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CMU Dissertations and Theses: Last Name N

This list is a catalog of dissertations and theses written by Central Michigan University students in pursuit of their graduate level degrees from 1948 to 2010. This page, specifically, lists all dissertations and theses written by those whose last names start with N. You can navigate to other authors by using the Author Index tool. 

These papers are listed in alphabetical order by last name, followed by the work's title, year of completion, and call numbers in the Clarke Historical Library. If you are interested in reading one of the dissertations or theses, please note all of this reference information and contact the Clarke Historical Library.

Nachtrieb, Patrick G. Binge drinking among college students : the role of stress, grades, and social life. 2007 (HV8x .N33, Box 70)

Nadig, Vandana. Adaption-innovation and cognitive climate : the effect of fit/non-fit on state anxiety, intent to leave, physical strain, and group cohesion. 1993 (BF8x .N32, Box 20)

Nadig, Vandana. The measurement of multiple-commitments : scale development and validation. 1995 (BF8x .N322, Box 20)

Nadji, Taoufik. The t-quark decay. 1985 (QC8x .N23, Box 151)

Nagele, Drew A. Patterns of cognitive deficits in relation to age, education, and time post trauma in head injured adults. 1982 (BF8x .N35, Box 20)

Nagra, Ayesha. The effects of state anxiety on neuropsychological performance in the Asian-Indian population in the United States. 2002 (BF8x .N335, Box 20)

Nagra, Ayesha. Psychological health and mental health services utlilization in Asian Indians in the United States. 2005 (RC8x .N33, Box 198)

Nagy, Barbara H. Body accessibility and self-disclosure : an experimental analysis of two modes of interpersonal communication of high-, medium-, and low-investments made of college females. 1976 (BF8x .N33, Box 20)

Nair, Suresh Sukumar. Modeling and comparative analysis of traditional batch manufacturing systems and cellular manufacturing systems. 1996 (TS8x .N257, Box 222)

Nakanishi, Koichiro. The study of personality through three cognitive components : private self-consciousness, public self-consciousness, and self-esteem. 1993 (BF8x .N34, Box 20)

Naranjo, Sergio N. The self-destructive man : a study of gender role conflict. 2001 (BF8x .N37, Box 20)

Nardizzi, Pasquale. Athletic academic eligibility policies in Michigan class D high schools. 1991 (GV8x .N27, Box 43)

Narinthrangura, Chulvat. Budget deficit, inflation, and the balance of payments : a case study of Thailand. 1993 (HC8x .N27, Box 46)

Narrigan, Joseph J. Critical hearing jobs and fitness for duty evaluations in an occupational hazardous noise environment. 2002 (RF8x .N37, Box 208)

Nash, Bradley. The concept of race among sociologists : a study in the sociology of scientific knowledge. 1987 (HM8x .N37, Box 59)

Nastally, Paul A. Twelfth grade student perceptions towards career education. 1999 (LC8x .N17, Box 119)

Nausieda, Ryan. When the spouse is not bringing home the bacon : social support during unemployment. 2005 (HD8x .N38, Box 49)

Navarro, Ernest. Line, value, color. 1994 (N8x .N39, Box 124)

Navidzadeh, Kambiz. United States role in the Persian Gulf politics, 1946-1980. 1986 (DS8x .N28, Box 36)

Neahr, Patricia Dawn. Evaluating two Marxist theories of the state. 1986 (HX8x .N32, Box 73)

Neal, Charles T. Examination of delinquent and non-delinquent self-conceptions as measured by the twenty statements test. 1970 (BF8x .N43, Box 20)

Neal, La Mar J. Differentiating the performances of Alzheimer patients from hospitalized and normal elderly controls on a verbal measure of learning and memory. 1994 (RC8x .N435, Box 198)

Nearing, Daniel J. Effects of graphing technology in classroom instruction of college algebra. 1997 (QA8x .N45, Box 147)

Nedry, Rosalyn N. Why can't I teach that?. 2003 (Z8x .N38, Box 223)

Neely, Linda Gail. The Essence of Galway Kinnell : "Tenderness Toward Existence". 1974 (PS8x .N43, Box 139)

