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Myron A Cobb Residence Hall


Opened Winter 1970
Cost: $1.65 million
Capacity: 416

Cobb Hall opened in the winter of 1970 as a women's residence hall with a capacity of 416. In 1973, the hall became co-ed, which it remains to this day. The hall was named for the head of the Department of Agriculture from 1912 to 1936. Myron Cobb was a noted conservationist and agricultural authority who came to Central in 1908 after receiving his Bachelor of Science in 1908 from State Agricultural College (now Michigan State University), where Teddy Roosevelt spoke at his commencement. While working on his BS, he taught science in Lansing.

Cobb started at Central as a Chemistry teacher, then became the head of the Department of Agriculture in 1912. He was a pioneer in introducing soybeans as a crop in the Mt. Pleasant area. He planted numerous forests around the state and led a campaign in Clare against billboards on US-27. The State named a wildlife sanctuary after him in recognition of his efforts at conservation. He received his Master of Science from Michigan Agricultural College (now Michigan State) in 1922. He died in an auto accident near his Harrison cottage in 1936.