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CMU Dissertations and Theses: Last Name B

This list is a catalog of dissertations and theses written by Central Michigan University students in pursuit of their graduate level degrees from 1948 to 2010. This page, specifically, lists all dissertations and theses written by those whose last names start with B. You can navigate to other authors by using the Author Index tool. 

These papers are listed in alphabetical order by last name, followed by the work's title, year of completion, and call numbers in the Clarke Historical Library. If you are interested in reading one of the dissertations or theses, please note all of this reference information and contact the Clarke Historical Library.

Baadte, Gregory L. The impact of plyometrics on the forward start used in competitive swimming. 1996 (RC8x .B223, Box 191)

Bachman, Glenn R. A study to determine strategies and practices which might assure success in millage elections. 1984 (LB8x .B23, Box 79)

Bachman, Lisbeth A. Iron deficiency in college age women. 1981 (GV8x .B32, Box 40)

Backensto, David R. The Effect a group experience and individual counseling have on personality development in an employment service setting. 1971 (BF8x .C6, Box 6)

Baetsen, Kay L. A comparative study of personality traits between abortion-seeking women and women who intend to carry their pregnancies to term. 1982 (BF8x .B23, Box 2)

Baez, Jo Anne M. Self-concept and academic achievement, controlling acculturation, in Mexican-American and Anglo elementary students from Texas. 1997 (LC8x .B11, Box 113)

Bahl, Manav. The subcontinent India : independence and division. 2003 (DS8x .B28, Box 35)

Baiden, Mavis. Individual differences in feedback reactions : a Ghanaian study. 2008 (RC8x .B34, Box 191)

Bailey, Emily J. Nomological network of psychological ownership : construct validity of ownership, beliefs, behaviors, and emotions. 2005 (HD8x .B35, Box 46)

Bailey, Emily J. Playing the culture game : organizational culture in collegiate athletics. 2007 (HD8x .B352, Box 46)

Baillargeon, William S. The effect of a reservoir on stream periphyton. 1983 (QK8x .B25, Box 166)

Bailor, John P. Development of an electronics technology program at Muskegon Business College. 1985 (LC8x .B24, Box 113)

Baird, Mary P. The body part speech reception threshold test. 1973 (RF8x .B33, Box 202)

Baker, Carol M. The effect of a psychological varible upon noise-induced temporary threshold shift. 1973 (BF8x .B33, Box 2)

Baker, Deborah J. Placement of soundfield frequency-modulated (FM) systems in a local elementary school. 2003 (RF8x .B34, Box 202)

Baker, Dreama. Effects of a school readiness program on the intellectual development of disadvantaged preschoolers. 1973 (LB8x .B32, Box 79)

Baker, Gloria A. Attitudes of selected Grand Rapids Baptist College students toward physical activity. 1985 (GV8x .B24, Box 40)

Baker, Jerry R., 1938- An analysis of the college academic achievement of selected high school graduates : a means of curriculum evaluation. 1967 (LB8x .B35x, Box 79)

Baker, John Christopher. New perspectives : evolutionary biology and politics. 1971 (QH8x .B35x, Box 163)

Baker, Joy A. Brown. What are the environmental attitudes that influence African American students not attending institutions of higher learning. 1993 (E8x .B255, Box 36)

Baker, Sarah E. Development and validation of an interactive measure to assess children's affective representations of self and relationships. 2006 (BF8x .B335, Box 2)

Baker, Sarah E. An examination of friendship quality and affective representations of friendship in children perinatally infected with HIV, children with asthma, and healthy children of HIV-positive mothers. 2009 (BF8x .B3352, Box 2)

Bal, Mary B. The Acquistion of the English modal auxiliary system in kindergarten through third grade children. 1978 (PE8x .B34, Box 128)

Balakrishnan, Arun, 1966- DFT study of Ga clusters of sizes N = 3-10 and 17-20 : minimum energy structures, electronic properties and temperature broadening of the photoelectron spectra. 2007 (QD8x .B26, Box 153)