Neff, John R. A narrative analysis of the film - "Jesus". 1997 (PN8x .N32, Box 131)

Neff, Valerie A. Same grade peer monitors using curriculum-based measurement reading probes : reliability over time. 1996 (LB8x .N433, Box 100)

Nehil, Carol W. A study of the use of the Student Staff Service Center at Waverly High School in Lansing, Michigan. 1993 (LB8x .N43, Box 100)

Nelms, Linda F. Development of a species-specific nucleic acid probe for Streptococcus bovis. 1993 (QR8x .N455, Box 185)

Nelson, Eric A. Analysis of dispersal in Michigan's Northern Lower Peninsula reintroduced American marten (Martes americana). 2006 (QL8x .N45, Box 176)

Nelson, Gary D. The Effects of an inservice sensitivity education experience on the teacher effectiveness of discussion group leaders. 1978 (LB8x .N44, Box 100)

Nelson, John M. Usability testing of digital atlas menu types. 2004 (GA8x .N45, Box 39)

Nelson, Lauren. The Influence of contextual cues on the performance of normal and language delayed children on the elicited language inventory. 1978 (P8x .N44, Box 127)

Nelson, Luanne E. Leisure boredom and college students at Central Michigan University. 1995 (GV8x .N455, Box 43)

Nelson, Meghann E. The Impact of single vs. multiple format graphical aids on the recall of facts. 2005 (BF8x .N44, Box 20)

Nelson, Peter. Selected Rorschach response differences between urban and rural lower socio-economic class juvenile delinquents. 1969 (HV8x .N44, Box 70)

Nelson-Drake, Janice K. The efficacy of vestibular rehabilitation : a review of the evidence and the implications for clinical practice. 2004 (RF8x .N45, Box 208)

Nemeth, Conni R. The effect of response-contingent stimulation upon vocalizations of three month old infants. 1977 (HQ8x .N44, Box 64)

Nervig, Loran Maurice. Body-image preference as a function of gender, sexual preference and gender identity. 1991 (BF8x .N47, Box 21)

Neubecker, James S. A renewed approach to secondary school business education. 1979 (HF8x .N48, Box 55)

Neudecker, John J. Evaluation of a novel malingering detection method involving symptom validity testing, performance curve analysis, and response time. 2004 (RA8x .N48, Box 188)

Neudecker, John J. Modification of a novel malingering detection method involving multiple detection strategies. 2006 (RA8x .N482, Box 188)

Neumeyer, Elizabeth A. Indian removal in Michigan, 1833-1855. 1968 (E8x .N48, Box 37)

Nevins, Mark E. Variables affecting interhemispheric transfer of a taste aversion in rats. 1976 (QP8x .N48, Box 182)

Newkirk, William D. A Clare public schools survey and plan for an effective professional development program. 1985 (LB8x .N48, Box 100)

Newman, Kent R. Testing the word superiority effect : same-different comparison of equal-length letter string pairs by position. 1987 (P8x .N485, Box 127)

Newton, Jack R. Problems resulting from the consolidation of Michigan school districts with particular reference to the Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port School District. 1963 (LB8x .N49x, Box 101)

Nguyen, Trung Q. Non-LTE calculation of helium I line emission from cataclysmic variable stars. 1993 (QB8x .N48, Box 149)

Nichols, Holly. A survey of graduates of the school psychology specialist degree program at Central Michigan University and their supervisors. 1996 (LB8x .N52, Box 101)

Nicholson, Angela J. Young adult perceptions of parental life stories. 2002 (HQ8x .N52, Box 65)

Nickel, Tim. Analytical Marxism : exposition and critique. 1992 (JC8x .N43, Box 73)

Nickless, Judith K. Journalism instruction and activity in Michigan public ccommunity colleges. 1974 (PN8x .N52, Box 131)

Nielsen, Alice A. Altruistic values : review of selective research and theory. 1981 (LC8x .N53, Box 119)

Nielsen, Wayne F. Mexican policies toward transnational corporations in the petro leum industry : foreign investment, technology and profits. 1982 (HG8x .N53, Box 57)

Niemi, Carol E. The effect of university level nutrition education on students' nutrition knowledge and attitudes. 1983 (TX8x .N54, Box 223)

