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CMU Dissertations and Theses: Last Name H

This list is a catalog of dissertations and theses written by Central Michigan University students in pursuit of their graduate level degrees from 1948 to 2010. This page, specifically, lists all dissertations and theses written by those whose last names start with H. You can navigate to other authors by using the Author Index tool. 

These papers are listed in alphabetical order by last name, followed by the work's title, year of completion, and call numbers in the Clarke Historical Library. If you are interested in reading one of the dissertations or theses, please note all of this reference information and contact the Clarke Historical Library.

Haaland, Douglas E. Social desirability as an evolved psychological mechanism : differential thresholds of activation and relation to job performance and turnover. 1997 (BF8x .H11, Box 12)

Haaland, Douglas E. Self-assessment of interpersonal competencency : development and validation of a forced-choice method to minimize response distortion in job applicant contexts. 1999 (BF8x .H111, Box 12)

Haaland, Stephanie A. Understanding organizational citizenship and counterproductive work behaviors : examining interactions utilizing and organizational versus interpersonal categorization strategy. 2002 (BF8x .H12, Box 12)

Haas, Nancy M. The life (and death) of House Bill No. 4476 : Michigan's proposed shield law. 1977 (KFM8x .H32, Box 76)

Haas, Robert G. A Teacher opinionnaire of traits of secondary school principals in Port Huron schools -- 1974. 1974 (LB8x .H32, Box 89)

Haber-Perez, Ada L. The audiologist's role in tinnitus relief : an educational approach. 2003 (RF8x .H23, Box 205)

Hadden, Lisa G. Other lives to live. 2002 (PS8x .H22, Box 137)

Hagey, Dennis R. The effects of mobility on student achievement. 1981 (LB8x .H33, Box 89)

Hagiwara, Kotaro. Difference in social skills and educational success between high school students in Japan and the United States. 1999 (LB8x .H22, Box 89)

Haglund, Kristine M. Partial purification and kinetic properties of rat liver kynureninase (L-kynurenine hydrolase EC 1974 (QP8x .H34, Box 182)

Hahn, Stephen F. New polymeric materials via the chlorination of CIS-1,4- Polybutadiene in the presence of aryl nucleophiles. 1990 (QD8x .H24, Box 155)

Hahnenberg, Cheryl A. Survey of high school principals on views regarding attendance policies in Michigan high schools. 1989 (LB8x .H334, Box 90)

Hahnenberg, Edward. Mandated K-12 curricula : a survey of the fifty states. 1991 (LB8x .H3342, Box 90)

Haiduc-Dale, Noah J. Reflections of social and political change in Palestinian Fiction : 1948-1987. 2002 (PJ8x .H33, Box 129)

Haight, Erick S. The role of collective self-esteem in terror management theory. 1999 (BF8x .H32, Box 12)

Haik, Kristi L. The effects of lead exposure on behavioral measures in rats. 2000 (RC8x .H15, Box 194)

Haik-Creguer, Kristi L. The use of quinolinic acid-containing ethylene vinylacetate polymers in a rodent model of Huntington's disease. 1998 (QL8x .H15, Box 173)

Hainstock, Kristi. The impact of a Midwestern elementary school's wellness initiatives on health and school behavior. 2010 (LB8x .H3345, Box 90)

Hakoyama, Chihiro. Investigation of paper clothes as a response to fast fashion. 2010 (TT8x .H35, Box 222)

Hakoyama, Mikiyasu. What it means to be a good father : fathers' perspectives. 2004 (HQ8x .H35, Box 63)

Halazon, Barbara L. Relationship between the Carlson Psychological Survey and the MMPI-2 in psychiatric dual diagnosed adult offenders. 2003 (BF8x .H31, Box 12)

Halberg, Greg Victor. Relationships among power, acceleration, maxmum speed, programmed agility, and reactive agility : the neural fundamentals of agility. 2001 (GV8x .H31, Box 42)

