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Books and Pamphlets Index (N's)

Naden, Corinne J.,
John Henry, Steel-driving Man. (Children's fiction.) Mahwah, NJ: Troll Associates, 1980.
PZ8.1.N14 Jo 1980

Nathan, Hans,
Dan Emmett and the Rise of Early Negro Minstrelsy. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1962.
ML410.E5 N4

National Park Service, Division of Publications,
Underground Railroad. Washington, D.C.: Department of the Interior, 1998.
E450 .U59 1998

National Urban League,
The Negro Population of Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1940: A Social Study Conducted for the Interracial Committee of the Council of Social Agencies. No pub. info. available (check).
F575.N4 N28

Naylor, Gloria,
Linden Hills. (Fiction.) New York: Ticknor & Fields, 1985.
PS3564.A895 L5 1985

Nelson, Truman John,
The Old Man: John Brown at Harper's Ferry. New York: Holt, Rinehart, &Winston, 1973.

Nern, Daniel D.,
Black as Night. (Fiction.) Boston, MA: Beacon Press, 1958.
PS3527.E528 B5 1958x

Nevins, Allan,
The Emergence of Lincoln, vol. 1-2. (Sequel to Ordeal of the Union). Vol. 1: Douglas, Buchanan, and Party Chaos, 1857-1859; vol. 2: Prologue to Civil War, 1859-1861. New York: Scribner, 1950.
E415.7 .N38

Nevins, Allan,
Ordeal of the Union, vol. 1-2. New York: Scribner, 1947.
E415.7 .N4

Nevinson, Henry Woodd,
A Modern Slavery. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1963.
DT611 .N48 1963

New Detroit Committee,
Progress Report, April, 1968. ("The Committee has sought to identify the root causes of the manifest anger, frustration, alienation, and growing retaliatory racism of our Negro citizens." - Foreward.) Detroit, MI: Metropolitan Fund, 1968.
E185.61 D49

New England Emigrant Aid Company Executive Committee,
To the People of the United States: The Executive Committee of the New England Emigrant Aid Company Respectfully Ask Your Attention to the Following Facts...Refutes charges contained in a report made to the Senate by the chairmen of the Committee on Territories, March 12, 1956, especially with regard to the company's role in the settlement of Kansas.) Boston, MA: The Company, 1856 (Washington, D.C.: Buell & Blanchard).
E433 .N49

Newman, Debra L., comp.,
List of Black Servicemen Compiled from the War Department Collection of Revolutionary War Records. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Service, General Services Administration, 1974.
CD3027.N49 L62

Newman, Debra L., comp.,
List of Free Black Heads of Families in the First Census of the United States, 1790. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Service, 1973.
CD3027.N49 L6

Newman, Debra L., comp.,
Selected Documents Pertaining to Black Workers Among the Records of the Department of Labor and its Component Bureaus, 1902-1969. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Service, General Services Administration, 1977.
Z1361.N39 U63 1977

Newton, John,
Thoughts Upon the African Slave Trade. London: Printed for J. Buckland & J. Johnson, 1788.
HT1322 .N49 1788

(no author),
A Description of the Nature of Slavery Among the Moors: And the Cruel Sufferings of Those That Fall into which is added, an account of Capt. Stuart's Negotiations for the Redemption of the English Captives…Written by One of the Said Redeem'd Captives. Lonon [sic]: J. Peele, 1721.
HT1345 .D47 1721

(no author),
Abolition and Secession; or, Cause and Effect, Together with the Remedy for Our
Sectional Troubles. New York: Van Evrie, Horton, 1862.
E453 .U6

(no author)
The Constitution of the United States, with the Acts of Congress, Relating to Slavery, Embracing, the Constitution, the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793, the Missouri Compromise Act of 1820, the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850, and the Nebraska and Kansas Bill, Carefully Compiled. Rochester, NY: D. M. Dewey, 1854.
E441 .C68.

(no author),
The Abolition Conspiracy to Destroy the Union, or, a Ten Years' Record of the "Republican" Party: The Opinions of William Lloyd Garrison...[et. al]. New York: Van Evrie, Horton, & Co., 1863.
E185.2 .A62 no.3

(no author),
A Brief Chapter in the Life of General Franklin Pierce. From the National Era of June 17, Mr. Pierce and the Anti-slavery Movement. Washington: Buell & Blanchard, 1852.

(no author),
Facts for the People. ("The following pages [give] a brief outline of the existing national controversy, on the subject of slavery...and a full history of the financial operations of the State government...") Detroit, MI: H. Barns, Printer, Daily Tribune Office, 1858?

