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Table of Contents- Spring 2007 Volume 33, No. 1 (Page 2)

Beck. The Struggle for Self-Determination: History of the Menominee                              129

Indians since 1854

Anthony G. Gulig


Borneman. The French & Indian War: Deciding the Fate of North America                        131

David M. Corlett


Botti and Moore. Michigan's State Forests: A Century of Stewardship                               133

Raymond P. Guires


Brandt. Chairman of the Board: A Biography of Carl A. Gerstacker                                     134

Tawny Ryan Nelb


Bukowczyk, Faires, Smith, and Widdis. Permeable Border: The Great                                136

Lakes Basin as Transnational Region, 1650-1990

H. V. Nelles


Cave. Prophets of the Great Spirit: Native American Revitalization                                    139

Movements in Eastern North America

James Taylor Carson


Dempsey. William G. Milliken: Michigan's Passionate Moderate                                        140

Francis X. Blouin, Jr.


Douglas. Jim Crow Moves North: The Battle over Northern School                                   143

Segregation, 1865-1954

Christopher W. Schmidt


Faires and Hanflik. Jewish Life in the Industrial Promised Land,                                        144


Amy Hill Shevitz


Garb. City of American Dreams: A History of Home Ownership and                                146

Housing Reform in Chicago, 1871-1919

Rima Lunin Schultz


Giffin. African Americans and the Color Line in Ohio, 1915-1930                                ​        148

Stephen A. Vincent


Kleiman. Strike! How the Furniture Workers Strike of 1911 Changed                                 150

Grand Rapids

Jeffrey Powell