Halgren, Douglas W. Developmental analysis of memory capacity and encoding strategies in learning disabled children. 1976 (LB8x .H34, Box 90)

Hall, Heather L. A comparison in the accuracy of trained versus untrained technicians in the assessment of body composition. 1990 (R8x .H24, Box 186)

Hall, Leroy R. Male-female differences in the discipline and direction of  children. 1982 (HQ8x .H24, Box 63)

Hall, Nan. The effects of nontraditional student status and learning styles on perceptions of teacher immediacy in the college classroom. 2001 (LB8x .H35, Box 90)

Hall, Natalie A. Sexism in introductory sociology textbooks : a study in the sociology of knowledge. 1984 (HQ8x .H25, Box 63)

Hall, Thomas L. Communication quality, patient view of waiting times, and satisfaction in the urban fast track emergency department. 2007 (RC8x .H35, Box 194)

Haller, Elizabeth K. Acts of concealment in the novels of Charlotte Bronte. 2003 (PR8x .H33, Box 133)

Halloran, Richard D. Implications for restructuring of schools in the information era. 1989 (LB8x .H344, Box 90)

Hamilton, Debra J. A vestibular rehabilitation protocol for a multispecialty clinic. 2003 (RF8x .H35, Box 205)

Hamlin, Dennis Jay. The potential for natural reproduction of chinook salmon in the Chippewa River, Isabella County, Michigan. 1993 (QL8x .H255, Box 173)

Hamlin, John Edward. Antinomian controversy : a structural analysis of deviance in Massachusetts Bay. 1981 (HM8x .H34, Box 59)

Han, Guoxia. Mesitylene-based crosslinking agents for anionic and radical polymerization : synthesis and polymerization of 2-acryloyltetrahydro-1,2-oxazine. 1998 (QD8x .H34, Box 155)

Han, Midori Nishizaki. State succession by Ukraine : territories and armed forces from  the former U.S.S.R. 1994 (DK8x .H25, Box 35)

Han, Mingming. Synthesis and spectral characterization of allylic addition/fragmentation chain transfer agents for free radical polymerization. 1995 (QD8x .H255, Box 155)

Hanavan, Perry C. A review of hearing aid manufacturer websites. 2004 (HD8x .H36, Box 48)

Hancock, Thomas W. author. False memories : the role of explicit and implicit memory. 1997 (BF8x .H26, Box 12)

Hand, Dennis J. Operant and Pavlovian mechanisms of tolerance. 2008 (BF8x .H262, Box 12)

Hankin, Aaron M. The fluorescence of expanding, supercool atomic clouds. 2009 (QC8x .H36, Box 150)

Hanlon, Sharon M. The insanity defense : is it practical?. 1980 (RA8x .H36, Box 188)

Hannah, Garry H. Three statistical procedures for multiple reaction time analysis. 1979 (QA8x .H37, Box 145)

Hannah, Sarah K. Academic preparation and stuttering intervention in Michigan schools : a current state of affairs. 2009 (RC8x .H36, Box 194)

Hanoian, Louis R. The rhetorical strategies of motivation as utilized by Vince Lombardi. 1980 (PN8x .H36, Box 130)

Hansen, Curtiss P. A causal model of the relationship between accidents, biodata, personality, and cognitive factors using LISREL VI. 1986 (HD8x .H24, Box 47)

Hansen, Elizabeth A. Correction for guessing in multiple choice tests : a comparison of two models. 1973 (LB8x .H35x, Box 90)

Hansknecht, Kerry A. Thermal and temporal aspects of cold-water foraging by the northern water snake (Nerodia sipedon sipedon). 2003 (QL8x .H35, Box 173)

Hanson, Gerald D. An analysis of the elementary and secondary education act of 1965, public law 89-10 : with special reference to acceptance or rejection characteristics complete with samples of title I and title II. 1966 (LB8x .H35x, Box 90)

Hanson, Joy M. Comparison of normal and learning disabled children on Piagetian conservation tasks. 1979 (BF8x .H36, Box 13)

