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Broadside Press Books Alphabetical by Author

All books listed below can be found in the Clarke's holdings aside from those marked with an *

Alhamisi, Ahmed Akinwole. Holy Ghosts; Pomes [sic]. 1972. 62 pages

Aubert, Alvin. Against the Blues. 1972. 30 pages

Bailey, Pack Leaonard, Compiler and Editor. Broadside Authors and Artists: An Illustrated Biographical Directory. 1974. 125 pages

Song For Maya

Baker, Houston A., Jr. A Many-Colored Coat of Dreams: The Poetry of Countee Cullen. 1974. 60 pages [Broadside Critics Series #4]

*Barlow, George. Gabriel. 1974.

Bell, Bernard W. The Folk Roots of Contemporary Afro-American Poetry. 1974. 80 pages [Broadside Critics Series #3]

Birch, McLane. The Kandi Man. 1970. 27 pages

The Black Position. Annual: 1971, 1972, 1973, 1976. Editor: Gwendolyn Brooks.

Blakely, Henry. Windy Place. 1974. 70 pages

Boyd, Melba Joyce. Song for Maya. 1982. 70 pages [co-production of Broadside Press and Detroit River Press] Drawings by Jose Garza.

Boyer, Jill Witherspoon. Dream Farmer. 1975. 24 pages

Boze, Arthur. Black Words. 1972. 22 pages

Bragg, Linda Brown. A Love Song to Black Men. 1974. 32 pages

Broadside Annual. 1972, 1973. Jill Witherspoon, Editor.

Brooks, Gwendolyn. Aloneness. 1971. 16 pages Illustrated by LeRoy Foster

Brooks, Gwendolyn. Beckonings. 1975. 16 pages

Brooks, Gwendolyn. A Broadside Treasury 1965-1970. 1971. 188 pages

Aloneness, Gwendolyn Brooks

Brooks, Gwendolyn. Family Pictures. 1970. 23 pages

Brooks, Gwendolyn. Jump Bad: A New Chicago Anthology. 1971. 188 pages

Brooks, Gwendolyn. Report from Part One. 1972. 215 pages

Brooks, Gwendolyn. Riot. 1969. 22 pages

Brown, Sterling A. The Last Ride of Wild Bill and Eleven Narrative Poems. 1975. 53 pages Cannon, C.E. Saint Nigger. 1972. 24 pages

A Capsule Course in Black Poetry Writing by Gwendolyn Brooks, Keorapetse Kgositsile, Haki R. Madhubuti, and Dudley Randall. 1975. 64 pages

Danner, Margaret. Impressions of African Art Forms in the Poetry of Margaret Danner. 1960. 20 pages

Danner, Margaret. Poem Counterpoem by Margaret Danner and Dudley Randall. 1969. 23 pages

Drafts, C. Gene. Bloodwhispers/Blacksongs. 1974. 14 pages.

Eckels, Jon. Home is Where the Soul Is. 1969. 25 pages

Emanuel, James. Panther Man. 1970. 32 pages

Emanuel, James. The Treehouse and Other Poems. 1968. 24 pages

Figueroa, Jose-Angel. East 110th Street. 1973. 45 pages

Gayle, Addison Jr. Claude McKay; The Black Poet at War. 1972. 46 pages [Broadside Critics Series # 2]

*Gibbs, Michelle S. Island Images. 1989. 30 pages

*Gibbs, Michelle S. Sketches from Home. 1983. 64 pages

Giovanni, Nikki. Black Feeling, Black Talk. 1970. 26 pages

Giovanni, Nikki. Black Judgment. 1969. 36 pages

Giovanni, Nikki. Re:Creation. 1970. 48 pages

Guillen, Nicolas. Tengo. Translated by Richard J. Carr. 1974. 142 pages

HIPology:[Horizons in Poetry] The Study of Attitudes; A Fresh Jive in the Wake of Post-modern Wreckage. You Dig? Edited by Ron Allen and Stella L. Crews. 1990. 152 pages

Hoagland, Everett. Black Velvet. [rev. ed] 1970. 32 pages. Drawings by B. L. Carpenter

Hodges, Frenchy Jolene. Black Wisdom. 1971. 30 pages

Jackson, Murray. Watermelon Rinds and Cherry Pits. 1991. 88 pages

Jeffers, Lance. My Blackness is the Beauty of This Land. 1970. 24 pages

Jeffers, Lance. When I Know the Power of My Black Hand. 1974. 62 pages

Kgositsile, Aneb. (Gloria Larry House) Blood River. 1983. 38 pages

Kgositsile, Aneb. Rainrituals. 1989. 60 pages

Kgositsile, Keorapetse. Spirits Unchained. Paeans. 1969. 23 pages

Knight, Etheridge. Belly Song and Other Poems. 1973. 62 pages

Knight, Etheridge. Poems from Prison. 1968. 31 pages

Lee, Don L. Directionscore: Selected and New Poems. 1971. 208 pages

Lee, Don L. Don't Cry, Scream. 1969. 64 pages

Lee, Don L. Dynamite Voices. 1971. 92 pages [Broadside Critics Series #1]

Lee, Don L. From Plan to Planet: Life Studies: The Need for Afrikan Minds and Institutions. 1973. 159 pages

Lee, Don L. Think Black. 1969. 24 pages

Lee, Don L. We Walk the Way of the New World. 1970. 71 pages

Lee, Don L. See also Madhubiti, Haki R.