Balan, Aurelian. The spatially resolved H[alpha]-emitting wind structure of P Cygni. 2008 (QB8x .B35, Box 149)

Balani, Bhushan. Analysis, design and implementation of a parallel computing operating system. 2002 (QA8x .B36, Box 143)

Balcerzak, Wallace S. The effects of an irrelevant dimension, time pacing, and sex on oddity problem performance. 1971 (BF8x .B355, Box 2)

Baldwin, Nancy S. Secondary school principal's leadership role-responsibilities : teacher and principal perceptions in selected Mid-Michigan schools. 1990 (LB8x .B33, Box 79)

Balis, Dawn L. An analysis of the controversy surrounding the Michigan model for comprehensive school health education. 1991 (LB8x .B336, Box 79)

Ball, Clyde W. Early predictors of learning disabilities. 1972 (LB8x .B34, Box 79)

Ball, Laura M. Recreational shooters : a survey. 1999 (RF8x .B24, Box 202)

Ball, Laurie A. The transcending self. 1994 (TR8x .B24, Box 222)

Ball, Mary J. Perceived academic failure and self-esteem: : implications for close friendships. 2000 (BF8x .B35, Box 2)

Ballantyne, John R. A Study of the limitation of freedom of choice of mobile home residents. 1976 (BF8x .B34, Box 2)

Ballard, Harvey E. Systematics of Viola, Section Viola, in North America north of Mexico. 1992 (QK8x .B34, Box 166)

Ballard, James L. Parent advisory groups in junior high schools. 1975 (LB8x .B345, Box 79)

Ballard-Krishnan, Sharon Ann. Frankie Edith Parker : the first beat woman a call for recognition. 1996 (PS8x .B34, Box 135)

Balling, Lauren R. Using volunteers for universal infant hearing screening : a survey. 1999 (RF8x .B35, Box 202)

Bandstra, Ted E. An Examination of the observer effect on teacher and student classroom behavior. 1978 (LB8x .B35, Box 79)

Bandurski, Marilyn Susan. Secondary nutrition education : assessment, curriculum, administration. 1981 (TX8x .B35, Box 223)

Bandyopadhyay, Bratati. Little pieces. 1999 (N8x .B36, Box 124)

Banerjee, Shibany P. The role of problem-solving in the adaptation of women to chronic pain. 2002 (BF8x .B345, Box 2)

Bannister, Donald A. Altering the readiness to change in violent offenders : effects of a brief a decision balance intervention. 2002 (BF8x .B31, Box 2)

Baran, Joshua Adam. Study of initial programming language choices. 2009 (QA8x .B37, Box 143)

Barber, Donald L. Photography and the personal visual experience. 1983 (TR8x .B27, Box 222)

Barber, Marsha K. The Relationship between parental childbearing practices and self-esteem in unwed mothers. 1977 (BF8x .B365, Box 2)

Barber, Steven D. Abstract painting and the human experience. 1996 (ND8x .B37, Box 125)

Barberi, Carl. A survey of selected Michigan public school administrators regarding compulsory education, truancy, and the relationship between the schools and the probate court. 1984 (LB8x .B36, Box 79)

Barbret, Fredric J. Social class in American sociology : as used in three major journals of American sociology in the 1980's. 1994 (HN8x .B372, Box 61)

Barchett, Gerald W. A study of Michigan varsity high school football coaches' salary, responsibility and employment plans. 1987 (GV8x .B37, Box 40)

Barger, Debora C. The synthesis and photodegradation of styrene copolymers containing main chain or pendant carbonyl groups. 1993 (QD8x .B27, Box 153)

Barker, Karen R. Analyzing the investment portfolios of Michigan educators. 1994 (HG8x .B375, Box 57)

Barker, Linda Kolasa. Sustained effects of Chapter I for 1991-1994 Traverse City Area Public School District. 1995 (LB8x .B365, Box 79)

