slavery that Prevailed in Ancient Nations, Particularly in Greece and Rome. The African
Slave Trade and the Political History of Slavery in the United States. Columbus, OH: J. H. Miller, 1858.
HT861 .B55 1969

Blassingame, John W.,
The Slave Community: Plantation Life in the Antebellum South. New York: Oxford University Press, 1972.
E443 .B55

Blassingame, John W., ed.,
Slave Testimony: Two Centuries of Letters, Speeches, Interviews, and Autobiographies. Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana State University Press, 1977.
E444 .S57

Bledsoe, Albert Taylor,
An Essay on Liberty and Slavery. Freeport, NY: Books for Libraries Press, 1971. Reprint. Originally published: 1856.
E449 .B646 1971

Blee, Kathleen M.,
Women of the Klan: Racism and Gender in the 1920s. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1991.
HS2330.K63 B44 1991

Bliss, Philemon,
Complaints of the Extensionists--Their Falsity. Speech of Hon. Philemon Bliss, of Ohio, in the House of Representatives, May 21, 1856. (No pub. info.; 1856?)
E433 .B64 1856

Blockson, Charles L., and Ron Fry,
Black Genealogy. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1977.
CS21 .B55

Böeseken, A. J.,
Slaves and Free Blacks at the Cape, 1658-1700. Cape Town: Tafelberg, 1977.
HT1394.C3 B63

Bollman, Don,
Run for the Roses: A 50 Year Memoir. (KKK-related). Mecosta, MI: Canadian Lakes Pub. Co., 1975.
PS3552.O77 R8

Bontemps, Arna Wendell,
Free at Last: The Life of Frederick Douglass. New York: Dodd, Mead, 1971.
E449 .D7513

Bontemps, Arna Wendell,
They Seek a City. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Doran, & Company, Inc., 1945.
E185.6 .B75

Boole, William H.,
Antidote to Rev. H. J. Van Dyke's Pro-Slavery Discourse. "American Slavery Has No Foundation in the Scriptures." Delivered in the M. E. Church, Mount Vernon, New York, on Sunday, January 13, 1861. New York: E. Jones & Co., Printers, 1861.
E449 .V246

Botkin, B. A., ed., (Federal Writers' Project),
Lay My Burden Down: A Folk History of Slavery. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 1945.
E444 .F26

Bowdich, T. Edward (Thomas Edward),
An Account of the Discoveries of the Portuguese in the Interior of Angola and Mozambique. To which is added, a note by the author, on a geographical error of Mungo Park, in his last journal into the interior of Africa. London: Printed for John Booth, Duke Street, Portland Place, 1824.
DT611 .B78

Boyd, Andrew, and Patrick van Rensburg,
An Atlas of African Affairs. New York: Praeger, 1965.
G2445 .B6 1965

Boyer, Richard Owen,
The Legend of John Brown: A Biography and a History. New York: Knopf, 1972.
E451 .B77 1973x

Boykin, Ulysses W.,
A Handbook on the Detroit Negro. Detroit, MI: The Minority Study Associates, 1943.
F574.D4t B69

Brackett, Jeffrey Richardson,
The Negro in Maryland: A Study of the Institution of Slavery. Baltimore, MD: N. Murray, Johns Hopkins University, 1889.
E445.M3 B7 1969

Brackett, Jeffrey Richardson,
Notes on the Progress of the Colored People in Maryland Since the War. (A supplement to The Negro in Maryland: A Study of the Institution of Slavery.) Freeport, NY: Books for Libraries Press, 1971. Reprint. Originally published: Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University, 1890.
E185.93.M2 B7 1971

Brady, Terence, and Evan Jones,
The Fight Against Slavery. New York: Norton, 1975.
HT867 .B68 1977

Brady, Tom P.,
Black Monday. Jackson, MI: Association of Citizens' Councils, 1955.
E185.61 .B79

Brandt, Keith,
Rosa Parks: Fight for Freedom. (Children.) Mahwah, NJ: Troll Associates, 1993.
F334 .M753 P3825 1993

Breyfogle, William A.,
Make Free: The Story of the Underground Railroad. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, 1958.
E450 .B82

Brignano, Russell C.,
Black Americans in Autobiography: An Annotated Bibliography of Autobiographies and Autobiographical Books Written Since the Civil War. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1984.
Z1361.N39 B67 1984

Brissot de Warville, J. P.,
New travels in the United States of America. Performed in 1788. Containing the Latest and Most Accurate Observations on the Character, Genius, and Present State of the People and Government of That Country. London: Printed for J. S. Jordan, 1792.
Clarke Files E164 .B891 1792

Bross, William,
Illinois and the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. A paper read before the Chicago Historical Society...January 15, l884. Chicago, IL: Jansen, McClurg, 1884.
F546 .B87

