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Off Campus Education [Field Services]

Field services 2.jpg

Opened: 1953
Closed: 1976

Off-Campus Education, formerly known as Field Services, was originally established in 1926 to provide educational services to non-traditional students in alternative locations. Field Services managed a variety of operations both on and off campus, including correspondence classes, a speakers' bureau, alumni printing, work with Chambers of Commerce across the state, and even drivers' training for both private drivers and school bus operators. Field Services was originally housed in an office in Warriner Hall, but the growth of both the College and its services to students after the Second World War made this space increasingly inadequate.

In 1953, Field Services relocated to a new home at 1126 S. Main Street. The building was actually a renovated house that had been recently vacated by the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, which moved to a new location in Mt. Pleasant. The building was located north of Keeler Union (and north of present-day Ronan Hall, which had yet to be built at the time) and west of Grawn Hall, on the site of a present-day parking lot on the corner of Bellows and Washington. The new location offered more space for Field Services, which remained in this location for over twenty years.

However, by the 1970s, the department had undergone more growth and significant changes. In 1966, the University created the Department of Off-Campus Education, which absorbed Field Services and managed off-campus educational activities from this point forward. In 1975, the University announced plans to relocate Off-Campus Education and several other offices to the recently renovated Rowe Hall. The move allowed Off-Campus Education to move out of the makeshift quarters of the old fraternity house. It also allowed the department to consolidate all of its divisions under a single roof and facilitated work with other departments focused on off-campus activities, such as the Institute for Personal and Career Development. With the old fraternity house at the end of Main Street vacated, the University decided to remove it. The house was razed in the summer of 1976 to help alleviate the parking problem on the north end of campus. Removal of the structure doubled the available spaces in the lot west of Grawn and north of Ronan.