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CMU Dissertations and Theses: Last Name T

This list is a catalog of dissertations and theses written by Central Michigan University students in pursuit of their graduate level degrees from 1948 to 2010. This page, specifically, lists all dissertations and theses written by those whose last names start with T. You can navigate to other authors by using the Author Index tool. 

These papers are listed in alphabetical order by last name, followed by the work's title, year of completion, and call numbers in the Clarke Historical Library. If you are interested in reading one of the dissertations or theses, please note all of this reference information and contact the Clarke Historical Library.

Taaid, Hengameh Setareh. A survey of psychological assessment practices with autism children. 2001 (RJ8x .T37, Box 214)

Taber, Robert J. A comparative study : play and communication. 1982 (LB8x .T23, Box 108)

Tait, Larry. Characterization and fine structural analysis of an isolate of Cytophaga. 1975 (QR8x .T33, Box 185)

Talaga, Jean A. The decision to retire : Gender differences and multiple measures of retirement. 1992 (HQ8x .T24, Box 66)

Talaga, Jean A. Organizational assessment in a rural family practice. 1987 (R8x .T24, Box 186)

Talcott, Lance D. The Relationship of federal funding programs to school curriculum development and student academic achievement. 1977 (LB8x .T34, Box 108)

Talford, Gregory L. William D. Revelli : an introspective study. 1985 (ML8x .T25, Box 123)

Tang, Chunxia. Indexing XML data for path expression queries. 2003 (QA8x .T36, Box 148)

Tang, Jun. Synchronization properties of multimedia networking. 1997 (TK8x .T356, Box 221)

Tang, Shengzhuang. Synthesis and characterization of novel dendritic prodrugs. 2007 (TP8x .T36, Box 222)

Tanner, Gail M. Developing a pediatric hearing aid loaner bank. 2004 (RF8x .T36, Box 211)

Tans, Marvin Jay. Central Montcalm public school staff development : teacher perceptions. 1990 (LB8x .T357, Box 108)

Tardona, Daniel R. Novelty, familiarity, and significance of object in the assessment of object permanence. 1981 (BF8x .T37, Box 28)

Tarleton, Jack Craig. Ataxia-telangiectasia : chromosomes and cancer. 1981 (RC8x .T37, Box 200)

Tate, Danielle L. Reconstructing race through intergroup dialogue : a model for diversity education. 2006 (HM8x .T38, Box 60)

Tate, Michelle L. A study of racism and exploitation in intercollegiate athletics. 1996 (GV8x .T38, Box 45)

Tate, Mitchell J. Student and parent perceptions of special education services in a high school departmentalized program. 2004 (LC8x .T38, Box 121)

Taton, Jonnie L. The impact of an instructional unit regarding gay and lesbian issues on knowledge and comfort level of course participants. 2008 (HQ8x .T38, Box 66)

Taueg, Cynthia. Improving access to care for the uninsured : the effects of the Voices of Detroit Initiative collaborative approach on redirecting low income, self-pay emergency department users to primary care. 2006 (RA8x .T38, Box 190)

Taylor, Brian. Predicting real-world hearing aid benefit with speech audiometry : an evidence-based review. 2006 (RF8x .T39, Box 211)

Taylor, Catherine. A comparison of kindergarten children's perceptions of appropriate behaviors for boys. 1988 (BF8x .T39, Box 28)

Taylor, Charles R. A comparative analysis of written sabbatical leave policies for teaching personnel in the public schools of the state of Michigan. 1973 (LB8x .T39x, Box 108)

Taylor, Cristina E. Appraising the performance of seasonal employees within public recreation organizations. 1999 (HF8x .T35, Box 56)

Taylor, Glenn. Epic orgy. 2009 (PS8x .T27, Box 141)

Taylor, Graham Keith. Themes and variations. 1982 (PS8x .T28, Box 141)

Taylor, Jennifer L. There's no excuse for chocolate pizza. 1987 (PS8x .T38, Box 141)

Taylor, Jill S. Examination of real-ear-to-coupler difference values in infants with Down syndrome. 2008 (RF8x .T393, Box 211)