Brown, A. Samler, and G. Gordon Brown, eds.,
The Guide to South Africa: For the Use of Tourists, Sportsmen, Invalids and Settlers: with Coloured Maps, Plans, and Diagrams. Cape Town, South Africa: Sampson, Low, Marston, & Co., 1897.
DT731 .G94

Brown, David,
The Planter; or, Thirteen Years in the South, by a Northern Man. Miami, FL: Mnemosyne Pub. Co., 1969. Reprint. Originally published: Philadelphia, PA: 1853.
E449 .B876 1969

Brown, Earl Louis,
Why Race Riots? Lessons from Detroit. New York: Public Affairs Committee, Inc., 1944.
F574.D4 B58

Brown, Josephine,
Biography of an American Bondman / by His Daughter. (Brown’s father was William Wells Brown.) Boston, MA: R. F. Wallcut, 1856.
E450.B883 B76 1856

Brown, W. S.,
Bible Defence of Slavery; or, the Origin, History, and Fortunes of the Negro Race,
as deduced from history, both sacred and profane, their natural relations, moral, mental
and physical, to the other races of mankind, compared and illustrated, their future
destiny predicted, etc. To which is added a plan of national colonization adequate to
the entire removal of the free Blacks, and all that may hereafter become free, in a
manner harmonizing with the peace and well-being of both races. Glasgow, KY: W. S. Brown, 1853. First published in 1843.
E449.P74 B52 1853

Brown, William H.,
An Historical Sketch of the Early Movement in Illinois for the Legalization of Slavery: Read at the Annual Meeting of the Chicago Historical Society, December 5th, 1864 Chicago, IL: Fergus Printing Co., 1876.
F536 .F35 no.4

Brown, William Wells,
The Anti-slavery Harp; A Collection of Songs for Anti-slavery Meetings. (Text with indications of tunes.) Boston, MA: B. Marsh, 1848.
Clarke Files M1664.A35 B78

Brown, William Wells,
The Negro in the American Rebellion, His Heroism and His Fidelity. Boston, MA: Lee & Shepard, 1867.
E540.N3 B8

Brownlow, William Gannaway, and A. Pryne,
Ought American Slavery to be Perpetuated? A Debate Between W. G. Brownlow
and A. Pryne held at Philadelphia, September, 1858. Miami, FL: Mnemosyne Pub. Inc., 1969. Reprint. Originally published: Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1858.
E449 .B885 1969

Bruce, Henry Clay,
The New Man: Twenty-nine Years a Slave, Twenty-nine Years a Free Man. Miami, FL: Mnemosyne Pub. Co., 1969. Reprint. Originally published: York, PA: P. Anstadt, 1895.
E444 .B9 1969

Bruce, Philip Alexander,
The Plantation Negro as a Freeman: Observations on His Character, Condition, and Prospects in Virginia. Williamstown, MA: Corner House Publishers, 1970. Reprint. Originally published: 1889.
E185.6 .B88 1970

Brunson, Bernadine Shaw,
An Attitudinal Study of Detroit Public Elementary School Teachers in Regular and Special Education Toward Black English. (Ph.D thesis--Wayne State University, 1989.)
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Information Service, 1991.
LC2778 .L34 B78 1989x

Buckingham, J. S.,
The Slave States of America, vol. 1-2. London, Paris: Fisher, Son & Co., 1842.
F210 .R92

Buckmaster, Henrietta,
Let My People Go: The Story of the Underground Railroad and the Growth of the Abolition Movement. New York, London: Harper & Brothers, 1941.
E450 .H49 1941

Bunge, William,
Fitzgerald: Geography of a Revolution. Cambridge, MA: Schenkman Pub. Co., 1971.
F574.D4t B786

Bureau of History, Michigan Department,
Pathways to Michigan's Black Heritage. Lansing, MI: The Bureau [of History], 1988.
E185.93.M5 P38 1988

Burgess, Barbara Hood,
The Fred Field. (Children’s fiction.) New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers, 1994.
PZ7.B912 Fre 1995x

Burgess, Ebenezer,
Address to the American Society for Colonizing the Free People of Colour of the United
States. Washington, D.C.: Printed by Davis & Force, 1818.
E448 .B95

Burrows, Edmund H.,
Captain Owen of the African Survey: The Hydrographic Surveys of Admiral W. F. W. Owen on the Coast of Africa and the Great Lakes of Canada, His Fight Against the African Slave Trade, His Life in Campobello Island, New Brunswick, 1774-1857. Rotterdam: Balkema, 1979.
VK140.O88 B87

Buxton, Thomas Fowell,
The African Slave Trade. London: J. Murray; New York: American Anti-slavery Society, 1840.
HT1322 .B88

Buxton, Thomas Fowell,
The African Slave Trade. Part II: The Remedy. London: John Murray; New York: S. W. Benedict, 1840.
HT1323 .B89 1840