Hanson, Lynelle G. The Henslow's sparrow (Ammodramus henslowii) of Minnesota : population status and breeding habitat analysis. 1994 (QL8x .H265, Box 173)

Haraburda, Kenneth. Selective attention in the pigeon during a matching-to-sample task. 1974 (BF8x .H33, Box 12)

Harbison, Steven D. A school-police liason program as developed for the Mt. Pleasant public schools. 1981 (LC8x .H37, Box 116)

Harden, Jeffry M. Status of the American marten (Martes americana) in the Manistee National Forest of lower Michigan. 1998 (QL8x .H21, Box 173)

Hardy, Joseph R. A condition for spontaneous recovery from extinction. 1970 (BF8x .H35, Box 13)

Haren, Joseph Anthony. An examination of the certification requirements of interscholastic coaches in the care, management, and prevention of athletic injuries. 1997 (RD8x .H34, Box 201)

Hariprasad, Deepa. Efficacy of teaching approaches with FM systems. 2003 (RF8x .H36, Box 205)

Harkin, Mary. Are the random gap detection test and the dichotic digits test (double) reliable screening tools to identify children who may have an auditory processing disorder. 2002 (RF8x .H31, Box 205)

Harley, Rex L. The effect of seven period scheduling with a common planning period at Lake City High School. 1989 (LB8x .H365, Box 90)

Harmon, Nancy Louallen. An analysis of the relationship between delayed auditory feedback and selected expressive variables associated with stuttering. 1966 (RC8x .H37x, Box 194)

Harnett, David. An Interpretation of Spinoza's thought on authority and on divine evolution. 1974 (JC8x .H37, Box 73)

Harnois, Heidi L. Refeeding Hypophosphatemia in parenterally fed oncology patients. 2002 (RC8x .H28, Box 194)

Harrington, Michael R. The relationship of three standardized visual-motor tests and academic achievement in the classroom. 1980 (BF8x .H37, Box 13)

Harris, Anne Marie. A Study of the legal, financial, and education aspects of children's homes in the state of Michigan. 1987 (HV8x .H3, Box 69)

Harris, Cynthia E. Determinants of health transition planning for foster youth with special health care needs in the District of Columbia. 2009 (RA8x .H368, Box 188)

Harris, Dianna Brainerd. Hyperacusis literature review and case study. 2001 (RF8x .H34, Box 205)

Harris, Shirley A. Effect of tangible rewards on K-ABC performance of low socioeconomic status white preschoolers. 1988 (BF8x .H373, Box 13)

Harris, Stephen J., 1966- The use of low-pass filtered noise in the assessment of speech discrimination. 1975 (RF8x .H37, Box 205)

Harris-Basom, Diane. Leader behaviors in effective school administrators. 2006 (LB8x .H366, Box 90)

Harris-Carlson, Shirley Ann. Sleepwalking and night terrors in children : treatment with scheduled awakenings and circadian rhythm management. 1991 (RJ8x .H27, Box 213)

Harrison, J. A. (James A.) A cooperative school improvement plan for Shiawassee County, Michigan, Intermediate School District. 1986 (LB8x .H367, Box 90)

Harrison, John Russell. Effects of instructions on comparison of personality traits of athletes and nonathletes. 1982 (BF8x .H375, Box 13)

Harrison, William H. An examination of Michigan public schools' response to A Nation at risk. 1987 (LA8x .H37, Box 77)

Harrold, Jesse Freeland. Winter observations of bottom organisms of Cedar Creek, Isabella Co., Michigan. 1967 (QH8x .H37x, Box 164)

Harroun, Herbert L. A Study of the impact of the Student Leadership Forums on education in Michigan. 1987 (LB8x .H3686, Box 90)

Harshfield, David A. A Study of the 1974 mini-grant program of the Genesee Intermediate School District. 1976 (LB8x .H377, Box 90)

