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​​​Kalamazoo County, Michigan
HOUDEK, John T. and Charles F. Heller Jr. “The Emergence of Prosperous Farmers and Businessmen in Nineteenth-Century Kalamazoo County, Michigan,” 37:2, 53-78

Kalamazoo, Michigan

CHEYNE, Michael. “No Better Way?: The Kalamazoo Mall and the Legacy of Pedestrian Malls,” 36:1, 103-128.

Karpinski, Louis Charles

PEDLEY, Mary Sponberg. “Louis Charles Karpinski and the Cartography of the Great Lakes,” 31:1, 167-199.


MEAD, Rebecca J. "The Kawbawgum Cases: Native Claims and the Discovery of Iron in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan." 40:2. 1-32.​

Kendrick, Pearl

SHAPIRO-SHAPIN, Carolyn G. “‘A Whole Community Working Together’:  Pearl Kendrick, Grace Eldering, and the Grand Rapids Pertussis Trials, 1932-1939,” 33.1, 59-85.

​Kirk, ​Russel​​l

​TRAN, Andrina. "An Experiment in the Moral Imagination: Russel Kirk, Clinton Wallace, and Conservative Hobohemia," 42:1, 1-34.​​​

MORGAN, Jason Michael. "No Refuge from Modernity?: The Intersections of American and Japanese Conservatisms, Russell Kirk, and Shirasu Jiro," 42:1, 35-39.

Kisch, Egon Erwin

SKAFF, Sheila. “Ambivalence and Cigarettes: Egon Erwin Kisch’s ‘At Ford’s Place in Detroit,’ with a Translation of the Text,” 29:1, 119-131.

Ku Klux Klan

ENDERS, Calvin. “Under Grand Haven’s White Sheets,” 19:1, 47-61.
ENDERS, Calvin. “White Sheets in Mecosta: The Anatomy of a Michigan Klan,” 14:2, 59-84.

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