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Table of Contents- Spring 2003 Volume 29, No. 1 (Page 2)

Cayton. Ohio: The History of a People                                                                                     137

Julieanne Phillips


Dowd. War under Heaven: Pontiac, the Indian Nations, and the                                       139

British Empire

Robert M. Owens


Jackson. Our Elders Lived It: American Indian Identity in the City.                                    140

David R. M. Beck


Judson, ed. Native American Legends of the Great Lakes and the                                    142

Mississippi Valley

Alan G. Shackelford


Kavieff. The Violent Years: Prohibition and the Detroit Mobs                                            143

G. Jack Benge


Knupfer. Reform and Resistance: Gender, Delinquency, and                                            144

America's First Juvenile Court

Jennifer Trost


Lewis. West to Far Michigan: Settling the Lower Peninsula, 1815-1860                            145

Christopher D. Schroeder


Loeb. Entrepreneurial Vernacular: Developers' Subdivisions in the 1920s                      146

Ellen Christensen


Marlett. Saving the Heartland: Catholic Missionaries in Rural                                          147

America, 1920-1960

Thomas J. Carty


Nelson. My First Years in the Fur Trade: The Journals of 1802-1804                                 149

Brad D. Jarvis


Osborn. The Iron Hunter                                                                                                         150

Arthur E. DeMatteo


Pattillo-McCoy. Black Picket Fences: Privilege and Peril among the Black        ​            151

Middle Class

Edward O. Frantz