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Table of Contents- Spring 1996 Volume 22, No. 1 (Page 2)

Bieder. Native American Communities in Wisconsin,                                           135

1600-1960: A Study of Tradition and Change

Kerry A. Trask


Brown and VerBurg. Michigan Politics and Government:                                    136

Facing Change in a Complex State

Thomas T. Spencer


Carlisle. A Simple and Vital Design: The Story                                                       137

of the Indiana Post Office Murals

Karal Anne Marling


Eckert. Buildings of Michigan                                                                                    138

Francis H. Parker      


Ehrenhalt. The Lost City: Discovering the Forgotten                                            139

Virtues of Community in the Chicago of the 1950s

Robert B. Fairbanks


Holli and Jones. Ethnic Chicago: A Multicultural Portrait                                    140

Michael J. Yavenditti


Hudson. Making the Corn Belt: A Geographical History                                     142

of Middle-Western Agriculture

Frank N. Egerton


Klein and Ackerman, eds. Women and Power in Native                                     143

North America

Theresa M. Schenck


McKillen. Chicago Labor and the Quest for a                                                        145

Democratic Diplomacy, 1914-1924

Alan Lessoff


Miller. Lumbering in Early Twentieth Century                                                  ​     146

Michigan: The Kneeland-Bigelow Company Experience

Jeremy W. Kilar


Oleszewski. Ghost Ships, Gales & Forgotten Tales:                                             147

True Adventures on the Great Lakes

Victoria Brehm


Perusek and Worcester, eds. Trade Union Politics:                                              149

American Unions and Economic Change, 1960s-1990s

David M. Anderson