Harshman, Robert. ITPA performance of Black children with reading problems. 1973 (LB8x .H37, Box 90)

Hart, David F. A trend assessment of certified personnel absenteeism in the  Bridgeport-Spaulding Community School District. 1982 (LB8x .H27, Box 89)

Hart, Gerard P. Measurement of the sub-publics' attitudes toward the guidance program of Port Huron High School. 1975 (LB8x .H378, Box 90)

Hart, Stephanie L. The diet of burbot (Lota lota lacustris Walbaum) collected from eastern Lake Michigan in 1996 and 1997. 2001 (QL8x .H32, Box 173)

Hartley, Tina L. Memory prints : a visual record. 1998 (N8x .H37, Box 124)

Hartman, Anne Marie Susan. The impact of public service announcements on drinking and driving behavior among college students. 2010 (HF8x .H27, Box 53)

Hartman, Phil W. An evaluation of the Alma Center for Community Education. 1972 (LC8x .H3, Box 116)

Hartwell, Sherry L. A comparison of two word recognition training procedures with  trainable mentally impaired adults. 1982 (LB8x .H379, Box 90)

Haru, Terry T. The effect of social organization on attitudinal diversity within the medical profession : a study in the sociology of knowledge. 1974 (RA8x .H37, Box 188)

Harwood, Robert G. The determination of extinction rates as a function of JND for weight discrimination in the albino rat. 1969 (BF8x .H3, Box 12)

Hase, Meredy. Early diagnosis and treatment of sudden sensorineural hearing loss. 2001 (RF8x .H33, Box 205)

Haseley, Douglas J. The effects of high contrast black-and-white toys on infants' cognitive development, visual attending, and temperament. 1998 (BF8x .H378, Box 13)

Haseley, Erin. Do kin provide the best care? : a meta-analysis comparing kinship and traditional family foster care. 2007 (HV8x .H37, Box 69)

Hassemer, David J. Light-catalyzed reactions between various thioureas and sodium pentacanonitrosylferrate (II). 1969 (QD8x .H3, Box 155)

Hatfield, Katherine L. Predicting use of approach and avoidance coping strategies to maintain family functioning during chronic illness. 2002 (BF8x .H29, Box 12)

Hatfield-Eldred, Maegan R. The effect of working memory capacity on impulsivity and decision-making. 2008 (RC8x .H38, Box 194)

Hathaway, Lawrence F. Achievement motivation, sex and IQ as they relate to academic achievement in kindergarten and first grade. 1976 (LB8x .H38, Box 90)

Hatherill, Dennis L. The relationship of hearing aid success and auditory processing in older hearing impaired adults, using three tests of central auditory processing. 2006 (RF8x .H38, Box 205)

Haufe, Merrie Rogers. An investigation of language delayed and language normal children's manner of expressing rejection negation. 1983 (LB8x .H382, Box 90)

Hauke, Nathan K. Age of reckoning. 2004 (PS8x .H37, Box 137)

Hawkins, Richard T. A Survey to determine compensation and benefits recieved by boards of education in public K-12 school districts and intermediate school districts in Michigan. 1978 (LB8x .H383, Box 90)

Hawley, Jason E. Experimental assessment of shock collars as non-lethal control method for free-ranging wolves in Wisconsin. 2005 (SF8x .H39, Box 217)

Hawthorne, William J. Adaptation of a tripartite model to the evaluation of therapeutic outcomes in a children's outpatient treatment program. 1980 (RJ8x .H38, Box 213)

Hayes, James R. Student activism : a study in change. 1971 (LA8x .H39x, Box 77)

Hayes, Katherine Sue. Attitudes toward eventual retirement among academicians. 1984 (BF8x .D456, Box 8)

Hayes-Gary, Nancy L. Characteristics of the male batterer : a study of taxonomy. 1991 (BF8x .H38, Box 13)

Hazzard, Sarah. Habitat selection by landbirds at Port Crescent State Park and Albert E. Sleeper State Park, Michigan. 2001 (QL8x .H39, Box 173)

