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Subject Index- B

​​​​Baby Food

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​Backus, Ella Mae

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Battle of the Thames

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Bay City, Michigan

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FRENCH, Amy Holtman. "Mixing It Up: Michigan Barmaids Fights for Civil Rights," 40:1, 27-48.​

Bay County, michigan

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Belle Isle Park

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Black Economic Development Conference

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Black Hawk War

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Boundary Commissions, Treaty of Ghent

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Bounties (Animals and Birds)

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​Bowlby, Marcus

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Bradby, Robert L. Sr.

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British Empire in America (see Great Britain)​

Brock, Major General Isaac

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Bromme, Traugott

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Brown, Lauren P.

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Bullard, Perry

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Burke, Edmund (Monseigneur)

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​Burt Lake, Michigan

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Burt Lake Indians

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