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Michigan Infantry

1st Infantry Regiment, 1861-1865

  • Clowes, Walter F. The Detroit light guard. A complete record of this organization from its foundation to the present day. By Walter F. Clowes. With full account of riot and complimentary duty, and the campaigns in the civil and Spanish-American wars. A complete roster of members at the time of muster-out of the United States service, as well as a roster of all classes of members. Detroit, Mich., J. F. Eby & company, 1900.
  • Michigan first regiment. Incidents, marches, battles and camp life, and the adventures of the author, known as the Indiana banker, who was fifer in Company "F", and made such remarkable time in leaving Bull's Run - time: first mile, 2 minutes 28 seconds. Detroit, Printed for the author, 1861.

2nd Infantry Regiment, 1861-1865

  • Haydon, Charles B., 1834-1864. For country, cause & leader : the Civil War journal of Charles B. Haydon / edited by Stephen W. Sears. New York : Ticknor & Fields, 1993. Includes index.
  • Mayo, Perry, 1839-1921. The Civil War letters of Perry Mayo / edited by Robert W. Hodge. East Lansing : Michigan State University, 1967. Schneider, Frederick, 1840- Incidental history of the flags and color guard of the Second Michigan Veteran Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1865 / by Federick Schneider. Lansing, Mich. : W.S. Sly, [1905].

3rd Infantry Regiment, 1864-1866

  • Bailey, George W., 1841-1905. The Civil War diary and biography of George W. Bailey : born March 31, 1841, died February 20, 1905 : served in Company F, Third Regiment, Michigan Volunteer Infantry, June 10, 1861-April 14, 1865 / [compiled by Gerald R. Post]. Colleyville, Tex. : G.R. Post, c1990. Includes bibliographical references.
  • Crotty, Daniel G. Four years campaigning in the Army of the Potomac, by ... D. G. Crotty ... Grand Rapids, Mich., Dygert bros. & co., printers, 1874. (Note: story of US. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 3rd)

3rd Infantry Regiment, Company A, 1861-1865

  • Hopkins, Mordecai L. Papers, 1855-1891, include letters by Hopkins about politics, 1855- 1860, slavery, 1857, letter to his wife, March 1862. Letters to Hopkins from William H. Drake and T. Eastman with general Civil War news. In Mordecai L. Hopkins Papers. Also partial letter from Ananias Worden about the draft agreement, 1863, letter to Mort from George H. Osgood about Rebels, undated. Bio: Drake served in Company A, 3rd Michigan Infantry. He was discharged for disability at Washington, D.C., on Jan. 13, 1863 at age 28. Hopkins was a Michigan Senator from Ottawa County, 1855-1856. No information available on Eastman or Osgood. Worden was a friend and post office special agent under Pres. Lincoln.

3rd Infantry Regiment, Company G, 1861-1865

  • Church, Charles H. Civil war letters / by Charles H. Church, Co. "G" 3rd Regt., Michigan Volunteers, written to his parents at Williamston, Michigan. Rose City, Mich. (107 W. Main St., Rose City 48654) : Rose City Area Historical Society, c1987.

4th Infantry Regiment, 1861-1865

  • Barrett, Orvey S. Reminiscences, incidents, battles, marches and camp life of the old 4th Michigan Infantry in War of Rebellion, 1861-1865 / by O. S. Barrett. Detroit, Mich. : W. S. Ostler, 1888.
  • Barrett, Orvey S. Reminiscences, incidents, battles, marches and camp life of the old 4th Michigan Infantry in War of Rebellion, 1861-1865 / by O. S. Barrett. {Lenawee? Mich.] : Compliments of Francis Harback, [197?] ([Lenawee, Mich.] : Lenawee Voc-Tec Center).

5th Infantry Regiment, 1861-1865

  • Gunn, Jane Augusta Terry. Memorial sketches of Doctor Moses Gunn, by his wife. With extracts from his letters and eulogistic tributes from his colleagues and friends. Chicago, W. T. Keener, 1889.