Barkley, Terry D. Fantasy : defining and categorizing an elusive genre. 1993 (PN8x .B27, Box 129)

Barkow, Reinhard. Evolution of software engineering development environments : towards the transition to unified modeling language and component-based software engineering. 1999 (QA8x .B38, Box 143)

Barnard, Jenell M. Maintaining the romance when distance transpires : the relationship among maintenance strategies, satisfaction, and commitment in long distance and geographically close romantic relationships. 2006 (HM8x .B37, Box 58)

Barnes, Donald A. Teacher opinion of the effectiveness of the Delton Kellogg Middle School student code of conduct. 1978 (LB8x .B37, Box 79)

Barnett, O. Carolyn. Development of faculty manual for the Michigan campus of Northwood Institute. 1982 (LB8x .B375, Box 79)

Barnum, James B. Effects of rotenone on benthic macroinvertebrates in a Michigan stream. 1979 (SH8x .B37, Box 218)

Barnum, Susan Ruttenberg. The development of Palaemonetes Paludosus prior to hatching. 1979 (QL8x .B37, Box 170)

Barr, Ralph Wilber. The influence of greater maturity on arithmetic achievement. 1964 (LB8x .B372, Box 79)

Barragato, Adam Kyle. The changing face of Facebook : how college students and grandparents communicate. 2010 (HQ8x .B37, Box 61)

Barrett, Rowland P. Kinesthesis and memory in slow, average, and gifted learners. 1974 (BF8x .B37, Box 2)

Barrons, Vanessa M. The effect of arousal and emotional valence on hypermnesia. 2000 (BF8x .B21, Box 1)

Barry, E. Kimberly. Personality type and ease of aided communication. 2000 (RC8x .B41, Box 191)

Barth, Charles E., Jr. Differences in the performance of institutionalized children on the Minnesota percepto-diagnostic test. 1978 (BF8x .B375, Box 2)

Bartle, Heidi L. Implementation of the Response to Intervention model : perceptions of change, challenges, supports and role shifts. 2009 (RC8x .B37, Box 191)

Basom, Bruce. Memory of normals and retardates : a review. 1973 (BF8x .B38, Box 2)

Basri, Mohd. Nasir Hansan. The Contribution of the Malaysian Ministry of Information in the implementation of the new economic policy : communication channels in rural West Malaysia. 1978 (P8x .B37, Box 126)

Basse, Jennifer Lynn. Effects of nigrostriatal dopaminergic denervation on operantly conditioned learning in parkinsonian rats. 2005 (RC8x .B37, Box 191)

Bastedo, Scott William. Sanctuaries. 2010 (PS8x .B37, Box 135)

Bates, Steven L. A Study of discipline problems and corrective measures in intermediate schools of Michigan as viewed by their principals. 1977 (LB8x .B38, Box 79)

Bathrick, Nancy Lee. Language performance of Chippewa Indian children with visual cross dominance compared to Chippewa Indian children without visual cross dominance. 1982 (P8x .B28, Box 125)

Batista, Patricia L. Teacher movement in the classroom. 1997 (LB8x .B385, Box 79)

Battani, Lisa Renee. Effects of cigarette smoking on distortion product otoacoustic emissions. 2005 (RF8x .B37, Box 202)

Batterbee, Michael A. Prospects for the reunification of China and Taiwan. 1997 (DS8x .B37, Box 35)

Battjes, Kevin P. Multiphase equilibria in a quaternary polymer system polystyrene/cyclohexane. 1984 (QD8x .B28, Box 153)

Bauer, Lisa M. Comparing the articulation index and hearing handicap. 1998 (RC8x .B26, Box 191)

Baumgardner, Adrian W. A study and analysis of data for grade retention in the Central Montcalm Public Schools. 1986 (LB8x .B39, Box 79)

Baumgardner, Mary A. A comparison of the reading approach with the writing approach for homework in advanced shorthand classes. 1971 (Z8x .B38, Box 223)

