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Broadside Series in Order Published

All broadsides​​​ listed below can be found in the Clarke's holdings aside those marked wit​h an *​


1. Randall, Dudley. Ballad of Birmingham (On the Bombing of a Church in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963).1965. [c.1963]

2. Randall, Dudley. Dressed All In Pink. Second, revised, edition. 1967. [c.1965]

3. Hayden, Robert E. Gabriel (Hanged for Leading a Slave Revolt). 1966. [c.1940] Designed and Illuminated by Cledie Taylor.

4. Walker, Margaret. The Ballad of the Free. 1966. Designed by Cledie Taylor.

5. Tolson, M. B. The Sea-Turtle and the Shark. 1966. Designed by Cledie Taylor.

6. Brooks, Gwendolyn. We Real Cool. 1966. [c.1959] Designed by Cledie Taylor.

7. Jones, Leroi. A Poem for Black Hearts. 1967. [c.1965]

8. Randall, Dudley. Booker T. and W.E.B. (Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois) 1967. [c.1952]

9. Hamilton, Bobb. A Child's Nightmare. 1967.

10. Fields, Julie. I Heard a Young Man Saying. 1967. [c.1966]

11. Madgett, Naomi Long. Sunny. (From an Old Photograph). 1967. [c.1965]

12. Reese, S. Carolyn. Letter from a Wife. 1967.

13. Hughes, Langston. The Backlash Blues. 1967.

14. Fabio, Sarah Webster. Race Results, U.S.A., 1966: White Right--A Favorite--Wins; Lurline--A Long Shot--Places: Black Power--A Long Shot--Shows. For Stokely Carmichael. 1967.

15. Toomer, Jean. Song of the Son. 1967. [c.1950]

16. Lee, Don L. Back Again, Home. (Confessions of an Ex-Executive). 1967.

17. Graham, Le. The Black Narrator (At a Symposium for Afro-Americans). 1966.

18. Lawrence, Harold G. Black Madonna. 1967. [c.1962] Drawing by LeRoy Foster.

19. Brooks, Gwendolyn. The Wall. For Edward Christmas. 1967.

20. Patterson, Raymond. At That Moment: A Legend of Malcolm X. 1968.

21. Knight, Etheridge. 2 Poems for Black Relocation Centers. 1968.

22. Danner, Margaret. Not Light, nor Bright, nor Feathery. 1968.

23. Emanuel, James. At Bay. 1968. Lettering by Shirley Stark.

24. Toure, Askia Muhammad. Earth For Mrs. Mary Bethume and the African and Afro-American Women. 1968. [c. 1964]

25. Lee, Don L. Assassination. 1968.

26. Nkrumah, Bahala T. Black Unity. 1968.

27. Felton, B. Ghetto Waif. 1968.

28. Rutherford, Tony. Black and White. 1968.

29. Killebew, Carl. The Squared Circle. 1968.

30. Johnson, Alicia L. Our Days are Numbered. 1968.

31. Bradford, Walter. T.C. (Terry Callier; True Christian) 1969.

32. Long, Doughtry. Ginger Bread Mama; One Day Henry Dreamed the Number. 1969.

33. Lee, Don L. One Sided Shoot-out 12/7/69 (For Brothers Fred Hampton & Mark Clark, Murdered 12/4/69 by Chicago Police at 4:30 AM While They Slept). 1969.

34. Sanchez, Sonia. Liberation/Poem; Why I Don't Get High on Shit. 1970. Cover Design by Shirley Woodson.

35. Pfister, Arthur. Granny Blak Poet (in Pastel) for Mrs. Margaret Danner. 1970.

36. Knight, Etheridge. For Black Poets Who Think of Suicide. 1970. Illustrated by Talita Long.

37. Rodgers, Carolyn M. Now Ain't that Love? 1970.

38. Pulliam, Helen. Slaughterhouse. 1970.

39. Witherspoon, Jill. County Jail. 1970.

40. Davis, Ronda M. Rip-off. 1970.

41. Giovanni, Nikki. All I Gotta Do. 1970.

42. Alexander, Paula Denise. Goodnight. 1970.

43. Plumpp, Sterling. Muslim Men. 1971. Cover by Shirley Woodson.

44. Rodgers, Carolyn. A Long Rap/ Commonly Known as a Poetic Essay. For Flip Wilson. 1971.


45. Mwandishe, Kuweka Amiri. The Nigger Cycle. For Angela Davis, Kidnapped by the F.B.I. on October 13, 1970. 1971. Portrait by Talita Long.

46. Tarajia, Omari Kenyatta. (Richard C. James III) A Simple Poem to Mae. 1971. Drawing by Patricia Whitsitt.

47. Taylor, Rockie. (Tejumola Ologboni) Black Henry. 1971.

48. Keeby, Robert. Two Poems. Black Rebel by Robert Keeby: Poem, by Stephany. 1971.

49. Gracia, Glenda. Tears and Kisses by Glenda Garcia: Non-Violent Revolution by Wilbert E. Rutledge Jr: I Reach Inside Myself by James Amaker: Sister/Brother Hood by Lori Lunford: and The Search by Porter Kirkwood. 1971.

50. Rodgers, Carolyn M. For H.W. Fuller. [A Poem]. 1971 [c. 1969] Portrait by Shirley Woodson.

51. Hamilton, Bobb. A Father Tells his Son about the Statue of Liberty, by Bobb Hamilton: Crossing the International Dateline, by George Buggs. 1971.

