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Table of Contents- Spring 2005 Volume 31, No. 1 (Page 2)

Gess and Lutz. Firestorm at Peshtigo: A Town, Its People, and the                                         250

Deadliest Fire in American History

Philip Terrie


Lamarre. The French Canadians of Michigan: Their Contribution to the                                252

Development of the Saginaw Valley and the Keweenaw Peninsula, 1840-1914

Jeremy W. Kilar


Rosen. Reproductive Health, Reproductive Rights: Reformers and the Politics                  254

of Maternal Welfare, 1917-1940

Allison L. Hepler


Rubenstein. Making and Selling Cars: Innovation and Change in the U.S.                           255

Automotive Industry

James R. Anderson


Walt. Art in the Stations: The Detroit People Mover                                                  ​               257

Jennifer Wood