Baumgartner, Mindy S, Daughter-in-law and mother-in-law relationships : a collision of family systems. 2008 (HQ8x .B38, Box 61)

Baxter, Nicole A. Seeing : a collection of short fiction. 2004 (PS8x .B3, Box 135)

Bayat, Jennifer A. An examination of the situational variables affecting an individual's perception of and response to sexual harassment. 1994 (HD8x .B389, Box 47)

Bazeley, Margaret A. Student and field agency supervisor perceptions of the public health education field training experience at Central Michigan University 1971-1976. 1977 (RA8x .B38, Box 187)

Bazeley, Paul G. The effect of the St. Lawrence Seaway on patterns and trends of shipping on the Great Lakes. 1970 (HE8x .B39, Box 51)

Beach, Daniel R. Department of Educational Administration and Community Leadership program evaluation, 1990-1998. 2000 (LB8x .B431, Box 79)

Beall, James R. Placement of institutionalized mentally retarded adults into the community : identification of contributing success factors. 1974 (BF8x .B415, Box 2)

Beam, Helga L. Common sense : relationships between color vision and audition. 1985 (BF8x .B4155, Box 2)

Bean, Bret A. Elementary students' perceptions of reading : is it masculine or feminine activity?. 1990 (LB8x .B42, Box 79)

Beauchamp, James A. Auditory skills development for deaf and hard-of-hearing seven to thirteen year olds using computer speech. 2003 (RF8x .B38, Box 202)

Beaulieu, Kathleen M. Investigation of the incidence, predictions, beliefs and myths of adolescent suicide. 1986 (RC8x .B32, Box 191)

Bechek, Lorrie. The WPPSI-R and the MSCA: a concurrent validity study. 1988 (BF8x .B425, Box 2)

Bechtel, Glenn A. A comparison of epiphytic algal communities growing on natural and artificial macrophytes in an eutrophic lake. 1994 (QK8x .B434, Box 166)

Becke, Alan Mark. A Dynamic computer simulation of an elementary classroom : expansion into the peer sector. 1976 (LB8x .B763, Box 82)

Becker, Eugenia W. The Relationship of depression to hostility and locus of control. 1973 (BF8x .B42, Box 2)

Becker, Paul Eric. Investigation of nonabelian difference sets in groups of order 120. 2000 (QA8x .B41, Box 143)

Becker, Richard. The Kaufman Adolescent & Adult Intelligence Test and California Achievement Test ; a concurrent validity study. 1996 (BF8x .B385, Box 2)

Beckett, William Nelson. A study of factors in Mt. Pleasant' Mary McGuire elementary school and community contributing to school dropout. 1965 (LC8x .B43x, Box 113)

Beckrow, Brenda J. Academic preparation in educational audiology : a survey of graduate audiology programs. 2001 (RF8x .B31, Box 202)

Bedard, Robert T. The relationship between student and teacher attitude toward objective exams in a basic speech course as reflected by teacher knowledge of the exam prior to teaching. 1977 (LB8x .B428, Box 79)

Bedford, James W. A Comparative analysis of categorical and basic membership allowance appropriations, 1965-74. 1977 (LB8x .B43, Box 79)

Bee, Michael T. A study of non-certified staffing programs for athletic programs in Michigan high schools. 1988 (GV8x .B33, Box 40)

Beedon, Kim. Characteristics of respite care users and its influence. 1996 (HQ8x .B443, Box 61)

Beeman, Mark. The effects of lay and colleague referral systems on physicians' attitudes. 1978 (R8x .B42, Box 186)

Begeman, James A. Teacher perceptions of a condensed educational information service. 1983 (LB8x .B435, Box 79)

Belcher, Benjamin. Le Pere Duchesne and the language of denunciation. 1997 (DC8x .B40, Box 34)

Bell, Corena J. An investigation of laterality behavior on four motor tasks. 1981 (RC8x .B44, Box 191)

