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Kewadin Village

‚ÄčKV outside small.jpgOpened: 1971
Cost: $1.75 Million

Kewadin Village was the last of a series of married student housing complexes built during a period of increasing enrollment in the 1950s and 1960s. Even after the construction of Washington Court, Preston Court, and Northwest Apartments, demand for married student housing remained high on campus. In 1969, the University began discussing plans for a 100-unit complex of married student apartments to be built on the southwest corner of campus, near the new Towers residence hall complex. Once Federal funding was secured, trustees approved the plans and construction was underway.

The complex, known as Broomfield Married Student Housing while under construction, was designed by Wakely, Kushner, & Wakely Associates of Mt. Pleasant. Designs featured townhouse-style apartments similar to those recently built in Northwest Apartments. The construction contract was awarded to Kwaske Brothers Company of Jackson, who broke ground on the $1.75 million complex in November 1970.

The married student housing complex opened as Kewadin Village in September 1971. It consisted of 20 three-bedroom apartments, 40 two-bedroom apartments, and 40 one-bedroom apartments. Kewadin Village, along with the three southern residence hall quads and the newly constructed athletic facilities, shifted many campus activities to the south side of campus. As a result, Broomfield Road was widened to four lanes in 1972. Kewadin Village continues to serve faculty, nontraditional students, and students with families today.