Healy, Dawn Marie. The effects of color coding and pictorial presentation on picture card communication boards for severely physically and mentally impaired adults. 1983 (BF8x .H42, Box 13)

Hearit, Keith Michael. A Burkean analysis of the rhetoric of Garrison Keillor. 1988 (PS8x .H32, Box 137)

Heathfield, Lora Faith Tuesday. Analysis of factors influencing the social skill development of young children : a literature review. 1986 (BF8x .H427, Box 13)

Heatley, Thomas V. The effects of increased availability of nesting sites on a population of Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia Sialis) in Isabella County, Michigan. 1969 (QL8x .H4x, Box 173)

Hebbard, Duncan B. Between the lightning and the thunder. 1974 (PS8x .H42, Box 137)

Heckard, Bonnie L. Using concept mapping to understand the impact of professional development on faculty at master level universities. 2008 (LB8x .H43, Box 90)

Hecocks, Marta R. Relationships between reading-related phonological processing ability and tests of auditory processing. 2003 (RF8x .H44, Box 206)

Hefty, Kathryn P. Teaching students to use the keyword-picture study strategy to learn vocabulary words and definitions. 1990 (LB8x .H425, Box 90)

Heide, Richard M. Effects of reception area artifacts on corporate climate and visitor interaction. 1996 (P8x .H452, Box 126)

Heimforth, Keith W. The Demand for money by businesses and households. 1978 (HG8x .H43, Box 57)

Hein, Alexander D. Alternative materials for advanced composite molding. 2005 (TA8x .H45, Box 219)

Hein, Catherine Lynn. Reducing night wakings in young children : an evaluation of progressive delay responding. 1992 (BF8x .H43, Box 13)

Hein, Derek W. On the _-design conjecture of v=5p + 1 points. 2000 (QA8x .H43, Box 145)

Heine, Kristen L. Mathom. 2003 (PS8x .H41, Box 137)

Heini, Daniel K. Export earnings instability : a determinant of domestic economic performance?. 1985 (HD8x .H34, Box 47)

Heinisch, Deanne A. A comparison of self-report vs. observer measures of negative affectivity in the study of work-related stress. 1995 (HF8x .H339, Box 53)

Heinisch, Deanne A. An exploration of dispositional personality dimensions : the role of negative affectivity, introversion, and gender in work-related stress. 1993 (HF8x .H34, Box 53)

Heins, Melvin F. Two views of Viet Nam. 1975 (DS8x .H44, Box 35)

Heintz, JoAnn R. A study of salary increases for principals and teachers in  selected school districts in the school year 1981-82 within the state of  Michigan. 1982 (LB8x .H455, Box 91)

Heinzman, Patrice. Regional education service agencies : emerging from the shadows. 2001 (LB8x .H431, Box 91)

Heisler, Jennifer M. The father-daughter relationship : the communication of intimacy and relational satisfaction. 1997 (P8x .H46, Box 126)

Heitman, Lucy I. Educational accountability : its implications. 1980 (LB8x .H434, Box 91)

Helfner-Mitchell, Francine G. Test-retest reliability of the hearing handicap inventory for the elderly (HHIE-S) for the Azorean Portuguese-speaking elderly. 2001 (RF8x .H45, Box 206)

Heller, Terrence L. Warming of a select location in Torch Lake, Antrim County, Michigan, and the local climate : its possible relation to larval chironomid growth and development. 1981 (QL8x .H44, Box 173)

Hellman, C. David. E.E.G. recordings of multiple lesions in Albino rats. 1967 (RC8x .H45x, Box 195)

Hellmuth, Barton H. A Survey of student due process rights in selected public schools. 1976 (KF8x .H455, Box 76)

Helmbrecht, Josephine Z. Effects of cerumen on in-the-ear hearing and performance. 2000 (RF8x .H41, Box 206)

