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Table of Contents- Spring 2005 Volume 31, No. 1 (Page 1)

The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 31 No. 1               Spring 2005

Special Issue: Mapping in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region, Part 2




Preface                                                                                                                                       v


Motives for Mapping the Great Lakes: Upper Canada, 1782-1827                                    1

J. P. D. Dunbabin


Mapping the Grand Traverse Indian Country: The Contributions                                   45

of Peter Dougherty

Helen Hornbeck Tanner


Mapping Cities and Towns in the Late Nineteenth and                                                    93

Early Twentieth Centuries: A Look at Plat, Sanborn, and

Panoramic Mapping Activities in Michigan

David K. Patton, Amy K. Lobben, and Bruce M. C. Pape


The Shifting Agendas of Midwestern Official State                                                          123

Higheway Maps

James R. Akerman and Daniel Block


Louis Charles Karpinski and the Cartography of the                                                        167

Great Lakes

Mary Sponberg Pedley


Michigan: Cartographic Perspectives on the "Great                                                        201

Lakes State"

Gerald A. Danzer


Book Reviews


Fine. The Story of REO JOE: Work, Kin, and Community in                                ‚Äč           249

Autotown, U.S.A.

Steve Meyer