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Table of Contents- Fall 2006 Volume 32, No. 2 (Page 1)

The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 32 No. 2               Fall 2006




Pontiac: Local Warrior or Pan-Indian Leader?                                                            1

Richard Middleton


"Stirring Constantly": 150 Years of Michigan Cookbooks                                        33

Frank Boles


Booming Baby Food: Infant Food and Feeding in Post-World                              63

War II America

Amy Bentley


Remembering the Renaissance City: Detroit's Bicentennial                                 89

Homecoming Festival and Urban Redevelopment

Julie Longo


Research Note


Soil Surveys: A Down-to-Earth Source of Cultural Information                            119

Le Roy Barnett


Book Reviews


Anderson, ed. The View from the Dugout: The Journals of Red Rolfe                 131

P. J. Harrigan


Barnett. A Drive Down Memory Lane: The Names State and                              132

Federal Highways of Michigan

H. Roger Grant


Dempsey. On the Brink: The Great Lakes in the 21st Century                               133

Margaret Beattie Bogue


Douma. Veneklasen Brick: A Family, a Company, and a Unique                  ​       134

Nineteenth-Century Architectural Movement in Michigan

James Schmiechen


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