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  • Chicago Sanitary Commission. Form letter, 1863, urging the Soldier's Aid Society to contribute potatoes and onions to prevent scurvy among soldiers.


  • Kitchen, Samuel. Papers, 1865-1866, 1875. Includes official correspondence re: his promotion from Assist-Surgeon to Surgeon (Brevet Capt.) in New York Volunteers (no subunit is mentioned), and his discharge papers, 1865. A Letter from 1875 mentions Michigan Infantry Regiment, 2nd.


  • Marvin, Charles Wakeman, 1824-1902. Papers, 1850-1944. Includes letter form Surgeon- in-chief of the 24th Michigan Infantry, March 10, 1865, concerning discharge of soldiers for physical disability; Dr. Marvin's muster-in-roll, discharge papers, and monthly returns on clothing. Bio: Assist. Surgeon of the 24th Michigan Infantry during the Civil War.