Lomax, Pearl Cleage. We Don't Need No Music. 1972. 16 pages

Long, Doughtry. Black Love Black Hope. 1971. 30 pages

Long, Doughtry. Song for Nia: A Poetic Essay in Three Parts. 1971. 38 pages

Lorde, Audre. From a Land Where Other People Live. 1973. 46 pages

Lorde, Audre. New York Head Shop and Museum. 1974. 56 pages

Lyn. Singing Sadness Happy. 1972. 32 pages

Madhubuti, Haki R. Black Pride; Poems by Don L. Lee. 1968. 34 pages

Madhubuti, Haki R. (Don L. Lee) Book of Life. 1973. 80 pages

Madhubuti, Haki R. Directionscore: Selected and New Poems by Don Lee. 1971. 208 pages

Madhubuti, Haki R. See also Lee, Don L.

*​​​​​​Major, Clarence. The Cotton Club; New Poems. 1972. 22 pages

Marvin X. Black Man Listen; Poems and Proverbs. 1969. 28 pages

Murphy, Beatrice M. and Nancy L. Arnez. The Rocks Cry Out. 1969. 24 pages

Nicholes, Marion. Life Styles. 1971. 22 pages

Odarty, Bill (Bli Odaatey). A Safari of African Cooking. 1971. 137 pages Illustrated by Shirley Woodson

O'Neal, Regina. And Then the Harvest: Three Television Plays. 1974. 142 pages [Walk a Tight Rope; And Then the Harvest; Night Watch]

Pfister, Arthur. Beer Cans, Bullets, Things & Pieces. 1972. 30 pages

Plumpp, Sterling. Clinton. 1976. 23 pages

Randall, Dudley, editor. Black Poetry: A Supplement to Anthologies which Exclude Black Poets. 1969. 48 pages

Randall, Dudley. Broadside Memories: Poets I Have Known. 1975. 64 pages

Randall, Dudley. Cities Burning. 1968. 16 pages

Randall, Dudley. For Malcolm: Poems on the Life and Death of Malcolm X. Edited by Dudley Randall and Margaret G. Burroughs. 1969. 127 pages

Randall, Dudley, editor. Homage to Hoyt Fuller. 1984. 356 pages

Randall, Dudley. A Litany of Friends: New and Selected Poems. 1981. 101 pages

Randall, James. Cities and Other Disasters. 1973. 30 pages

Randall, James Jr. Don't Ask Me Who I Am. 1970. 16 pages

Randall, Jon C. Indigoes. 1975. 15 pages

Raven, John. Blues for Momma and Other Low Down Stuff. 1971. 31 pages

Reese, Leslie A. Upside Down Tapestry Mosaic History: Poems. 1987. 51 pages

Robinson, William H. Phillis Wheatley in the Black American Beginnings. 1975. 95 pages [Broadside Critics Series #5]

Sanchez, Sonia. A Blues Book for Blue Black Magical Women. 1974. 62 pages

Sanchez, Sonia. Home Coming; Poems. 1969. 32 pages

Sanchez, Sonia. It's a New Day; (Poems for Young Brothas and Sistuhs.) 1971. 29 pages Illustrated by Ademola Olugebefola

Sanchez, Sonia. We a baddDDD People. 1970. 72 pages

Simmons, Judy Dothard. Judith's Blues. 1973. 22 pages

Smith-Knight, Sharon. Wine Sip and Other Delicious Poems. 1991. 78 pages

Spencer, Chauncey E. Who is Chauncey Spencer? 1975. 150 pages

Stephany. Moving Deep. 1969. 32 pages

Thigpen, William A. Jr. Down Nigger Paved Streets. 1972. 28 pages

Thompson, Carolyn. Frank. 1970. 40 pages

Tisdale, Celes. Betcha Ain't, Poems from Attica. Edited with an Introduction by Celes Tisdale. 1974. 62 pages

Walker, Margaret. October Journey. 1973. 38 pages

Walker, Margaret. Prophets for a New Day. 1970. 32 pages

Waller, Rayfield. Abstract Blues. 1988. 62 pages

Ward, Albert Michael. Patches on Mainstreet. 1989. 56 pages. Design/Illustration by Brenda Gibson

Wolde, Habte.(H.A. Jennings) Enough to Die For. 1972. 46 pages

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