Bell, Cynthia J. Minimum intensity of voice as a function of fundamental frequency in normal and pathological voices. 1978 (QP8x .B45, Box 180)

Bell, Douglas A. Phosphorus transport and buffering by two streams in an agricultural watershed. 1981 (QH8x .B44, Box 163)

Bell, Kathryn E. Tamblyn. School system-community communications flow and its effects on voter support. 1978 (LB8x .B44, Box 80)

Bell, Katrina M. Efficacy of a brief relaxation training intervention for recurrent abdominal pain. 2010 (BF8x .B447, Box 2)

Bell, Robert A. Stereotypes of attractiveness on television : a content analysis of Saturday morning cartoons. 1981 (PN8x .B44, Box 129)

Benarz, G. Daniel. The medical model and social control in psychiatry : an emperical study. 1974 (RC8x .B43, Box 191)

Benjamin, Brian D. Habitat of the chestnut lamprey (Ichthyomyzon castaneus) in the upper Manistee River, Michigan. 2000 (QL8x .B38, Box 170)

Benjamin, Daniel W. An assessment of the population dynamics of the Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush Walbaum) in Elk and Torch Lakes, Antrim County, Michigan with attention to occurrence of marked fish. 1972 (SH8x .B45, Box 218)

Benjamin-McKie, Angela Gillian. Aiding the delivery of the client oriented scale of improvement (COSI) to older patients : a pilot study using pictorial illustration. 2005 (RF8x .B4, Box 202)

Benner, Roger W. A survey of the recreation and education interests of the people of Montabella community schools. 1970 (GV8x .B4, Box 40)

Bennett, Jessie Ann. Teaching hearing conservation to school children : comparing the outcomes and efficacy of two pedagogical approaches. 2000 (RF8x .B41, Box 202)

Bennett, Kenneth Floyd. Thermochemical reaction of catechol with oxalic acid and photochemical dimerization of quinones. 1965 (QD8x .B35x, Box 153)

Bennett, Leo R. A proposal for shifting the local financing of public education in Michigan from a property base to an income base. 1967 (LB8x .B45x, Box 80)

Bennett, Martin D. In-situ monitoring of the initial stages of hydrolysis of methylmethoxysilanes using raman spectroscopy. 2006 (QH8x .B46, Box 163)

Bennett, Misty M. Individual differences and work domain variables as moderators of the relationship between work-family conflict and personal and work outcomes. 2006 (HD8x .B46, Box 47)

Bennett, Peter D. Test-retest reliability of the basic school skills inventory. 1983 (BF8x .B455, Box 2)

Bennett, Thomas F. The effects of Decamethonium and D-Tubocurarine chloride as control agents for skeletal mediation in operant autonomic conditioning of intestinal contractions in the rat. 1972 (QL8x .B45x, Box 170)

Bennett, W. Gordon. A Study of the supply and demand of educational personnel in 1973-74. 1974 (LB8x .B45, Box 80)

Beno, Fredrick P. Memory strategy analysis and training : slow learner, average, and gifted children. 1975 (BF8x .B45, Box 2)

Benoit, Pamela J., 1954- The Effect of preference upon acceptance of speech criticism. 1976 (PN8x .B45, Box 129)

Benoit, William L. The Theory and practice of refutation : a comparison of refutation techniques suggested by debate texts with refutation techniques utilized in intercollegiate debate. 1976 (PN8x .B452, Box 129)

Benson, Erik Scott. Strange bedfellows : the relationship between the Summer Institute of Linguistics and the government of Mexico, 1933-1979. 1995 (P8x .B456, Box 126)

Benson, Michael. Social disorder variables and police manpower levels: an exploratory study. 1976 (HV8x .B45, Box 68)

Benzie, Joseph R. A study of the need and support for the establishment of a vocational training center within the Huron County Intermediate School District. 1972 (LC8x .B45x, Box 113)