(no author)
Appeal of the Independent Democrats in Congress, to the People of the United States.
Shall Slavery be Permitted in Nebraska? Washington, D.C.: Towers' Printers, 1854.
E433 .C52

(no author)
A Thrilling Narrative from the Lips of the Sufferers of the Late Detroit Riot, March 6, 1863, with the Hair Breadth Escapes of Men, Women, and Children, and Destruction of Colored Men's Property, Not Less Than $15,000. Detroit, MI: published by the author, 1863. Hattiesburg, MS: The Book Farm, 1945.

(no author)
Midland Area African-American Pages: "Business & Organization Guide"(2nd: 1993). Midland, MI: Holoman & Associates, 1993.
F574.M46 M515x

(no author)
The South Bend Fugitive Case, Involving the Right to a Writ of Habeas Corpus. New York: For Sale at the Anti-slavery Office, 1851.
E450 .S72 1851

(no author),
The Uncle Tom's Cabin Almanack, or, Abolitionist Memento. For 1853. London: J. Cassell, 1852?
E449 .U53 1853

(no author)
An Inquiry into the Condition and Prospects of the African Race in the United States, by an American of the District of Columbia, June, 1839. Freeport, NY: Books for Libraries Press, 1971. Reprint. Originally published: 1839.
E449 .I58 1971

(no author)
Campaign Documents and Political Speeches in the United States During 1860. Documents of special interest to Michigan history: "Facts for the People! Address of the Republican Central Committee of Ingham County."- "The Campaign, its Issues, State and National, Examined. State Taxation, and the Entire Receipts and Expenditures, under Republican Administration, Examined and Contrasted."(Detroit Tribune Tract, no. 11) - "Campaign Document. Power of Territorial Legislature. Dred Scott Decision!"- "Democratic and Republican Record. Tax-payers, Read! To the People of the State of Michigan."
E449 .C24 1860x

(no author),
An Inquiry into the Condition and Prospects of the African Race in the United States, by an American of the District of Columbia, June, 1839. Freeport, NY: Books for Libraries Press, 1971. Reprint. Originally published: 1839.
E449 .I58 1971

(no author),
Interesting Memoirs and Documents Relating to American Slavery and the Glorious Struggle Now Making for Complete Emancipation. Miami, FL: Mnemosyne Pub. Inc., 1969. Originally published: 1846.
E449 .I615 1969

(no author),
Free Negroism; or, Results of Emancipation in the North and West India Islands: With Statistics of the Decay of Commerce, Idleness of the Negro, His Return to Savagism, and the Effect of Emancipation Upon the Farming, Mechanical, and Laboring Classes. New York: Van Evrie, Horton, & Co., 1863.
E449 .F853

(no author)
The Child's Anti-slavery Book; Containing a Few Words about American Slave Children and Stories of Slave-life. Miami, FL: Mnemosyne Pub. Co., 1969. Reprint. Originally published: New York: Carlton & Porter, 1859.
E449 .C54 1969

(no author),
Anti-slavery Songs: A Selection from the Best Anti-slavery Authors... Salem, OH: Trescott, 1849.

Noonan, John T.,
The Antelope: The Ordeal of Recaptured Africans in the Administrations of James Monroe and John Quincy Admas. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1977.
E441 .N6

Northrop, Henry Davenport, Joseph R. Gay, and I. Garland Penn,
The College of Life, or Practical Self-educator: A Manual of Self-improvement for the Colored Race. ("Forming an educational emancipator and a guide to success, giving examples and achievements of successful men and women of the race as in incentive and inspiration to the rising generation, including Afro-American progress illustrated, the whole embracing business, social, domestic, historical and religious education.") Cincinnati, OH: W. H. Ferguson Company, 1896.
AG105 .N848 1896

Northrup, Herbert, et. al,
Negro Employment in Basic Industry: A Study of Racial Policies in Six Industries. Philadelphia, PA: Industrial Research Unit, Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania, 1970.
E185.8 .N43

Northup, Solomon,
Twelve Years a Slave. Narrative of Solomon Northrup, a Citizen of New-York, Kidnapped in Washington City in 1841, and Rescued in 1853, from a Cotton Plantation Near the Red River, in Louisiana. Auburn: Derby, & Miller; Buffalo: Derby, Orton, & Mulligan, 1853.
E444 .N87

Norwich, Oscar I., and Pam Kolbe,
Maps of Africa: An Illustrated and Annotated Carto-bibliography. Johannesburg, South Africa: Ad. Donker, 1983.
Z6027.A2 N67 1983

Nuermberger, Ruth Ketring,
Charles Osborn in the Anti-slavery Movement. Columbus, OH: The Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society, 1937.
F486 .O52 v. 7

Nwabara, S. N.,
Iboland: A Century of Contact with Britain, 1860-1960. Atlantic Highlands, NJ: Humanities Press, 1977.
DT515.42 .N86

Nwulia, Moses D. E.,
Britain and Slavery in East Africa. Washington: Three Continents Press, 1975.
HT1326 .N9