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Table of Contents- Fall 1993 Volume 19, No. 2 (Page 2)

Eckert, Kathryn Bishop. Buildings of Michigan                                                                       100

Keith A. Sculle


Eldridge, Judith A. James Oliver Curwood: God's Country and the Man                             101

Victoria Brehm


Gilbert, Arlan K. Historic Hillsdale College: Pioneer in Higher                                             103

Education, 1844-1900

James D. Bratt


Hair, Robert E. Sturgis, Michigan: Its Story to 1930                                                                104

Robert C. Meyers


Harley, Rachel Brett and Betty MacDowell. Michigan Women:                                           105

Firsts and Founders   

Julie Voelck


Johnson, Michael; color plates by Richard Hook. The Native Tribes                                    106

Of North America: A Concise Encyclopedia

James A. Clifton


Karamanski, Theodor J. Rally 'Round the Flag: Chicago and the Civil War                         107

Steven E. Tripp


Krause, David J. The Making of a Mining District: Keweenaw                                               109

Native Copper, 1500-1870

Larry J. Steck


Morgan, Ted. Wilderness at Dawn: The Settling of the                                                           111

North American Continent

John Cumming


Reuter, Dorothy. Methodist Indian Ministries in Michigan: 1830-1930                                  113

James A. Clifton


Riggs, Stephen R. A Dakota-English Dictionary and Williamson, John P.                             114

An English-Dakota Dictionary

Harvey Markowitz


Sivertson, Howard. Once Upon an Isle: The Story of Fishing                                                  115

Families on Isle Royale

Bruce Smith


Thomas, Richard W. Life for Us Is What We Make It: Building                                               116

Black Community in Detroit, 1915-1945

Tyrone TIllery


Weber, Ronald. The Midwestern Ascendancy in American Writing                                     117

Judith Lockyer


Book Notes                                                                                                                                     119


Editor's Page                                                                                                                                  120


Call for Papers                                                                                                                  ‚Äč             121