Berardi, Alvin J. Maximal oxygen intake and lactic acid accumulation in female sprinters and distance runners. 1975 (GV8x .B47, Box 40)

Berberoglu, Berch. Dependence, social structure and underdevelopment : a sociological analysis of historical and contemporary structures of underdevelopment in Latin America. 1974 (F8x .B47, Box 38)

Berg, Ronald G. The preparation of elementary principals for auxiliary responsibilities. 1987 (LB8x .B474, Box 80)

Berger-Swartz, Christy L. Impact of oral reading fluency data on general education teacher's instruction placement recommendation for special education students. 2006 (LC8x .B47, Box 113)

Berglund, Paula. The color of forward. 1993 (PS8x .B47, Box 135)

Berlinghof, Marjorie. A comparative and developmental analysis of schizophrenic performance on dichotic and monaural listening techniques. 1975 (RC8x .B47, Box 191)

Bernstein, Julie Taylor. Gender equity in the secondary school : a comparison between the 1960's and the 1980's and implications for the future. 1990 (LC8x .B37, Box 113)

Berry, David A. A Study of adaptive behavior descriptions in mental retardation made by nursing attendants. 1971 (BF8x .B47, Box 3)

Berry, Grant A. Thresholds of octave masking as a function of hearing loss. 1977 (QP8x .B47, Box 180)

Beswick, Richard A. The effect of magnesium on myocardial recovery following hypothermic-induced arrest. 1997 (QP8x .B48, Box 180)

Beuthin, Lucille M. Comparison of rule-governed behavior of adult aphasics and children. 1980 (RC8x .B48, Box 191)

Bevers, Susan A. Activity, localization, inhibition and molecular weight of transamidinase and arginase in carp kidney and liver. 1993 (QL8x .B485, Box 170)

Bey, Douglas P. Recall of verbal and visual information in diffuse and lateralized brain damage. 1979 (BF8x .B49, Box 3)

Bhamorbutr, Manusaporn. Thailand and democratic development : cross countries comparative analysis. 1999 (JC8x .B45, Box 73)

Bhatnagar, Atul. Syntheses and characterization of isomeric biphenyl functional poly (aryl ether bisketones). 1991 (QD8x .B42, Box 153)

Bhatt, Piyush. Hierarchical performance modeling system : an analytic tool for prediction & evaluation of software performance. 2000 (QA8x .B45, Box 143)

Bhattacharjee, Somnath. Preparation of polyethylene glycol modified PAMAM dendrimer bio-conjugation. 2004 (TP8x .B52, Box 221)

Bhattarai, Nabraj. Photon transport through dense atomic vapors. 2010 (QC8x .B53, Box 150)

Bheda, Mukesh C. Functionalized polystyrene microspheres from block copolymers. 1986 (QD8x .B48, Box 153)

Bickel, Jeremy S. Dynamic RNP aggregates in the oocytes of Caenorhabditis elegans. 2006 (QL8x .B52, Box 170)

Bicker, Sara A. Genetic bottleneck analysis in Michigan's Lower Peninsula reintroduced populations of American marten (Martes americana). 2006 (QL8x .B53, Box 170)

Biederwolf, Todd R. Distance learning : a comparative analysis of communication satisfaction and perceived academic success. 1995 (LC8x .B428, Box 113)

Bielang, Mark T. Ionia teachers' perceptions about facility planning : implications regarding staff involvement. 1992 (LC8x .B43, Box 113)

Bigger, Todd. Teacher absenteeism in the Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port school district (1982-83 through 1992-93) : an analysis of causation, duration, and frequency. 1993 (LB8x .B5, Box 80)

Bilge, Nurhayat Secret testing friendship : strategies used to reduce uncertertainty in cross-gender friendships. 2002 (BF8x .B538, Box 3)

Billingham, Pamela. The influence of arousal, time of day, and personality on the accuracy of eyewitness memory. 1994 (BF8x .B515, Box 3)

