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Table of Contents- Fall 2003 Volume 29, No. 2 (Page 1)

The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 29 No. 2               Fall 2003




"The Committee . . . has stood out against coercion": The                                               1

Reinvention of Detroit Americanization, 1915-1931

Anne Brophy


The Legacy of an Ojibwe "Lumber Chief":                                                                      41

David Shoppen​agon

Robert M. Hendershot


Commercial Indians: Authenticity, Nature, and Industrial                                              71

Capitalism in Advertising at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Kevin C. Armitage


"Free Commoners by Law": Tradition, Transition, and                                                  97

the Closing of the Range in Antebellum Michigan

Martin J. Hershock


Working for Democracy: Working-Class African-American                                          125

Women, Citizenship, and Civil Rights in Detroit, 1940-1954

Megan Taylor Shockley


Exhibition Review


Shared Waters: Natives and French Newcomers on the                                                   159

Great Lakes

Sean O'Neill


Book Reviews


Arrathoon. Magical Adventures in Michigan                                                                      163

Renay M. Scott​