Taylor, John R. Evaluating the treatment outcome of a behaviorally oriented group parent training program. 1991 (BF8x .T394, Box 28)

Taylor, John S. Awareness and knowledge of coronary heart disease risk factors in two adjacent ethnically and socioeconomically different communities. 1981 (RA8x .T39, Box 190)

Taylor, Peter A. 1936- (Peter Alan), The internal search for an outward vision. 1996 (TR8x .T385, Box 222)

Tedeschi, Thomas J. Validation measures for the selection of advanced hearings aid technologies in the clinical setting. 2001 (RF8x .T42, Box 211)

Teeple, Rodney J. Learned helplessness vs. egotism : explanations for performance impairment following failure in externally attributing children. 1992 (BF8x .T43, Box 28)

Teichmer, Shawn E. The production, interpretation, and pedagogy of saxophone slap-tonguing with emphasis on the works of Christian Lauba. 2006 (MT8x .T45, Box 123)

Ten Eyck, Gary R. The vomeronasal transfer system in colubrid snakes: light and electron microscopic observation. 1989 (QL8x .T46, Box 179)

Tenbusch, Derek T. Music as communication : a qualitative analysis of the music maker's experience. 2001 (ML8x .T45, Box 123)

Tenbusch, Leann M. The use of estrogen to enhance spatial and nonspatial learning in male rats. 1995 (QL8x .T452, Box 179)

TerHaar, Ellen K. Nesting activity of the painted turtle (Chrysemeys picta) on Beaver Island, Michigan and mechanisms used by predators to locate nesting sites. 2006 (QL8x .T47, Box 179)

Terlecki, James E. Selected spectrophotometric studies of methemalbumin formed from hydroxyhemin and human serum albumin. 1979 (QP8x .T47, Box 183)

Terrell, Saunja S. Multicultural recruitment practices in audiology. 2001 (RF8x .T34, Box 211)

TerSteeg, Edward E. Identification effectiveness in determining entry into the gifted and talented program. 1979 (LC8x .T47, Box 121)

Teslow, Christine J. Psychological test usage among school psychologists. 1979 (BF8x .T445, Box 28)

Teter, Jennifer. Surrounding affects. 2007 (NB8x .T48, Box 124)

Teunessen, William Joseph. The influence of pork barrel spending on Senate incumbent reelection. 1997 (JK8x .T48, Box 74)

Tharp, Rodger W. Distribution, taxonomy and ecology of fresh-water sponges (Spongillidae) of Muskegon County, Michigan. 1971 (QL8x .T43x, Box 179)

Thaxton, Anthony S. The Conceptualization and implementation of a model for the evaluation of continuing education programs. 1975 (LB8x .T42, Box 108)

Theis, Natalie M. L. Community of a collection. 2005 (N8x .T44, Box 124)

Thelen, Renee L. Labeling bias for special education eligibility categories : how do labels influence expectations?. 2001 (LB8x .T43, Box 108)

Theradakorn, Sunee. Institutionalized and non institutionalized retardates : a review. 1971 (HQ8x .T44, Box 66)

Thiel, Agnes Clare, Sister. The role of the secondary principal in promoting in-service training programs in the Saginaw Diocese. 1965 (LB8x .T45, Box 108)

Thiel, Kim Whittaker. The relationship between "The observation guide for identification of intellectually advanced preschoolers" and intelligence in 3, 4, and 5 year old children. 1984 (BF8x .T454, Box 29)

Thienes, Jerome P. A Comparative study of pupil retention and student rating in relation to state assessment testing of fourth grade mathematics students 1973-74 and 1974-75. 1975 (QA8x .T45, Box 148)

Thies, Carol D. Creativity : ideational fluency and originality at the verbal and nonverbal production and recognition levels. 1975 (BF8x .T45, Box 29)

Thill, Carrie M. Y-axis orientation in the Green Frog, Rana clamitans. 2000 (QL8x .T42, Box 179)

Thoenes, Jeffrey John. The beliefs and extent of training of Michigan secondary school principals regarding educator sexual misconduct. 2009 (LB8x .T455, Box 108)