Helmer, Ronald D. North Elementary Developmental Kindergarten : parental perceptions. 1990 (LB8x .H44, Box 91)

Helmink, James A. The Effect of competition upon the free throw shooting performance of high-, and low anxious subjects. 1977 (HM8x .H44, Box 59)

Hembroff, Larry A. Prejudice reduction through contact : the case of sexism. 1975 (BF8x .H44, Box 13)

Hemme, Jannel M. Comparison of neuropsychological and behavioral correlates in children with TBI and ADHD. 2003 (BF8x .H4, Box 13)

Hemme, Jannel M. Comparison of malingering detection methods in a social security disability sample. 2001 (LB8x .H441, Box 91)

Hemmingson, Nancy S. Monotype as a process for discovery. 1997 (NE8x .H38, Box 125)

Henck, George F. The evaluation of student teaching performance by students, student teacher, and supervising teacher. 1974 (LB8x .H45, Box 91)

Hendershot, Robert M. Family spats : perception, illusion, and sentimentality in the formation of the modern Anglo-American special relationship, 1950-1976. 2006 (E8x .H46, Box 37)

Henderson, Barbara, 1893- A survey and analysis of the curriculum attitudes of Gaylord Community School District parents. 1981 (LB8x .H46, Box 91)

Henderson, Camille E. Predictors of negative attitudes among college freshmen toward sexual minorities : implications for prevention. 2010 (LC8x .H46, Box 116)

Henderson, Michael R. Actual versus expected developmental effects of psychiatric hospitalization on family members. 1980 (HQ8x .H46, Box 63)

Henderson, SallyAnn F. Vella. Organizing Isabella County for child advocacy : the community coordinated child care approach. 1980 (HV8x .H46, Box 69)

Hendricks, Elizabeth A. Employee resentment : its potential antecedents and effects on organizational commitment and withdrawal behaviors. 2004 (HD8x .H46, Box 48)

Heng, Catherine M. Journalism education in Michigan secondary schools. 1969 (LB8x .H45x, Box 91)

Henley, John Robert. Marketing college radio. 1984 (HF8x .H35, Box 54)

Henne, Joseph F. Loudness discomfort levels as a function of stimula and psychophysical methods. 1974 (BF8x .H45, Box 13)

Henry, Mary Lou. The effects of usnic acid on germinating barley seeds. 1975 (QK8x .H45, Box 167)

Henry, Robert James, Jr. Pure tone delayed auditory feedback : an application with young children. 1978 (RF8x .H46, Box 206)

Henry, Scot A. Teacher perceptions of the grading system in two Michigan public schools. 1992 (LB8x .H464, Box 91)

Henschel, Edmund M. The problems of peacekeeping and peacemaking. 1972 (JX8x .H45, Box 75)

Hernandez, Heather J. Marital conflict and preschoolers' peer relationships : the role of emotional understanding. 2002 (HQ8x .H47, Box 63)

Hernandez, Heather J. Forensic medical evaluation of child sexual abuse : factors influencing children's coping and distress. 2006 (RJ8x .H47, Box 213)

Herreshoff, John K. Control of early visual stimulation and its effects on later visual pattern discrimination in the hooded rat. 1970 (BF8x .H46, Box 13)

Herrick, Betty Jane Gardner. Maternal depression, relationship quality, perceived parenting stress, and children's security attachment. 2001 (RC8x .H43, Box 194)

Herrington, Larry G. Practices and procedures in the administration of substitute teachers. 1985 (LB8x .H47, Box 91)

Herron, Nelson R. Computer simulated Fourier transform nuclear magnetic resonance. 1978 (QC8x .H47, Box 150)

Hertel, Larry Wayne. Model synthetic routes directed towards the 2, 4-diazasteroidal ring skeleton. 1976 (QD8x .H47, Box 156)

Hervey, Peter B. A comparative study of academic achievement of homogeneously and heterogeneously grouped sixth grade pupils. 1967 (LB8x .H475, Box 91)

