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Buildings No Longer on Campus

The buildings listed below no longer exist on the CMU Campus. They either fell victim to fire or had served their purpose and were demolished or repurposed. The map below shows the approximate location of these buildings in relation to the present-day campus.
  1. Heating Plant II (1941-1990)
  2. Vetville [Sheep Sheds II] (1946-1957)
  3. Home Management House (1949-1974)
  4. Off Campus Education [Field Services] (1953-1976)
  5. Old Central Hall Physical Training Building (1909-1974)
  6. Old Main [The Normal] (1893-1925)
  7. "Temporary Buildings" [Sheep Sheds I] (1925-1952)
  8. Training School (1902-1933)
  9. Heating Plant I (1905-1948)
  10. Bertha Ronan Residence Hall (1923-1970)**
  11. Log Cabin Museum [Alumni Cabin] (1929-1950)
  12. Barnard Hall (1948-1996)
  13. Tate Hall (1956-1996)
  14. Alumni Field (1930-1997)
  15. Old Theunissen Stadium (1949-2001)
  16. Rowe Hall East Wing (1958-1998)
  17. Football Office (circa 1960's-1974)
  18. President Emeritus House [Anspach's Home] (1959-circa 1970s)
  19. Preston Court Apartments (1954-1995)
  20. Center for Economic Expansion & Technical Assistance (1963-1969)
  21. Campus Security [DPS I] (1964-1970)
  22. Tambling Field (1921-circa 1940s)
  23. Washington Court Apartments (1957-2014)
  24. Barnes Hall (1951-2019)

**To avoid confusion, please note that two buildings on campus have been named Ronan Hall. The one referred to in this section was a residence hall demolished in 1970. The structure currently known as Ronan Hall was originally known simply as the Library. With the opening of the Park Library building in 1969 and the demolition of old Ronan Hall in 1970, a decision was made to rename the old Library Building as the new Ronan Hall.