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Satellite Energy Facility

‚Äčconstruction pic.jpgOpened: 2007
Cost: $27 Million

In May 2006, the University announced plans to begin construction on a new Satellite Energy Facility in the parking lot west of Wightman Hall. The recent construction of the Health Professions Building, the new Towers residence hall complex, and the soon to be completed East Area Residence Halls increased the need for expanded electrical and water facilities. The proposed 16,500 square foot facility would increase the University's electrical and chilled water capacity by 60%. Total cost of the project was $27 million dollars, of which $15.2 million was allocated for the construction of the building itself. The remaining funds were used to make improvements to the Central Energy Facility, the Energy Management System, and the distribution system. The project represented the first major utility supply upgrade since the early 1990s

The building was designed by DiClemente Siegel Design, Inc. of Southfield and the construction contract was awarded to Devere Construction Company, Inc. of Alpena. Construction began in summer 2006. Inside the new building, crews installed new chillers, each with a capacity of 1,250 tons, which would supply water to air conditioning units around campus. A total of 6,100 feet of 20-inch-diameter pipe was laid to carry the water, and the excavation involved created large holes in several areas across campus. Electrical capacity was online by May 2007, and chilled water production was fully operational by June 2007.