Billings, Cynthia W. A comparison of personality traits of female high school gymnasts and non-participants. 1981 (BF8x .B54, Box 3)

Bindschatel, Christopher M. Approaching the self through portraiture. 2001 (N8x .B51, Box 124)

Binoniemi, Elizabeth A. Effects of the leaf eating beetle Galerucella calmariensis on purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) in Manistee and Mason Counties, Michigan. 2007 (QH8x .B56, Box 163)

Bir, Chain Singh. Calculation of electric field gradients in UC1  and BC1. 1974 (QC8x .B57, Box 150)

Bishop, Cynthia K. An investigation in visual field differences. 1981 (QP8x .B58, Box 180)

Bishop, Debbie S. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal : a sociological study of conversion and participation. 1986 (BX8x .B57, Box 33)

Bishop, Michael E. An analysis of fall owl banding data from Whitefish Point Bird Observatory, 1992-1996. 1998 (QL8x .B46, Box 170)

Bishop, Richard. Distribution of theta y₂₂₆ in a clinical population. 2006 (RF8x .B57, Box 202)

Bishop, Shawn P. An examination of the impact of teacher experience and teacher orientation on disciplinary factors used by Michigan public elementary school teachers. 2009 (LB8x .B516, Box 80)

Bishop, Thomas W. Cholinergic medial septal pathway : its influence on learning strategy and recovery of function. 1992 (QP8x .B583, Box 180)

Bissett-Zerilli, Susan M. Martians and Venusians communicating on one planet : gender bias and confusion in basic courseland. 1997 (P8x .B45, Box 126)

Bjerke, Carol Chase. Naturalism and photography : a personal perspective. 1988 (TR8x .B43, Box 222)

Black, Nancy. Articulation defects as a function of auditory discrimination and memory span. 1970 (RC8x .B5x, Box 191)

Black, Thomas Howard, III. Investigations into a photoimaging system based on spiropyran derviatives. 1977 (QD8x .B53, Box 153)

Blackmer, Gary Lynn. Coagulation effects of similions on lyophobic colloids. 1966 (QD8x .B53x, Box 153)

Blackwood, George H. A Method of purchasing and selling common stocks which maximizes profits and minimizes losses. 1976 (HG8x .B53, Box 57)

Blair, Robert W. An assessment and evaluation of the interscholastic athletic program at Warren Lincoln High School under the requirements of Title IX. 1979 (GV8x .B52, Box 40)

Blair, Thomas W. The role of reinforcement density in delayed prompted discrimination training. 1981 (BF8x .B52, Box 3)

Blake, Ashley N. A constructivist approach : engaging children in the process of transitioning to a new space. 2010 (LB8x .B517, Box 80)

Blake, Donald M. The determination of the molecular weight of cytochrome C by light scattering. 1970 (QD8x .B5x, Box 153)

Blamer, Claude L. A school district attitudinal survey of Central Lake Public Schools. 1986 (LB8x .B518, Box 80)

Blanchard, Charles V. The Northwood study marketing a higher education curriculum implications and procedures. 1984 (LB8x .B52, Box 80)

Blanding, Kevin Matthew. The effect of token reinforcement on the McCarthy Scale performance for low and high socioeconomic preschoolers. 1985 (BF8x .B525, Box 3)

Blank, Amy Ann. Field-user acceptance survey of the Combat Arms Earplug. 2008 (RF8x .B58, Box 202)

Blasius, Timothy L. Comparison of moral reasoning and transformational leadership of public school principals using inclusive education in Michigan. 2007 (LB8x .B53, Box 80)

Blasko, Craig A. Test-retest reliability of the Qualitative Reading Inventory-II. 2000 (LB8x .B58, Box 80)

Blaszkiewicz, David R. A comparison of killdeer (Charadrius vociferus) nesting success between habitat types. 1994 (QL8x .B553, Box 170)

Bleau, James F. A study of selected factors that impact school district average teaching salaries in Michigan. 1990 (LB8x .B533, Box 80)

