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Wilbure E Moore Hall and Fred R Bush Theater

Opened 1971
Cost: $5.25 million
MooreMoore hall had more than its share of problems when it was built. It was designed by Roger Allen of Grand Rapids, who was responsible for the majority of buildings at Central. It was partially funded by a $1 million federal grant.
The problems started before the foundation was even dug. Legislative cuts in the building budget significantly changing of the original plans for the building. As a result of the budget cut, a twenty percent reduction in size was made from what was originally intended. The cuts also reduced the budget for the radio and television stations. The building was orignally designed to meet classroom demands for several years in the future, but the cuts in space caused it to be at capacity before it was even finished.
Included in the building was the Kiva, which connected Moore to the Fred R. Bush theater. This area had were serious acoustical problems that caused an unacceptable echo. These problems were finally fixed in November 1971.
Color schemes for the new building were the major source of disagreement in the months before the Department of Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts moved in. Don McDonald, of McDonald and Associates, wanted shades of brown throughout the building, but the building committee, made up of faculty members of the department, wanted no browns. Jerry Anderson, who was the head of the department, accused McDonald of having "a hang-up" on brown tones in several letters to Controller Norvall Bovee. The problems were eventually ironed out, but further color problems caused more uproar in December 1970. There was some question of whether the Department Chair's office should be decorated in blue or red, but this, too, was eventually settled.
Also causing problems was the timetable set for the departments to move into the new building. The original plans called for them to move over the Christmas break between Fall 1970 and Spring 1971 semesters. The faculty complained, and got the move date changed to Easter Break during Spring 1971. The radio station moved from its former home in Warriner at the end of the spring semester. Classes were first held in the new building on March 29, 1971.
MooreMoore was named for the Vice President of Academic Affairs from 1959 to 1970. He was part of the CMU faculty for twenty years, serving as the head of the Speech and Drama department from 1939 to 1947, the Director of the Division of Clinical Services from 1947 to 1956, and the Dean of Psychology and Educational Services from 1956-1959. Moore was an expert on stuttering and voice problems who had taught at Colorado, Kent State, and the University of Iowa before joining Central's faculty. He retired in 1970 and died in June of 1988 at the age of 84.
BushOpened in 1971, Bush Theatre was named for Fred R. Bush, who served as director of dramatics and University Theatre from 1939 until his death in 1964.