Thogerson, Mark T. (Mark Timothy) Life history and ecology of Baetisca laurentina McDunnough in a central Michigan stream. 1987 (QL8x .T463, Box 179)

Thomas, Carey A. Inclusive education : teacher attitudes and willingness to modify instruction for students with mild disabilities. 1995 (LC8x .T497, Box 121)

Thomas, Jill Maree. Vikings' tales. 1998 (PN8x .T45, Box 132)

Thomas, Lyle D. Self-funding of insurance programs for intermediate school districts and K-12 member schools. 1990 (HG8x .T56, Box 58)

Thomas, Richard G. A comparative analysis of student-parent attitudes toward curriculum and instructional technique. 1979 (LB8x .T458, Box 108)

Thomas, Richard L. An Evaluation of the community education process and program of the Saginaw Township Community Schools. 1976 (LB8x .T46, Box 108)

Thomas, Rosalie P. The effect of arousal on memory for pictorial stimuli using a repeated testing paradigm. 1998 (BF8x .T47, Box 29)

Thompson, Allyson K. Chisanbop as a remedial method for secondary students with difficulties in computational skills. 1979 (QA8x .T46, Box 149)

Thompson, Irene E. A Survey of current practices in teaching handwriting in selected elementary schools in Mid-Michigan. 1978 (LB8x .T465, Box 108)

Thompson, Jon M. A study to provide normative and validation data for the Daberon : a screening device for school readiness. 1979 (LB8x .T466, Box 109)

Thompson, Jon, educator Adapting the Process Communication Model to higher education writing. 2006 (P8x .T56, Box 127)

Thompson, Matthew Charles. Telecommuting and social isolation. 2010 (HM8x .T56, Box 60)

Thompson, Nancy R. A study of cognitive style in relation to grade point average. 1971 (BF8x .T46, Box 29)

Thompson, Terry LaWinston. Does masculinity negatively impact health outcomes in African American men?. 2010 (RA8x .T46, Box 190)

Thorne, Tara Rae-Wickman. The role of control in occupational stress : when, why, and for whom control works. 2007 (HF8x .T46, Box 56)

Thornton, Heather M. Inside the in-between : the space of the stomach in folklore and fairylore. 2006 (PR8x .T46, Box 134)

Thornton, Philip C. The basking habits of the Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) in the Miller's Marsh, Beaver Island, Michigan : is there a sex difference. 2003 (QL8x .T51, Box 179)

Throne, George W. Cued recall hypermnesia : a test of the multiple retrieval and relational cue hypothesis. 1994 (BF8x .T457, Box 29)

Thurston, Thomas. The effects of low temperature on NaK-ATPase from hearts of a hibernator and a non-hibernator. 1976 (QP8x .T48, Box 183)

Tiberg, Raymond D. Selected demographic trends in Michigan's school systems between 1971-1981. 1986 (LB8x .T52, Box 109)

Tickle, Amy M. Certified athletic trainers' perceptions of physical therapists in sports medicine clinics. 2000 (RD8x .T58, Box 201)

Tiedy, Susan D. An analysis of the macroinvetebrate community composition and some selected physicochemical parameters of Lake Isabella, Michigan, nine years after impoundment. 1979 (QH8x .T53, Box 166)

Timmer, Joanne Burroughs. The design and description of animal costumes for children's theatre. 1976 (TT8x .T54, Box 222)

Tinsley, Glen. Adventures in "Talk-time". c 1968. (LB8x .T55x, Box 109)

Tinsley, Maria. The relationship between managerial competencies and managerial styles. 1998 (HD8x .T56, Box 50)

Tisheva, Eleonora P. Self-portrait as expression of introspection and stylistic experimentation. 2001 (NC8x .T57, Box 125)

Todd, Rose M. Career and educational aspirations of economically disadvantaged northern Michigan high school students with high academic ability. 1982 (LC8x .T63, Box 121)

Tollenaere, Keith. Effects of temperature and food concentration on larval yellow perch, Perca flavescens (Mitchill) during the critical period. 2005 (QL8x .T65, Box 179)