Herzfeld, Melanie. Counseling as a required part of audiology training. 2000 (RF8x .H47, Box 206)

Hessler-Smith, Cassie. Mindfulness and its effects on racial prejudice and sterotyping. 2000 (BF8x .H47, Box 13)

Hewkin, Stephen K. A clinical protocol for the measurement of directional hearing aid benefit. 2004 (QP8x .H49, Box 182)

Heyboer, Jay D. Alienation, false-consciousness, and personal ideology. 1987 (HM8x .H49, Box 59)

Heyl, David L. Prejudice : empirical data beckoning toward a theory of self, ambivalence, and tolerance. 1997 (HM8x .H51, Box 59)

Hiatt, Charles P. Cost-push theory as an explanation of inflation : the U.S. experience, 1970-1983. 1990 (HG8x .H52, Box 57)

Hibma, Jody C. Endogenously-synthesized vitamin D3 versus exogenous dietary vitamin D3 : the effect on growth and development of juvenile green iguanas (Iguana iguana). 1999 (QL8x .H54, Box 173)

Hibma, Julie A. Chemosensory utilization in foraging hatchling painted turtles, "Chrysemys picta". 1998 (QL8x .H55, Box 173)

Hickey, Terry. The voyage of college to university transfer students : the student voice. 2008 (LB8x .H515, Box 91)

Hicks, Sherry L. Short-term effects of aerobic dance upon the cardiovascular system. 1982 (RC8x .H53, Box 195)

Hicks-Postar, Lori Ann. Mismatch negativity and psychoacoustic measures of gap detection in children. 2004 (RF8x .H53, Box 206)

Hidalgo, Dennis R. From North America to Hispaniola : first free black emigration and settlements in Hispaniola. 2001 (F8x .H53, Box 38)

Hiemstra, Donald W. The effects of preschool : a study of nonpreschoolers versus preschoolers in school achievement and behavioral maturity. 1985 (LB8x .H52, Box 91)

Higgins, Jacquelyn Rae. Keyboarding skills and their effect on computer production rate. 1983 (HF8x .H53, Box 54)

Higgins, Patricia A. A Study of preschool children to determine the order of distinctive feature acquisition in phonemes. 1977 (P8x .H54, Box 126)

Higman, Phyllis J. A comparative study of numerical analyses of relationships within Carex : section Vesicariae (Cyperaceae), including achene surface micromorphology. 1989 (QK8x .H54, Box 167)

Hile, Earl I. The impact of the Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 on Congress and the budget. 1981 (HJ8x .H54, Box 58)

Hill, Eric J., chemist. Investigation of water effects in the MALDI-TOF MS analysis of POSS-functionalized PAMAM dendrimers. 2007 (QD8x .H55, Box 156)

Hill, Julie A. Translating register-memory based machine code to java bytecode. 2001 (QA8x .H55, Box 146)

Hiller, Mary Elizabeth. A variability study of AM Leonis. 2002 (QB8x .H47, Box 149)

Hilley, Michael. A literature review of the progress assessment chart of social and personal development : (P.-A.-C.). 1979 (BF8x .H54, Box 13)

Hilton, Corey. Deregulation's impact on the electricity industry : policy solutions, game theory and forecasting hourly prices. 2006 (HD8x .H55, Box 48)

Himmelstein, Susan Datres. Adult life cycles : another method of determining brand loyalty?. 1977 (HF8x .H54, Box 54)

Hindson, Harry Burdette. Aspects of the saxophone in American musical culture 1850-1980. 1992 (ML8x .H56, Box 123)

Hine, Sherry L. An educationally relevant test for three year old children : pilot study. 1983 (LB8x .H53, Box 91)

Hines, André Leona. Identification of critical success factors for the sustainability of Frontier Extended Stay Clinics. 2009 (RC8x .H56, Box 195)

Hinkin, David Richard. Alternatives to declining enrollments in Saginaw Township community schools. 1981 (LB8x .H55, Box 91)

