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  • Baughman, Homer. Letter, 1864 Nov. 25. 2 items. Letter written while stationed at Memphis, TN. Discusses women and the vote of the company in the election of 1864. Also, a brief service history. Bio: Resident of Van Buren County, MI; served with the 3rd Michigan Cavalry, Company A.


  • Buck, R. Mortimer, 1833-1902. Papers, 1850, 1909. .5 cubic ft. (in 1 box). Papers, 1850-1909 and undated, include his diaries, 1862-1865, which describe his experience in the Civil War, Michigan Cavalry 4th Regiment, his march from Detroit (MI) to the Battle of Murfreesboro (TN), camp life, equipment, cavalry pickets, and fighting at Chattanooga and Trenton (TN). Bio: Buck was from Paw Paw (MI) and served in the Michigan Cavalry 4th Regiment, Cos. A & C. He was honorably discharged with the rank of Captain in 1865. He died on Dec. 8, 1902 and was buried in Paw Paw. Finding Aid.


  • Butterfield, George Washington, 1843-1919. Papers, 1836, 1986. Approximately 1 cubic ft. (in 1 carton and 1 oversized folder). IL Papers, include: correspondence, 1861-1912 and undated; diaries, 1862-1865 and undated; photographs (some of which are photocopies); newspaper clippings; and publications about the Civil War or G.A.R. His Civil War materials describe his service in the Michigan Infantry 22nd Regiment Co. B, camp life, marches, the poor character traits of officers, and living conditions in Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Bio: Butterfield was born on June 7, 1843, in Utica (MI). He enlisted in the Michigan Infantry 22nd Regiment, Company B in 1862, transferring a week later to the U.S. Signal Corps. He died on Oct. 7, 1919. Finding Aid.


  • Crury, O.S. Letters, 1864 Mar. 2 items. Letters to wife and children describing the daily routine, negroes enlisting, a description of the area around Chattanooga, TN, and local women. Bio: Union soldier in the Civil War.


  • Daniels, John. Marching Through Georgia, 1864-1865. 1 item (31 pages). Photocopy of a typescript of a diary with brief but detailed entries from mustering in to mustering out; movements; and the countryside of Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina; burning of the countryside; food; a battle at Savannah; and railroads. Includes brief service history. Bio: Daniels served with the 13th Michigan Infantry Regiment, Company C.


  • Gillaspie, Ira Myron Bailey, 1837-1897. Diary of Ira M. B. Gillaspie Co C Mich Inft writen in the arme 1861-62 and 3, 1861-1958, bulk, 1861-1863. 2 items. Diary primarily relating daily activities. Discusses illness, exhibits a negative attitude towards blacks, and has an account of the battle of Stone River (Murfreesboro, TN). Includes brief service history. Bio: Gillaspie was a resident of St. Joseph County, MI


  • Kirkbride, George W., 1827- Papers, 1860, 1895. 7 folder, IL Papers, 1860-1895 and undated, include: a Diary, Aug.-Dec. 1863, describing marches, mud, skirmishes, and hardships; Correspondence, 1863, listing the names of battery divisions of the Ohio Infantry Regiment, 188th, and the men for whom they were named; and a note, 1888, to his sister, Mrs. G. W. Kirkbride, in Big Rapids (MI) about his sore legs and feet from marching. There are also three maps he drew of Kingston (TN?), London (TN), and Tennessee in general; 13 notebooks and account books, 1860-1886; and a carte de visite, probably of Kirkbride. Momentos include a small GAR flag. Bio: Kirkbride (born 1827) was a Lieutenant in the Ohio Infantry Regiment, 118th. In 1865, he was granted a retail dealer license for the town of Kopth in Anglaize County (Ohio).


  • Mooney, L. M. Papers, 1864. 1 folder. Papers include 2 undated picket passes, 1 pass for medical treatment,dated Dec. 14, 1864; a report for duty pass, dated Nov. 12, 1864; and two letters from the Mechanics Messhouse No. 10 in Nashville (TN), dated Nov. 26, 1864 and undated. The letters to his children describe his travel hardships when the train was attacked by Southern sympathizers, guerrilla wars, shooting and killing on the street at night, and his work as a draftsman in the Super Master Mechanics office in Nashville (TN). Bio: Mooney was a Michigan man. He was a Union draftsman and mechanic with two children. His unit is unidentified.


  • Pickett, George E. (George Edward), 1825-1875. Correspondence, 1861. 1 folder. Letter from Confederate Col. Pickett, Headquarters of the 21st Tennessee Volunteers in Columbus (Ky.), to Confederate Col. R. M. Russell, Commander of the 2nd Brigade. Dated Nov. 18, 1861, it describes orders delivered during the battle. Pickett reported 78 killed or wounded including 4 of 8 captains, five lieutenants, and that every mounted officer's horse was shot. Also mentioned are Confederate Brig. Gen. Pillow and Gen. Polk. There are also photocopies of their biographies. Other officers mentioned include Capt. R. J. Persons and Col. R. M. Russell. Bio: Pickett, a Confederate Brig. Gen., was from Va. He most remembered for Pickett's Charge. He surrendered at Appomattox. Pillow, a Confederate Gen. from TN, was a lawyer and Mexican War veteran. Twice wounded, he was appointed senior Maj. Gen. of TN When those troops transferred to the CSA, he was appointed Brig. Gen. of CSA in 1861. He fought at Belmont (Mo.) (Nov. 7, 1861) and suspended and reprimanded for leaving a junior officer to negotiate terms with General Grant. Polk, a Confederate Gen. and Episcopal bishop, occupied Columbus (Ky.) (Sept. 4, 1861) and defeated Grant at Belmont (Mo.) on Nov. 7, 1861. He was killed in action on June 14, 1864.

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