Tomek, Charles L. The Michigan Educational Assessment Program in reading, mathematics and attitudes of fourth grade students (1971-1976) in Fenton, Michigan. 1977 (LB8x .T64, Box 109)

Tomocik, Ronald T. A Comparison of temperament between female individual sport athletes and female team sport athletes. 1975 (GV8x .T64, Box 45)

Tonon, Mary Amanda Lenora. Identification and characterization of achromobacter xylosoxidans-related isolates. 2007 (QR8x .T66, Box 185)

Tooman, Marvin L. A Study of anxiety and group cohesiveness of B-52 crewmembers in a combat environment. 1972 (BF8x .T66, Box 29)

Topalian, Charles A. The implications of reification on the Frankfurt School's interpretation of authority. 1978 (H8x .T66, Box 45)

Topor, David J. An examination of personnel selection decision-making : what influence do constructs and assessment methods have upon human resource practitioners' evaluations of job applicants?. 2000 (HF8x .T66, Box 56)

Topping, William H. Anomie and the American voter. 1983 (JK8x .T66, Box 74)

Torgersen, Paula Novotnak. Bodies. 1972 (PS8x .O67x, Box 139)

Torkelson, Nancy S. Effect of education and support on breast-feeding success. 1975 (RJ8x .T67, Box 214)

Tormala, Jeffrey S. Gathering stones. 1999 (PS8x .T65, Box 141)

Torossian, Hosep. Correlation between the MEAP Test and the Performance Series Computer-adaptive Test in mathematics. 2005 (LB8x .T67, Box 109)

Toth, Michael P. An opinion survey of principals, concerning the organizational structure and practices in the middle, intermediate, and junior high school in a tri-county area. 1976 (LB8x .T68, Box 109)

Totten, Karen L. Singularities. 1987 (PS8x .T688, Box 141)

Towns, Gary L. Overwintering and lower lethal temperature and oxygen levels of the mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis (Baird and Girard) and its effectiveness in controling mosquito larvae in woodland vernal ponds near Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. 1977 (RA8x .T68, Box 190)

Towns, Qiana U. Soul bean. 2006 (PS8x .T69, Box 141)

Townsend, Daniel S. The relation of color polymorphism to morphology, behavior and latitudinal variation of the red-backed salamander (Plethodon Cinereus) in Michigan. 1979 (QL8x .T68, Box 179)

Townsend, Rick D. Music theory and practice -- 3500 B.C. to 1250 B.C. : a lost art revisited. 1985 (ML8x .T68, Box 123)

Townsley, Joshua K. Reliability and validity of Nonsense Word Fluency for kindergarten and second-grade students. 2008 (LB8x .T69, Box 109)

Tracy, Heather Tenille. Grandma Peggy and "The Kid" : the lost love story of Peggy Wares and Ted Williams. 2007 (HM8x .T73, Box 60)

Traines, Kathleen Cushing. Autistic behavior in institutionalized mental retardates. 1964 (BF8x .T73, Box 29)

Travis, Gale D. A comparison of student attitudes toward aspects of Carsonville-Port Sanilac schools between 1976 and 1982. 1983 (LB8x .T72, Box 109)

Travis, Luann Witzke. Handicapped students in the least restrictive environment : a longitudinal study. 1983 (LC8x .T72, Box 121)

Travis, Rebecca M. Reading and mathematics achievement in the early and later elementary grades for participants and non-participants in a young fives program. 1999 (LB8x .T71, Box 109)

Treangen, Canice D. Elementary teachers' awareness of the possible influence of three specific benefits of peer tutoring and implementation of peer tutoring in selected language arts classrooms. 2000 (LB8x .T73, Box 109)

Trees, Debra E. Development of a continuing education unit for nurses and nursing staff to maintain and troubleshoot hearing aids. 2005 (RT8x .T74, Box 216)

Treloar, Amy L. The relationship between postpartum depression and breastfeeding difficulties, and the effect of maternal investment in breastfeeding. 2005 (RG8x .T74, Box 212)

