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Table of Contents- Spring 1997 Volume 23, No. 1 (Page 2)

Book Reviews


Biggs. The Rational Factory: Arhitecture, Technology,                                           147

and Work in America's Age of Mass Production

Susan Paton Pyecroft


Boyle. The UAW and the Heyday of American                                                        148

Liberalism, 1945-1968

Karen R. Merrill


Bright. The Powers That Punish: Prison and Politics                                              149

in the Era of the "Big House," 1920-1955

Brian E. Strayer


Cmiel. A Home of Another Kind: One Chicago Orphanage                                  150

and the Tangle of Child Welfare

Robert J. Gough


Cutler. The Jews of Chicago: From Shtetl to Suburb                                              152

Michael Berkowitz


Davenport. Victor Vaughan: Statesman and Scientist                                          153

James R. Wright Jr.


De Santis, ed. Langston Hughes and the Chicago Defender:                              154

Essays on Race, Politics, and Culture, 1942-1962

Adam Green


Dunnigan. Siege – 1759: The Campaign Against Niagara                                     155

Timothy J. Shannon


Fountain. Michigan Gold Mining in the Upper Peninsula                                      156

John Cumming


Gordon. American Iron, 1607-1900                                                                            158

David B. Landon


Hauptman. Tribes and Tribulations: Misconceptions                                            159

About American Indians and Their Histories

Bruce A. Rubenstein


Henshaw, ed. The Detroit Institute of Arts: A Visitor's Guide                      ​         160

Maria Quinlan Leiby