52. Yosuf. To my Immortality, by Yosuf: Attempted Genocide; Sometimes-When it Doesn't Work; Good times, by Jeanne Newkirk Smith: Childhood; Love by Robert Bowen: and Poem, by Carole Gregory Clemmons. 1971.

53. Kinamo, Hodari. Hoes are for Raking Leaves, by Hodari Kinamo: Unite, by LaDonna Tolbert: The Black Man's Life, by B. H. Rogers: Superblack, by Alvin Kingcade.1971.

54. Riley, Lawrence C. Ebony Woman, by Lawrence C. Riley: Growing Pains, by Thomas Washington, Jr: Convict Warrior no. 122088, by Robert L.: and Sisters Love to Rap, by Mabarut Khalil Malik. 1971.

55. Perry, J. D. Black Song. 1972.

56. Shango, Chaka. (Horace Coleman). Black Gifts for a Black Child. 1972.

57. Clarke, Evelyn. Gonna Free Him. 1972.

58. Carter, Karl W. Three Poems. [Song; The Old Woman; In Apology to all Black Women]. 1972.

59. Amini, Johari M. (Jewel Latimore) A Hip Tale in the Death Style. 1972.

60. Walker, Alice. Five Poems. [Revoluntary Petunias; J, My Good Friend; Lost my Voice? Of Course/ for Beanie; He Said Come; The Girl who Died # 1]. 1972.

61. Randall, James PoSamm. Four Poems. [Therapy Plea for Status-quo Anxiety Frustration; The Arms Race by James PoSamm Randall: Sandwedge by Ray B. Oxford: We'll Dance, We'll Sing, Our Own Way, by Jerry Forsh]. 1972.

62. Randall, Dudley. Green Apples. 1972.

63. Pearl Bailey Sings Tchaikovski & Grieg in the key of Ellington-Strayhorn: Mushrooms & Nutcrackers.1972.

64. Knight, Etheridge. A Poem for Brother/Man (after his Recovery from an O.D.) by Etheridge Knight: The Final Indignity, by Lyn: For the Children at P.S. 12-8-9-6-1, by H.A. Jennings (Habte Wolde): Schizophrena, by Judy Dothard Simmons. 1972.

65. Brooks, Gwendolyn. Aurora. 1972.

66. Boyd, Melba J. ...1965 (Dedicated to all my Brothers and Sisters of Southwest Detroit, Who Did and Did Not Survive), by Melba J. Boyd: Flowers at the Jackson Funeral Home,(Daddy? Sugardaddy? You Really Dead?) by George Barlow: X Pressing Feeling, by Jose-Angel Figueroa. 1972.

*67. Steed, Ruth. Ain't no More Ain't by Ruth Steed: Impressions of Zambia by Chinosole: The Little Blk Girl on the Subway by Tom Sellers. 1972.​

68. Boyd, Melba J. To Darnell and Johnny (February 23, 1973). Owen Darnell Winfield, born May 22, 1945 and John Percy Boyd, Jr., born January 2, 1949, were assassinated by an Agent of the State while Struggling for Black Liberation - "Africa Will Rise." 1973.

69. Cox, Walter. Poems. [Rosedale Street; As of Late; Lovepoem for Patricia (Whom I Dig); Carmel]. 1973.

70. Randall, Jon. Indigoes. 1973.

71. Gilbert El. Democracy. 1973.

72. Anderson, JoAnn. Summer Time Haiku (Not on Nature, But on Being Natural). 1973.

73. Drafts, C. Gene. But Not for Me. 1973.

74. Shango, Chaka Aku. (Horace Coleman) The Sunflower Queen. 1973.

75. Burnett, Denise Alexander. Four Women. 1973. [Billlie Holiday, Rosa Parks, Coretta King, Lorraine Hansberry].

76. Wendt, Albert. Traders. 1973.

77. Alonso, Ricardo. Afro Blue (To Mongo), by Ricardo Alonso; Hold Me, by Jacelyn Lewis; To my Man in Jail, by Susan Cottrell. 1973.

78. Jordan, June. Poem: On Moral Leadership as a Political Dilemma. (Watergate, 1973). 1973.

79. Martin, Herbert Woodward. At the Five and Dime. 1974.

80. Lane, Pinkie Gordon. A Quiet Poem. 1974.

81. Clifton, Lucille. All of Us are All of Us. 1974.

82. Wright, Deonne B. Watermelon Poems. [Elite; Check Me Out] 1974.

83. Tann, Eileen. Counterpoem for Dudley Randall, From a Very Green Apple. 1974.

84. Collier, Eugenia. Hurl. 1974.

85. Rowell, Charles H. [ Jessie H. Rowell, 1905-1966] Silent Words at my Mother's Grave. 1974.

86. Dixon, Melvin. Climbing Montmartre. 1974.

87. X, Hurley (Smith). Poem for Patrice Lumumba, Murdered for Seeking Justice for his People. 1974.

88. Mosley, Donald. Strolling. 1974.

89. Tejani, Mohezin. African Mama. 1974. 

90. Mills, Rhonda. Love, Deep. 1974.

91. Harper, Michael S. To an Old Man Twiddling Thumbs. 1975.

92. Neals, Betty H. The Great Gittin' Down. 1975.

For Vivian. [1983]