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Football Office

FootballOffice.jpgOpened: circa 1960's
Closed: 1974

The head football coach and his staff shared office space with the rest of the athletic department since the establishment of the program in the early-twentieth century. By the 1960s, coach Bill Kelly's office in Finch Fieldhouse was growing increasingly inadequate to meet the football program's needs. In the late 1960s, the football coach and his office staff moved to a long-standing building on Preston near the intersection with Franklin, which became known as the Football O­­ffice.

In 1974, following the completion of the Rose Center and relocation of athletic activities and offices to the south end of campus, the University decided to redevelop the area on which the football office was situated (between Park Library and Foust Hall today). The building was sold to Robert Sweet in April 1974 for $4,392 and was removed on May 1, 1974. After removal, the House brothers of Rosebush agreed to restore and landscape the area at a cost of $4,000, which they completed summer 1974.