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Ohio Regiments

US. Army. Ohio Infantry Regiment, 14th

  • Rogers, Alonzo Romeyn. Papers, 1861, 1885. 1 folder, IL Papers, include a partial diary, dated Oct.-Dec. 1861; a photograph, possibly a tintype, of Rogers in uniform; letters to/from friends and family, dated Feb. 11, 1862-Jan. 4, 1885; and an undated note about a slave sale. The note lists a boy, age 12 ($205), a woman, age 40, and a child, age 4 ($267), a woman and five children ($1,069), a woman ($220), and two man ($750). The correspondence includes a letter to "Dear Father," dated Feb. 22, 1862, from Alonzo in Somerset about news from home; a letter to "Dear Father" from Alonzo in Lexington (Ky.), dated Feb. 18, 1862, describing the fall of New Orleans (La.) and Savannah (Ga.), women helping soldiers in hospitals, and concerts to benefit the sick; a letter to "Dear Father" from Rogers in Nashville (TN), dated March 17, 1862, describing the scorn of citizens for soldiers, that he visited the Capitol, saw Andrew Johnson, Gen. Thomas, and Col. Steedman, sketched forts, and needed shirts; a letter to Mr. Rodgers from Fred Dahn, Co. E, 2nd Kentucky Regiment from a camp on the battlefield of Pittsburg Landing (TN), from April 18, 1862, about the battle; a letter to "Sister" from Alonzo in a camp opposite Chattanooga (TN), dated Nov. 6, 1863, describing rain, homesickness, constant skirmishes, food, and leaving for Bridgeport; a letter to "Friend Nellie" from Rogers in Louisville (Ky.), dated July 17 and 19, 1864, about more Rebels, constructing forts, and expecting an invasion. There are two undated Civil War letters to "Dear Father" from Rogers, one from Philippi (WV), dated June 21, 186-, about food rations and one dated June 21, 186-, also from Philippi (WV), Headquarters, 14th Regiment, OVM (Ohio Volunteer Militia?), about the regiment taking Rebel prisoners and losing Ohio men as prisoners of war. There is also a letter to "Friend Nellie," dated January 6, 1864 from D. W. Persons, Co. D., 4th Ohio Volunteer P. (Patrol?), 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 15th Artillery Corps, about memories and Bridgeport. Letters after the war include those from Mrs. Eliza B. Kimball, Columbus (Ohio), dated May 25, 1873, to Alonzo about the death of his father; a letter to Alonzo in Toledo (Ohio) from H. R. Lyle in Titusville (PA) dated April 26, 1875, about land for sale; and a generic letter from Alonzo to his unamed son, dated Jan. 4, 1885, on letterhead of the Toledo Electric Company with Rogers listed as Superintendent. Bio: Rogers was an officer in the 14th Ohio Infantry during the Civil War and Superintendent of the Toledo Electric Company after the war.

US. Army. Ohio Infantry Regiment, 30th (1861-1865), Company I

  • Muencher, Emory W., 1834- Papers, 1850, 1915. .75 cubic foot (in 2 boxes). Papers, 1850-1915 and undated, include his handwritten Personal Journals, documenting his life and that of the 30th Ohio Infantry, which were written after the Civil War. There are Personal Journals, 1856-1860, 1848-1864, and 1864-1865 and typed transcriptions, 1856- 1860 and 1864-1865. Newspaper clippings, 1862-1863, 1901, undated, are about him, Manistee (MI), and Ohio Civil War Infantry regiments, including the 30th, 36th, 4th, 98th, and 126th. Bio: Muencher (1834-), a music teacher from Mount Vernon (Ohio), served in Co. I, 30th Ohio Infantry. On Dec. 27, 1864 he was commissioned as a Lt. Col. By the early 1900s he lived in Manistee (MI) where he was involved with the G.A.R. and Civil War veterans reunions. A finding aid is available to assist researchers.

US. Army. Ohio Infantry Regiment, 37th (1861-1865), Company K

  • Birkenhauer, William H., 1840- Portfolio, 1903. Portfolio book printed by the Soldiers and Sailors Historical and Benevolent Society to preserve certified copies of records of US servicemen. Contains Birkenhauer's picture and certificate of record. Also contains engravings of buildings in Washington, presidents, Civil War leaders, and corps badges. Bio: Born Nardheim, Germany; emigrated to Mobile, AL, 1856; served with the 37th Ohio Inf., Co K; married Fredericka Diehl at Monroe, MI, 1868.

US. Army. Ohio Infantry Regiment, 68th, 3rd Division

  • Gillis, Simeon. Diary, 1862-1864. 1 v. (48 pages). Unsigned typescript of diary, edited by Jim Tuma and Martin Sugden. Diary very briefly describes marches, skirmishes, battles, unit movements, and weather. Bio: Gillis lived near Bryan (Ohio) and was a soldier in Ohio Infantry Regiment, 68th, 3rd Division.

US. Army. Ohio Infantry Regiment, 118th (years?)

  • Kirkbride, George W., 1827- Papers, 1860, 1895. 7 folder, IL Papers, 1860-1895 and undated, include: a Diary, Aug.-Dec. 1863, describing marches, mud, skirmishes, and hardships; Correspondence, 1863, listing the names of battery divisions of the Ohio Infantry Regiment, 188th, and the men for whom they were named; and a note, 1888, to his sister, Mrs. G. W. Kirkbride, in Big Rapids (MI) about his sore legs and feet from marching. There are also three maps he drew of Kingston (TN?), London (TN), and Tennessee in general; 13 notebooks and account books, 1860-1886; and a carte de visite, probably of Kirkbride. Momentos include a small GAR flag. Bio: Kirkbride (born 1827) was a Lieutenant in the Ohio Infantry Regiment, 118th. In 1865, he was granted a retail dealer license for the town of Kopth in Anglaize County (Ohio).

US. Army. Ohio Infantry Regiment, 163rd (years?), Company F

  • Young, Gabriel M Papers, 1862-1920, including discharge certificate, muster roll, transfer card of G.A.R., Dept. of Michigan, and letters and circulars re: his pensions. Bio: Young served as a private in Company F, 163rd Ohio Infantry during the Civil War.

US. Army. Ohio Infantry Regiment, 182nd (1864-1865)

  • Rinehart, Cyrus, 1846- Discharge Certificate, 1865, 1946. 1 folder. Notarized copy, 1946, of Rinehart's 1865 discharge certificate. The certificate gives his service history; physical description of age 19 (in 1865), five foot seven inches in height, with light hair, hazel eyes, dark complexion; and occupation as farmer. Bio: Rinehart enlisted on April 7, 1865 in the 182nd Ohio Infantry at the age of 19. He served until discharged on May 15, 1865.

US. Army. Ohio National Guards Regiment, 142nd (1864), Company E

  • Walton, Jasper S., 1846- Discharge Certificate. 1864. 1 folder. Honorable discharge certificate for Walton from Company E, 142nd Ohio National Guards, dated Sept. 1864. It states that he was from Tuscasarvas County (Ohio), that he enrolled in Company E, 142nd Ohio National Guards on May 13, 1864, and was discharged on Sept. 2, 1864 at Camp Chase (Ohio). Also, a history of the 142nd Ohio National Guards. Bio: In 1864, Walton was 18 years old with a dark complexion, gray eyes, dark hair, and employed as a farmer. Company E, Ohio National Guards was mustered in at Camp Chase (Ohio) on May 12, 1864 and mustered out on Sept. 13, 1864 in battle.

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