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Table of Contents- Fall 1999 Volume 25, No. 2 (Page 2)

Boal. Interlochen: A Home for the Arts.                                                                                   132

Gary W. Burbridge


Fischer. Making Them Like US: Peace Corps Volunteers in the 1960s                                133

Mary Ann Wynkoop


Frank. Life with Father: Parenthood and Masculinity in the                                                 135

Nineteenth-Century American North

William G. Shade


Graham. A Face in the Rock: The Tale of a Grand Island Chippewa                                  136

John V. Jezierski


Hinderaker. Elusive Empires: Constructing Colonialism in the                                           137

Ohio Valley, 1673-1800

Arthur J. Worrall


Hyde. Copper for America: The United States Copper Industry from                                138

Colonial Times to the 1990s

Patrick E. Martin


Jeffrey. The Great Silent Army of Abolitionism: Ordinary Women                                     139

In the Antislavery Movement

Roy E. Finkenbine


Kimball. Nixon's Vietnam War                                                                                                 140

Nicholas Evans Sarantakes


Lane, ed. Heroes, Rogues, and Just Plain Folks. A                                                                141

History of the Saugatuck Area

James E. DeVries


McManus. Political Abolitionism in Wisconsin, 1840-1861                                            ​      142

Kerry A. Trask


Messer-Kruse. The Yankee International: Marxism and the American Reform               143

Tradition, 1848-1876

Richard Schneirov


Pérex, Jr. The War of 1898: The United States and Cuba in History and                          144


Paul T. Burlin