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US Army Illinois Cavalry Regiments

US. Army. Illinois Cavalry Regiment, 2nd (1861-1865), Company D

  • Ryan, John. Reminiscences, 1905. 3 folders. Reminiscences, ca. 1905, includes a copy, photocopy, and transcript of the original manuscript. Relates Ryan's Civil War experiences, Dec. 1, 1863-1866. Described are the capture of C. S. Bell in TN, Fort Pillow, fighting, officers, marches to Memphis and Union City (TN), fighting the 4th Missouri Cavalry, marching to Kentucky, Colliersville and Memphis (TN), smallpox, measles, pay, clothes, Negroes fleeing top the U.S. Army, and his officers. Bio: Ryan, from Wanda (IL), served from 1861-1866 in the 2nd Illinois Cavalry, Company D.

US. Army. Illinois Cavalry Regiment, 10th (years?), Company A

  • Sedgewick, M. Angie. Collection, 1862, 1863, 1897, includes letter about home from Angie to her husband, unnamed, serving in Company A, 10th Illinois Cavalry.

US. Army. Illinois Infantry Regiment, 9th (1861-1865), Company D

  • Avis, William. Diary, 1862-1865. 1 vol. (80 pages). Diary with fairly detailed entries of extensive fiscal accounts mixed with diary entries. A substantial portion of the diary was written while Avis was in New Orleans and Alabama. Bio: Avis was a member of the 9th Illinois Infantry, Company D.

US. Army. Illinois Infantry Regiment, 59th (1862-1865)

  • Currie, George E. Papers, 1861, 1960. 3 folders. Papers include: typed transcriptions of 12 of Currie's Civil War letters, Dec. 20, 1861-Aug. 17, 1864, from his service in the Federal Mississippi Ram Fleet and the Mississippi Marine Brigade. His letters discuss the fleet; various battles; the suffering of the wounded; marches; the death of Col. Charles Ellet (June 20, 1862); various towns and barracks; his black servant, Bill; southern blacks (Nov. 28, 1862); composition of the brigade; grounds of Benton barracks; black boathands (June 30, 1863); U.S. Colored Troops (July 6, 1864); the wounded on board, including civilians and women; and the nursing of federal troops by Southern women (Aug. 16, 1864). There is a 1960 typed draft of "Guerrilla warfare along western waters: being chiefly the experiences of George E. Currie in the Mississippi Ram Fleet and Marine Brigade, 1861-1864" by Norman E. Clarke, Sr. See also, the book, "Warfare along the Mississippi." Lastly, there is a 497 page volume of typed letters, Sept. 10, 1863-July 6, 1864, describing the Battle of Pea Ridge (Ark.) and being on the U.S. Steamers Diana and Ram Dingo. Bio: Currie was a Capt. in the 59th Illinois Volunteers, Co. F, and joined the Federal Mississippi Ram Fleet in Dec. 1891. He served as commander of the U.S. Steamers Diana and D. J. Adams.

US. Army. Illinois Volunteers Regiment, 96th (1862-1865), Company C

  • Whitney, J. C. Diary, 1862, 1863. 1 folder. Diary, Sept. 15, 1862-April 22, 1863, includes an account of his travel from Rockford (IL) to a military camp south of Cincinnati (Ohio) and then to a permanent camp near Danville (Ky.). He describes camp life, dress parades, inspections, skirmishes, fights, being surrounded by Rebels south of Nashville (TN), having received a present from Mary J. Whitney, and a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Bio: Whitney was from Lake Zurich (Lake County, IL) and served in Company C, 96th Illinois Volunteers.

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