Niergarth, Grover. Nesting and migrant bird populations in a marsh in southwestern Michigan. 1964 (QL8x .N54x, Box 176)

Niester, Jennifer M. Jigsaw mirror : a novel-in-progress. 2005 (PS8x .I365, Box 137)

Nigro, Kirk A. A study of home rule for Harrison, Michigan. 1968 (JS8x .M47x, Box 75)

Nigro, Kirk A. An educational crisis and solution. 1971 (LB8x .N54, Box 101)

Nishimoto, Katsu. The organization, administration, and implementation of a judo program at the high school level. 1972 (GV8x .N57, Box 43)

Njoroge, Eric K. Regular expression parser for software specification. 2003 (QA8x .N59, Box 147)

Nobbs, Zane R. A comparative analysis of foreign direct investment policy in the Asian Region : what type of policy can benefit developing nations the most in terms of FDI inflow?. 1989 (HG8x .N62, Box 57)

Noch, George D. A Model policy for crowd control at athletic events. 1976 (GV8x .N62, Box 43)

Nolan, Bruce. A Study of job satisfaction of teachers enrolled in education classes at Central Michigan University in the summer of 1976. 1977 (LB8x .N64, Box 101)

Nollen, Nancy J. Relationships between the marriage role expectations and values of secondary school students and other selected background factors. 1967 (HQ8x .N65, Box 65)

Noor, Shahar M. The Use of mass communication in the implementation of family planning programs in Malaysia. 1979 (HQ8x .N66, Box 65)

Nordeen, Marvin P. A comparison of learning disabled students' performance on the WISC-R and WISC-III : implication for eligibility. 1998 (BF8x .N67, Box 21)

Nori, Kathy A. A comparison of the effects of three captioning methods on viewers' comprehension of facts and inference in the ABC News. 1980 (PN8x .N67, Box 131)

Norman, Carol A. Shame in addiction recovery of wome. 1996 (BF8x .N675, Box 21)

Norman, Mary E. Teacher evaluations : the ITIP effect in Alpena Public Schools. 1985 (LB8x .N66, Box 101)

North, Matthew C. Use of acute intrastriatal injections of quinolinic acid in rats as an animal model of Huntington's disease. 1996 (QL8x .N675, Box 176)

Northrup, Christopher D. Effect of task structure on attention in normal and retarded children. 1972 (BF8x .N678, Box 21)

Novak, Nicole M. Community sentiment and the juvenile offender : should juveniles charged with felony murder be waived into the criminal justice system?. 2002 (HV8x .N68, Box 70)

Nowland, Ruth. Psychological correlates between intelligence, perception, and reading in children referred for reading disability. 1972 (BF8x .N68, Box 21)

Nuerenberg, John H. An American mass. 1973 (ML8x .N85, Box 123)

Null, William Kevin. The World Bank : a study of its past performance in the development of capital in selected developing countries. 1974 (HG8x .N84, Box 57)

Nunez, Loretta M. A systematic review of the evidence on adult audiologic rehabilitation post-cochlear implant. 2004 (RF8x .N86, Box 208)

Nussbaum, Grace D. Evaluation of a seminar to train smoking withdrawal clinic facilitators. 1981 (RC8x .N87, Box 198)

Nutkins, Christie L. Examining the effectiveness of phonemic awareness training for at-risk preschool children : does parental involvement promote skill development. 2004 (LB8x .N8, Box 101)

Nutkins, Christie L. The effects of parent involvement in children's acquisition of phonemic awareness and early literacy skills. 2002 (LB8x .N87, Box 101)

Nuzzo, Robert M. An examination of periphyton biomass in a regulated stream in Central Michigan. 1981 (QH8x .N89, Box 165)

Nwabara, Comfort Chisaraokwu. A study of the child day care center at Spartan Villiage of Michigan State University married students' housing. 1972 (HV8x .E28, Box 68)

Nye, Bruce James. Transforming the French civic order : expectations and realities in restructuring provincial France. 1999 (DC8x .N93, Box 34)

Nyman, George A. A review of hyperactivity in children : definition, diagnosis, etiology, and treatment. 1979 (RJ8x .N95, Box 213)