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Combined Services

Combined Services building.jpg

Opened 1990
Cost: $4 million

In May 1989, CMU's Board of Trustees approved the construction of a Combined Services Building (CSB) that would house a variety of University departments and services. Groundbreaking on the estimated $4 million project took place in July. The building was designed by GBKB Associates of Traverse City and was constructed by E&V Incorporated of Holland. Although originally designed to be 63,500 square feet, the design specifications were increased to around 70,000 square feet, a direct result of saving enough money in the contracting stage to allow more space to be added to the design at no additional cost.

Construction continued throughout the winter of 1989-1990 and by the spring several departments were ready to move in. Not only were various University services now concentrated within a single building, but several departments were able to move into the Combined Services Building and away from widely scattered layouts. In February 1990, the University Press moved into the CSB from Wightman Hall. In May, the Department of Public Safety moved in from their previous home, a renovated house on the corner of Preston and East Campus Drive. In November, Facilities Management moved into CSB. The new space replaced their old headquarters, located in the original powerhouse built in 1942, and for the first time all Facilities Management operations were housed in a single building. By December, Media Relations had also moved in, consolidating their services into a single office complex as well.