6th Infantry Regiment, 1861-1865

  • Bacon, Edward, 1830-1901. Among the cotton thieves / By Edward Bacon. Detroit, Free Press Steam Book and Job Printing House, 1867.
  • Bacon, Edward, 1830-1901. Among the cotton thieves. Detroit, Free Press Steam Book and Job Print. House, 1867. [n.p. Committee for the Preservation of the Port Hudson Battlefield, 1962]
  • Johnson, Benjamin C., 1840-1888. A soldier's life; the Civil War experiences of Ben C. Johnson. Kalamazoo, School of Graduate Studies, Western Michigan university Press 1962.

7th Infantry Regiment, 1861-1865

  • Tivy, Joseph Albert, 1840- Souvenir of the seventh, containing a brief history of it. Prefaces with a view front and rear of the "late unpleasantness" ... [Detroit? 1893]

8th Infantry Regiment, 1861-1865

  • Dodge, William Sumner. Robert Henry Hendershot; or, The brave drummer boy of the Rappahannock. By William Sumner Dodge... Chicago, Church and Goodman, 1867.
  • Ely, Ralph, 1819-1883. The diary of Captain Ralph Ely of the Eighth Michigan Infantry : with the wandering regiment / edited with an introd. by George M. Blackburn. Mount Pleasant : Central Michigan University Press, c1965.
  • Fox, Wells B. What I remember of the Great rebellion / by Wells B. Fox. Lansing, Mich. : Darius D. thorp, Printer and Binder, 1892. Includes index.
  • Wood, Edward A., II. Dr. Eugene V. N. Hall : veteran of the Civil War / Edward A. Wood II. Chicago, Ill. : Wood, 1956.

9th Infantry Regiment, 1861-1865

  • Bennett, Charles Wilkes, 1838- Historical sketches of the Ninth Michigan infantry (General Thomas' headquarters guards) with an account of the battle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Sunday, Jul 13, 1862; four years campaigning in the Army of the Cumberland, by Charles W. Bennett ... regimental meetings since the war, by Henry C. Rankin ... regimental and company organizations, by Frank A. Lester, jr. ... Coldwater, Mich., Daily courier print, 1913.
  • Dodge, William Sumner. Robert Henry Hendershot; or, The brave drummer boy of the Rappahannock. By William Sumner Dodge... Chicago, Church and Goodman, 1867.
  • Lester, Frank A. Society of the Ninth Michigan Infantry Veteran Volunteers, 1861-1865. [Frank A. Lester, compiler]. [Lansing : Ripley & Grey Printing Co.] 1911.

10th Infantry Regiment, 1861-1865

  • Hewes, Fletcher Willis, 1838- History of the formation, movements, camps, scouts, and battles of the Tenth Regiment Michigan Volunteer Infantry : containing a short historical sketch of every officer connected with the regiment. Also, the names, dates of enlistments, nativity, occupation, etc., of every member of the organization, together with dates and places of discharge, deaths, etc., [sic] from the first enlistment to date of re- enlistment / Written and compiled by F. W. H., a member of the regiment. [s.l. : s. n.], 1864 (Detroit : John Slater's Book and Job printing)

11th Infantry Regiment, 1861-1864

  • Gillaspie, Ira Myron Bailey, 1837-1897. The diary of Ira Gillaspie of the Eleventh Michigan Infantry / edited with an introd. by Daniel B. Weber. Mount Pleasant : Central Michigan University Press, c1965.
  • Thornton, Leland W., 1933- When gallantry was commonplace : the history of the Michigan Eleventh Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1864. New York : Peter Lang, 1991. Includes bibliographical references.