Hintz, Anjanette K. Electrofishing burrowed larval sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus), the effect of slow pulsed direct current variables on emergence at varying water temperatures. 1993 (QL8x .H56, Box 173)

Hirsch, Cheryl Lynne. A quantitative analysis of the male and female parental roles in the Jack Dempsey cichlid (Cichlasoma octofasciatum). 1985 (QL8x .H57, Box 173)

Ho, Thien Duy. Molecular vibration frequency assignment of dimethylsilanediol. 1984 (QD8x .H6, Box 156)

Hoag, Norman D. A comparative analysis of teaching traits of student teachers by the freshman and senior high school students at Mount Pleasant High School, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. 1974 (LB8x .H62, Box 91)

Hodges, Michael G. The Ku Klux Klan as a political influence in Michigan in the 1920's. 1998 (HS8x .H62, Box 67)

Hoefferle, Caroline. A comparative history of student activism in Britain and the United States, 1960 to 1975. 2000 (LA8x .H64, Box 77)

Hoek, Karen A. Effects of inservice training on divergent thinking in the classroom. 1977 (LB8x .H63, Box 91)

Hoeksema, Fannie M. Identifying intellectual advancement in preschoolers. 1982 (LB8x .H635, Box 91)

Hoerger, Michael. Delaying gratification inventory. 2010 (BF8x .H628, Box 13)

Hoerger, Michael. Anticipated and experienced emotional reactions in schizotypy. 2007 (RC8x .H64, Box 195)

Hoffman, Carolyn Joyce. The effect of the length of protein deficiency upon hepatic storage of vitamin A in the growing rat. 1974 (QP8x .H63, Box 182)

Hoffman, Cindy Lynn. The effects of token reinforcement on the WISC-R performance for low and high social status, black, first, second, and third graders. 1989 (BF8x .H63, Box 13)

Hoffman, Kimberly A. Private practice and the Au.D : a clinical survey of ADA members. 2001 (RF8x .H63, Box 206)

Hofstetter, Philip J. Telemedicine : a model for delivering audiology care to remote sites through telehealth. 2009 (RF8x .H64, Box 206)

Hogg, Nancy E. Job characteristics of 1986 and 1987 bachelor's degree graduates of computer-related programs of Michigan colleges and universities. 1989 (LC8x .H64, Box 116)

Hogue, Shari Ann. Small public schools in Michigan : are they meeting the recommendations from the state department of education?. 1989 (LB8x .H6357, Box 91)

Hojnowski, Mark W. The new economic policy and the struggle for power in the Soviet Union, 1921-1929. 1993 (DK8x .H65, Box 35)

Holder, Stephen C. Alienation and philosophical estrangement in selected works of Saul Bellow and Nathanael West. 1966 (PS8x .Z63, Box 142)

Holdship, Michael W. An Attitude survey of parents in the Carson City-Crystal Area Schools regarding present school programs and future needs of the district. 1978 (LC8x .H65, Box 116)

Holek, Dulcie Dee. The impact of supplemental instruction on the retention and graduation of students of color at "Mid-Western University". 2008 (LB8x .H636, Box 92)

Holes, Frank D. Two-way interactive television : its feasibility in northern Michigan rural schools. 1991 (LB8x .H637, Box 92)

Holla-Aschenbrenner, Anne Marie. Risk, assessment, and management of falls in the elderly, the audiologist's role : a survey of the literature. 2008 (RF8x .H65, Box 206)

Holland, Jean M. The Effects of incentive upon the rotary-pursuit performance of normals and retardates. 1966 (BF8x .H655, Box 13)

Hollander, Loren E. The Relationship between measures of short-term visual memory and reading achievement in the early elementary grades. 1976 (BF8x .H64, Box 13)

Hollandsworth, Shirley. A comparative assessment of business communication skills in business offices and public secondary schools. 1983 (HF8x .H65, Box 54)

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