Blecke, Nathan C. Finding Fibonacci in fractals. 2001 (QA8x .B53, Box 143)

Bledsoe, George M. An individualized-activity centered science program for the junior high school. 1971 (Q8x .B54, Box 142)

Bliss, Paul R. A Study of the 1973-74 energy crisis in northern Michigan schools and implications for the future. 1974 (LB8x .B55, Box 80)

Block, Patricia A. Possibilities : ways of being or becoming. 1984 (ND8x .B46, Box 125)

Blodgett, Steven A. Why nations arm : an examination of causal and perpetuating agents, with special attention to the relationship between internal instability and arms behavior. 1977 (JX8x .B46, Box 75)

Blok, Sheri. Perceived self-disclosure behaviors in anorexic, bulimic, and bulimarexic families. 1991 (BF8x .B53, Box 3)

Blumberg, Mike T. Blessings : a novel excerpt. 2004 (PS8x .B54, Box 135)

Boals, Roger M. Analysis of selected accounting curriculums in Career Education Planning District 14 high schools and their relationship in fulfilling area business needs. 1973 (HF8x .B62, Box 52)

Boardman, Jennifer. A case study into the closing of Belle Isle Aquarium in Detroit, Michigan. 2010 (F8x .B63, Box 38)

Bobenmoyer, Sara J. Test retest reliability and concurrent validity of the Yopp-Singer Test of Phoneme Segmentation. 2000 (LB8x .B61, Box 80)

Bobowski, Richard G. A survey of students at Marine City High regarding attitudes and the extent of the problem on drugs and alcohol. 1988 (HV8x .B63, Box 68)

Bock, John, 1965- Refeeding syndrome : preventing hypophosphatemia hypokalemia and hypomagnesemia in critically ill patients when initiating nutrition support. 2003 (RM8x .B61, Box 215)

Boersma, Elizabeth J. School social support and its relationship with parental stress in families of children with a disability. 1997 (BF8x .B618, Box 3)

Boetcher, Amy. Forest access and human use in Kakamega Forest, Kenya. 2006 (QH8x .B64, Box 163)

Bogan, Valerie L. The population structure of Yellow perch (Perca flavescens) between border lakes and Lake Michigan. 2004 (QL8x .B64, Box 170)

Boldrey, Robert M. Kingsley Amis : a study of adjustment. 1969 (PR8x .Z89, Box 135)

Bole, Ronald. Effect of warm-up on heart rate and endurance. 1964 (QP8x .B65x, Box 180)

Bolen, Kevin L. An Assessment of personality types and empathy levels among audiologists. 2006 (RF8x .B65, Box 202)

Bollman, Mark. Some diophantine equations involving fibonacci numbers and consecutive factorials. 2001 (QA8x .B64, Box 144)

Bomersbach, James R. Do emotion regulation strategies benefit from an attentional bias in social anxiety?. 2010 (BF8x .B66, Box 3)

Bone, Mary Kelly. Status of educational audiology : a nationwide survey. 2000 (RF8x .B66, Box 202)

Bonnette, Donald J. Ecosystem management at Houghton Lake, Michigan with emphasis on wild rice (Zizania acquatica) ecology. 1998 (QH8x .B66, Box 163)

Bontrager, Shannon Ty. The American gospel : Methodists and the Great War. 2001 (BX8x .B62, Box 33)

Bootz, Michael J. A study of community attitudes regarding the public school program in the Stephenson area public schools. 1981 (LC8x .B66, Box 113)

Bordeaux, Eva. Image recognition and retrieval via local differential grey-value invariants. 2005 (Z8x .B67, Box 223)

Borey, Bruce K., Jr. Temperature dependence of the excess thermodynamic functions of the binary liquid system methanol-ethylene glycol. 1978 (QD8x .B67, Box 153)

Borgaonkar, Amrut P. Small-scale hypertextual web search engine. 2002 (QA8x .B63, Box 144)

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