Tretriluxana, Sukit. Object-relational database management system with emphasis on object-oriented design and implementation. 1999 (QA8x .T73, Box 149)

Triemstra, Kevin. Parent attitudes toward seeking psychological services for children. 2009 (BF8x .T75, Box 29)

Tripp, James L. What economic impact has the supplemental security income program had on the aged blind and disabled in the United States. 1976 (HD8x .T75, Box 50)

Trogan, Louis R., Jr. The Relationships between a teacher's checklist for learning disabilities, a written screening instrument for learning disabilities, and achievement. 1977 (LB8x .T76, Box 109)

Trombley, Kathryn M. Expressions of intimacy in friendships of adult children of alcoholics : a family systems perspective. 2005 (BF8x .T758, Box 29)

Trongo, Kathleen R. The phenomena of death : a descriptive study of the attitudes of educational personnel. 1979 (BD8x .T76, Box 1)

Trout, Michael David. Maternal separation in infancy : an examination of temporary object loss in children 0-30 months of age, and a case study of differentially separated infant twins. 1978 (BF8x .T76, Box 29)

Trouve', Raymond J. Eyewitness performance of personality types as a function of arousal. 1988 (BF8x .T768, Box 29)

Troyer, Genevieve L. A study to evaluate the significance of selected variables on math achievement at the elementary school level. 1985 (LB8x .T765, Box 109)

Truhn, Kam. The effects of nesting double crested cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritis Lesson) on nutrient enrichment and marcroinvertebrate community structure around islands of the Beaver Island Archipelago in Lake Michigan. 2008 (QH8x .T78, Box 166)

Trumbell, Jill. Beyond helicopter parenting : case studies of parents and students with frequent contact across the transition to college. 2009 (LB8x .T78, Box 109)

Trybus, Paula M. The effectiveness of three different training procedures with adult aphasics. 1977 (RC8x .T78, Box 200)

Trzeciak, Shanna S. Examining issues that affect student retention in elementary and intermediate college algebra classes. 2000 (QA8x .T75, Box 149)

Tschaekofske, R. Foreign owned multinationals and their management. 1974 (HD8x .T73, Box 50)

Tucker, Kathleen A. A survey of educators' plans for retirement. 1986 (LB8x .T82, Box 109)

Tucker, Leland E. Core curriculum : Michigan state legislative perceptions. 1992 (LB8x .T823, Box 109)

Tulenko, Julia A. Status of school hearing conservation programs : a survey of educational models, phase II. 2001 (RF8x .T83, Box 211)

Turecky, Daniel P. A portrait of leadership, Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. 2007 (LB8x .T87, Box 109)

Turek, James M. A study of the distribution of fruiting myxobacteria in an industrially polluted stream in Michigan. 1976 (QR8x .T87, Box 185)

Turk, Raymond J. The Effects of presentation modality and pronunciation in verbal discrimination learning. 1977 (LB8x .T87, Box 109)

Turnbull, Karen Koester. An analysis of the speech and language IEPC conference. 1984 (RJ8x .T875, Box 214)

Turner, Joy A. Communication competence-a comparison of three measures : rhetorical sensitivity, interaction involvement, leadership orientation. 1983 (PN8x .T86, Box 132)

Tustin, James Michael. Kinetics of hydrogen atom transfer from toluene to t-butoxy radicals. 1982 (QD8x .T88, Box 161)

Tuten, Vickie L. Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC) training material needs assessment survey. 2002 (RF8x .T88, Box 211)

Tuttle, Andrea C. Humor and leadership : subordinate perceptions of principal effectiveness as influenced by humor. 2006 (LB8x .T88, Box 109)

Tuttle, Stephanie. Attention function structure of younger and older adults : creating a comprehensive driving assessment based on attention. 2008 (HE8x .T88, Box 52)

Tuttle-Sarris, Dianne L. Observational systems and scales for identifying learning disabled students : research and practices. 1991 (LC8x .T87, Box 121)

Tysick, Noah M. Miss American pie and other lies. 2000 (PS8x .T93, Box 141)