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Table of Contents- Fall 2000 Volume 26, No. 2 (Page 3)


Robinson. Rockne of Notre Dame: The Making of a Football Legend.                             176

Donald Spivey


Rose. The Cold War Comes to Main Street: America 1950                                                  177

James M. Ferreira


Shelton. Huron: The Seasons of a Great Lake                                                                       178

Linda K. Panian


Sioui. Huron-Wendat: The Heritage of the Circle                                                                 180

Kerry Abel


Small. The Presidency of Richard Nixon                                                                                181

Anthony R. Maravillas


Smith. Dancing in the Street: Motown and the Cultural Politics of Detroit                     182

Kenneth J. Bindas


Stowell. Streets, Railroads, and the Great Strike of 1877                                                   184

Richard A. Greenwald


Tomes. Apocalypse Then: American Intellectuals and the Vietnam War,                       185


April R. Summitt


Tyson. Radio Free Dixie: Robert F. Williams and the Roots of Black Power                  186

Mark D. Higbee


Van Deburg. Black Camelot: African-American Culture Heroes in                                   187

Their Times, 1960-1980

Bruce M. Tyler


Westheider. Fighting on Two Fronts: African Americans and the                                    188

Vietnam War

Robert F. Jefferson


Young and Fowler. Cahokia: The Great Native American Metropolis                             190

Frederick E. Hoxie


Editor's Page                                                                                                                      ​       193