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Table of Contents- Fall 1997 Volume 23, No. 2 (Page 2)

Bibliography: Native American History                                                                       189


Book Reviews


Anderson. Changing Woman: A History of Racial                                                    199

Ethnic Women in Modern America

Monica Maria Tetzlaff


Biles. Richard J. Daley: Politics, Race, and the                                                          200

Governing of Chicago

Steven Riess


Brandt. Growth Company: Dow Chemical's First Century                                      201

Alan R. Raucher


Bryan. Henry's Attic: Fascinating Gifts to Henry Ford                                             202

and His Museum

Michael J. Chiarappa


Capeci, ed. Detroit and the "Good War": The World War II                                   204

Letters of Mayor Edward Jeffries and Friends

Virginia Paganelli Caruso


Cayton. Frontier Indiana                                                                                              205

Michael William Doyle


Countryman. Americans: A Collision of Histories                                                   206

John R. Pankratz


Critchlow. Studebaker: The Life and Death of an                                                   208

American Corporation

H. Roger Grant


Fadely. Thomas Taggart: Public Servant, Political Boss, 1856-1929                     209

George W. Geib


Fino. The Michigan State Constitution: A Reference Guide                                  210

James C. Duram


Harris. Unplanned Suburbs: Toronto's American                                             ​     212

Tragedy, 1900 to 1950

Richard White