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CMU's First Homecoming

A student, Bourke "Dutch" Lodwyk, brought the idea of Homecoming to Mount Pleasant. In the fall of 1924 Dutch was sent on a trip to Albion College to scout the school's football team prior to its game with Central. He came back with the goods on the team and also with tremendous enthusiasm to establish here what he had witnessed in Albion: a fall Homecoming. The idea took some selling because of various practical problems. For example, some people worried about who would pay for the postage to mail invitations to the event to alumni. Despite these concerns, students, faculty, and the administration eventually embraced the idea.

Central held its first Homecoming on Saturday, November 22, 1924. The celebration actually began on Friday with a pep rally and a bonfire. A dance, the largest of the season, followed. It continued until 11:45 p.m., when the band played "Taps." The next morning the American Legion decorated the town with flags, and a parade of approximately one hundred cars drove down Main Street. That afternoon fortune smiled on the football team, and Central defeated Alma College 13-0. The day ended with various parties and a "rush" at the Broadway Theater. "Rushing" was a student tradition, frowned on by the administration, in which people rushed past the ticket takers to enjoy a free evening's entertainment.