13th Infantry Regiment, 1862-1865

  • Daniels, John. Marching through Georgia, 1864-1865. Diary (copy) with brief, detailed entries from mustering in to mustering out. Describes movements and countryside of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia, South Carolina and North carolina. Also discusses burning of the countryside, food, a battle at Savannah, and railroads. Includes brief service history.

17th Infantry Regiment

  • Campbell, Gabriel, 1838-1923. War pictures: a poem, by Gabriel Campell, A.B., Captain, Seventeenth Michigan Volunteer Infantry. Ann Arbor, Press of Dr. A.W. Chase, 1865.
  • Stonewall Regiment : a history of the 17th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment / by William Christen ... Detroit, Mich. 17th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 1986. Includes bibliography.

19th Infantry Regiment, 1862-1865

  • Anderson, William M. (William Martin), 1938- They died to make men free : a history of the 19th Michigan Infantry in the Civil War / by William M. Anderson; with foreword by John Y. Simon. Berrien Springs, Mich. : Hardscrabble Books, 1980. Includes bibliography and index.
  • Baughman, Theodore, 1845- The Oklahoma Scout / by Theodore Baughman. Chicago : Homewood, [1886?]
  • Coe, Hamlin Alexander, 1840-1899. Mine eyes have seen the glory : combat diaries of Union Sergeant Hamlin Alexander Coe / edited and with an introd. by David Coe. Rutherford [N.J.] : Fairleigh Dickinson University Press [1975]

20th Infantry Regiment, 1861-1865

  • Cutcheon, Byron M., 1836-1908. The story of the twentieth Michigan infantry, July 15, 1862 to May 30th, 1865 : embracing official documents on file in the records of the state of Michigan and of the United States referring to or relative to the regiment / compiled by Byron M. Cutcheon. Lansing : Robert Smith Printing Co., 1904.

24th Infantry Regiment, 1862-1865

  • Curtis, O. B. (Orson Blair), 1841?-1901. History of the Twenty-fourth Michigan of the Iron brigade, known as the Detroit and Wayne county regiment .... By O.B. Curtis .... Detroit, Mich., Winn & Hammond, 1891.
  • Nolan, Alan T. The Iron Brigade : a military history / Alan T. Nolan ; with maps by Wilson K. Hoyt III. Ann Arbor, Mich. : Historical Society of Michigan ; Berrien Springs, Mich. : Hardscrabble Books, 1983. Includes bibliography and index.
  • Nolan, Alan T. The Iron Brigade : a military history. With maps by Wilson K. Hoyt III. New York, Macmillan, 1961. Includes bibliography and index.
  • Nolan, Alan T. The Iron Brigade : a military history / Alan T. Nolan ; with maps by Wilson K. Hoyt III. Madison : State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1975, c1961. Includes bibliography and index.
  • Smith, Donald L., 1913- The Twenty-fourth Michigan of the Iron Brigade. Harrisburg, Pa., Stackpole Co. [1962] Includes bibliography.

25th Infantry Regiment, 1862-1865

  • Travis, Benjamin F. The story of the Twenty-fifth Michigan... Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo publishing co., 1897.
  • Wilterdink, John Anthony. My country and cross : the Civil War letters of John Anthony Wilterdink, Company I, 25th Michigan Infantry / edited by Albert H. McGeehan. [S.l. : s.n., 1982] (Dallas : Taylor Pub. Co.) Includes bibliography.

28th Infantry Regiment, 1861-1866

  • Cummings, Charles L., 1848- The great war relic. Valuable as a curiosity of the rebellion. Together with a sketch of my life, service in the Army, and how I lost my feet since the war; also, many interesting incidents illustrative of the life of a soldier. Comp. and sold by Chas. L. Cummings. [n.p., n.d.]

49th Infantry Regiment, 1861-1865

  • Isham, Frederic Stewart, 1866-1922. History of the Detroit light guard : its records and achievements / compiled by Frederic S. Isham and Purcell & Hogan, Detroit. Detroit : Detroit Light Guard, 1896.

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