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Books and Pamphlets Index (T's)

Tanner, Henry,
The Martyrdom of Lovejoy. An Account of the Life, Trials, and Perils of Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy, Who Was Killed by a Pro-slavery Mob, at Alton, Illinois, on the Night of November 7, 1837. Chicago, IL: Fergus Printing Company, 1881.
F549.A4 T2

Taylor, James Walter,
"Uncle Jimmie;"or, a True Story of a Slave's Life. As Dictated by Uncle Jimmie to His
Child Over Forty Years Ago. South Bend, IN: Andrew M. Taylor, 1909.

Taylor, John L.,
Speech of Hon. John L. Taylor, of Ohio, on the Nebraska and Kansas Territorial Bill.
Delivered in the House of Representatives, April 26, 1854. Washington, D.C.: Printed at the Congressional Globe Office, 1854.
E433 .T24

Thaden, John Frederick, and Walter E. Freeman,
A Partial Bibliography on the American Negro: Books and Their Call Numbers in the Library of Michigan State University, as of September 1, 1962. East Lansing, MI: Institute for Community Development and Services, Michigan State University, 1962.
Z5055.U5 M65 Th

Thayer, M. Russell,
A Reply to Mr. Charles Ingersoll's "Letter to a Friend in a Slave State." Philadelphia, PA: J. Campbell, 1862.
E458.2 .I443

Thomas, Benjamin Platt,
Theodore Weld, Crusader for Freedom. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1950.

Thomas, Franklin A.,
Reflections on a Multi-Racial Society. (Address delivered as part of the Granada Guildhall Lecture Series, London, November 1st, 1982.) New York: Ford Foundation, 1983.
E185.6 .T56 1983

Thomas, Richard Walter,
From Peasant to Proletarian: The Formation and Organization of the Black Industrial Working Class in Detroit, 1915-1945. (Thesis--University of Michigan, 1976.) Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan, 1977.
F574.D49 N498 1987x

Thomas, Richard Walter,
Life for Us is What We Make It: Building Black Community in Detroit, 1915-1945.
Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1992.
F574.D49 N484 1992

Thomas, Thomas Ebenezer,
Correspondence of Thomas Ebeneezer Thomas, Mainly Relating to the Anti-Slavery Conflict in Ohio, Especially in the Presbyterian Church. Dayton? OH: 1909.
E445.O3 T58

Thomas, William,
The Enemies of the Constitution Discovered; or, an Inquiry into the Origin and Tendency of Popular Violence. Containing a Complete and Circumstantial Account of the Unlawful Proceedings at the City of Utica, October 21st, 1835; the Dispersion of the State Anti-slavery Convention by the Agitators, the Destruction of a Democratic Press and of the Causes which Led Thereto; Together with a Concise Treatise on the Practice of the Court of his Honor Judge Lynch. Accompanied with Numerous Highly Interesting and Important Documents. By Defensor [pseud.]. New York: Leavitt, Lord, & Co.; Utica, NY: G. Tracy, 1835.
E449 .T459 1835

Thompson, Charles,
Prison Life and Reflections: Or a Narrative of the Arrest, Trial, Conviction, Imprisonment, Treatment, Observations, Reflections, and Deliverance of Work, Burr and Thompson, Who Suffered an Unjust and Cruel Imprisonment in Missouri Penitentiary, for Attempting to Aid Some Slaves to Liberty. Oberlin, OH: Printed by J.M. Fitch, 1847.
E450 .T46

Thompson, George,
Discussion on American Slavery, Between George Thompson, Agent of the British and Foreign Society for the Abolition of Slavery Throughout the World, and Robert J. Breckinridge, Delegate from the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States to the Congregational Union of England and Wales: Holden in the Rev. Dr. Wardlaw's Chapel, Glasgow, Scotland, on the Evenings of the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th of June, 1836. 2nd American edition, with notes, by Mr. Garrison. Boston, MA: I. Knapp, 1836.
E449 .T471

