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Table of Contents- Spring 1999 Volume 25, No. 1 (Page 3)

Herek. These Men Have Seen Hard Service: The First Michigan                          153

Sharpshooters in the Civil War.

Carl R. Osthaus


Jacoby. Laboring for Freedon: A New Look at the History of                                154

Labor in America.

Daniel Clark


Lane and Hart. Painting the Town: A History of Art in Saugatuck                        155

and Douglas

Suzanne Eberle


Marty. Daily Life in the United States, 1960-1990: Decades of Discord.              156

William M. Anderson


Nichols. Indians in the United States and Canada:                                                 157

A Comparative History

C. L. Higham


Olmstead. David Zeisberger: A Life Among the Indians.                                       158

José António Brandäo


Ratcliffe. Party Spirit in a Frontier Republic: Democratic Politics in                    159

Ohio, 1793-1821.

James E. Lewis, Jr.


Stolberg. Bridging the River of Hatred: The Pioneering Efforts of                      160

Detroit Polics Commissioner George Edwards.

Heather Ann Thompson


Wellman. The Union Makes Us Strong: Radical Unionism                                   162

on the San Francisco Waterfront.

Karen Sawislak


Wigger. Taking Heaven By Storm: Methodism and the Rise of                           163

Popular Christianity in America.

Glenn Spann


Wyman. The Wisconsin Frontier.                                                                              164

Nicole Etcheson


Book Notes                                                                                                                   167


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