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Native American Material in the Clarke Historical Library - Multimedia Resources

Audio Cassettes

Dailey, Sheila. Land of Sky Blue Waters: Stories and Legends of the Great Lakes. Mt. Pleasant, MI.

Ms. Dailey tells eight stories on this cassette tape, four of them Native American.

Dunn, Anne M. and Maefred Arey. Grandmother Stories. Cass Lake, MN: 1992.

"As told by storyteller Anne Dunn and her mother, Maefred Arey, these stories are traditional tales of the Anishinabe with flute and drum by Anne's daughter, Annette."

Ojibway Music from Minnesota: A Century of Song for Voice and Drum. St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Historical Society.

Cassette tape with fifteen songs.


Chief Buffalo, the Peace Maker. Duluth, MN: Upper Midwest Video, 1995. 24.30 minutes

Summary: The efforts of this leader of the Chippewas of Western Lake Superior to get the best deal possible from the U.S. government form the principal focus of this video. The Chief met two American Presidents. He was able to prevent what could have been a bloodbath. A G-G-G granddaughter of Buffalo is on this video to help tell his story.

The Dugout Builders (on the Great Lakes). Duluth, MN: Upper Midwest Video, 1994. 17 minutes.

Summary: Excavation of a dugout building site enabled archaeologists to piece together evidence of how primitive canoes were made. The tools also indicated that nets to snare ducks and to catch fish were made here. The video shows a dugout that was made by the researchers and tried in the nearby lake. . . the first one seen there in 2500 years.

Historic Michigan Indians. Duluth, MN: Upper Midwest Videos, 1990. 16 minutes.

Summary: Major Indian tribes living in what is now Michigan at the time of the arrival of the Europeans are individually highlighted. The location of their traditional tribal lands is designated on maps. The types of dwellings in which they lived, the dress peculiar to each tribe, food sources, and their general life styles are defined.

Michigan's First People. Duluth, MN: Upper Midwest Videos, 1991. 19 minutes

Summary: Artifacts found in ancient living sites are the "props" used by an expert on pre-historic people of Michigan. He explains their probable daily activities and the type of shelter they built, tools used to make clothing, their diet and food preparation, and weapons of bone and wood. Their bead work, reed mats, and other artifacts are shown and explained.

Ojibwa of Michigan. Duluth, MN: Upper Midwest Videos, 1992. 23: 30 Minutes

Summary: The life style of the Ojibwa (Chippewas) from the 1600's to the early 1900's is the main focus. Museum curators, using mostly original artifacts, explain such things as cradle boards, tools of bone and stone, bead work, food types, and how each is procured. Contributions made by the Ojibwa to our lasting benefit are noted. Maps who areas occupied.

Travels of Cass. Duluth, MN: Upper Midwest Videos, 1993. 14:30 minutes

Summary: The journey of Cass from Michigan to what is now Wisconsin is detailed with some emphasis on his assistants who would later become famous in their own right. The truly humanitarian contacts Cass had with Indians is related. His largely unspoken hopes of finding the source of the Mississippi are mentioned.