Thompson, John,
The Life of John Thompson, a Fugitive Slave; Containing His History of Twenty-five Years in Bondage, and His Providential Escape. Worcester, MA: J. Thompson, 1856.
E444 .T47

Thompson, Joseph Parrish,
No Slavery in Nebraska. The Voice of God Against National Crime. New York: Ivison & Phinney, 1854.
E449 .T476

Thompson, Julius Eric,
Dudley Randall, Broadside Press, and the Black Arts Movement in Detroit, 1960-1995.
Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 1999.
PS3568 .A49 Z85 1999

Thompson, Lawrence Sidney, comp.,
The Southern Black, Slave and Free: A Bibliography of Anti- and Pro-slavery Books and Pamphlets, and of Social and Economic Conditions in the Southern States from the Beginnings to 1950. Troy, NY: Whitston Pub. Co., 1970.
Z1251.S7 T47

Thoreau, Henry David,
Anti-slavery and Reform Papers. (Incl.: Introductory note.--Civil disobedience.--A Plea for Captain John Brown.--The Last Days of John Brown.--Paradise (to be) Regained.--Life Without Principle.) Miami, FL: Mnemosyne Pub. Co., 1969. Reprint. Originally published: London: Swan Sonnenschein & Co., 1890.
E449 .T49 1969

Thornbrough, Emma Lou,
The Negro in Indiana: A Study of a Minority. Indianapolis, IN: Indiana Historical Bureau, 1957.
F521 .I38 v.37

Thurston, R. B., A. C. Baldwin, and Timothy Williston,
Liberty or Slavery: The Great National Question. Three Prize Essays on American Slavery. (Incl.: "The Error and the Duty in Regard to Slavery,"by R. B. Thurston; "Friendly Letters to a Christian Slaveholder,"by A. C. Baldwin; and "Is American Slavery an Institution Which Christianity Sanctions, and Will Perpetuate?"by T. Williston.) Miami, FL: Mnemosyne Pub. Co., 1969. Reprint. Originally published: Boston, MA: Congregational Board of Publication, 1857.
E449 .L7 1969

Tillinghast, Joseph Alexander,
The Negro in Africa and America. New York: Published for the American Economic Association by the Macmillan Co., 1902. (Parts 2 & 3 refer to African-Americans.) Miami, FL: Mnemosyne Pub. Co., 1969.
E185 .T57 1969

Tooley, Ronald Vere,
Collectors' Guide to Maps of the African Continent and Southern Africa. London: Carta Press., 1969.
Z6027.A2 T65

Toombs, Robert,
Speech of Hon. Robert Toombs, of Georgia, on Property in Territories. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, May 21, 1860. Washington, D.C.: National Democratic Executive Committee, 1860.
E458.4 .H89 no. 56

Tower, Philo,
Slavery Unmasked: Being a Truthful Narrative of a Three Years' Residence and Journeying in Eleven Southern States: To Which is Added the Invasion of Kansas, Including the Last Chapter of Her Wrongs. Rochester, NY: E. Darrow & Brother, 1856.
E449 .T73

Tremain, Mary,
Slavery in the District of Columbia; The Policy of Congress and the Struggle for Abolition. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1892.
E445.D6 T74 1892

Trexler, Harrison Anthony,
Slavery in Missouri, 1804-1865. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins Press, 1914.
E445.M67 T84 1914

Tucker, J. N. T.,
The Liberty Almanac. Syracuse, NY: Tucker & Kinney, 1844?.
Microfiche Book 3

Tuckerman, Bayard,
William Jay and the Constitutional Movement for the Abolition of Slavery. New York: B. Franklin, 1969. Originally published: 1893.
E449 .J4285 1969b

Twelvetrees, Harper, ed.,
The Story of the Life of John Anderson, the Fugitive Slave. London: W. Tweedie, 1863.
E450 .A54 1863

Tyler, Ronnie C., and Lawrence R. Murphy, eds.,
The Slave Narratives of Texas. Austin, TX: Encino Press, 1974.
E445.T47 S52